Gone are the days when weddings were done somberly with minimal décor. However, wedding decoration in India has surpassed the usual standards and is going a step forward with creative ideas. There is no going back because wedding stage decorations over the years have evolved multi-fold. The wedding stage decoration ideas have undoubtedly been taken a notch higher, from amping up even the tiniest elements to centring the entire décor around a set theme. However, since there are so many overwhelming options, we have curated some simple and latest shadi decoration ideas you can try. Read on!

Traditional Pelli Mandapam Decoration Ideas In India:

Mandap, or the wedding stage decoration, is the first thing we see when we enter a wedding hall. However, you can also make your shadi pictures look exceptionally impressive by choosing a perfect stage décor. Go through this article’s list of wedding stage decoration ideas for unique options that depict your personality and taste beautifully.

1. Simple Wedding Stage Decoration:

Image Source: instagram

If you want a simple wedding stage decoration with a classy finish, this picture says everything. The background of the stage is covered in ruffled white satin cloth, which is covered by a combination of white and pink flowers around the borders. The addition of green in between the flowers further beautifies the stage. The stage has a golden yellow flooring on which a white couch seats the bride and groom. The final touch to the stage comes when the first alphabets of the bride and groom are placed on the white cloth.

2. Traditional Wedding Stage Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

This Indian wedding stage decoration is perfect if you want a more traditional décor. Though simple, marigold flowers all over the stage bring a classic and personal touch to the space. This type of wedding stage design is preferred in South Indian weddings. Except for the marigold flowers on the background and over the mandap, all the other sides are left empty, highlighting the décor even more.

3. South Indian Wedding Stage Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

This is another perfect example where the South Indian bride and groom’s needs are considered while designing a wedding stage decoration. The four wooden stands on four sides are dark brown, highlighting the white flower garlands hanging from the top part of the mandap. Its background has a cloth with simple motifs in the square’s centre. The use of gold-coloured fabric in between adds to the beauty of the entire look. Furthermore, you can take this image as inspiration and make some changes to make the design more personal.

4. Low-Budget Marriage Stage Decoration:

Image Source: instagram

When it comes to shadi stage light decoration, the things you need to keep in mind are your budget and what you want in the décor. This is a perfect example of where something simple can make a grand and memorable statement on your special day. The entire décor is simple yet has a sophisticated finish, creating a lasting impression. The all-white sofa and ruffled background are highlighted with colourful flowers and a floor mat.

5. Western Wedding Stage Decoration:

Image Source: instagram

This Western wedding stage decoration can perfectly combine class and sophistication without abandoning tradition. Though the entire setup might look simple, elegance exudes from every nook and corner of the space. There is a beautiful couch in the centre of the stage with a floral arch at the back, giving the impression of a throne. In addition, there are flowers all around the ground on the floor, which further add to the beauty of the stage. The background of this entire décor is a shimmery golden cloth which looks grand and elegant.

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6. Small Stage Decoration For Weddings:

Image Source: twitter

Sometimes a place becomes a constraint for celebration; if that is the case with you, we have a perfect solution. The white sofa is gorgeously highlighted with a simple golden brown backdrop and floral setting all over the cloth. The entire environment is further beautified with the addition of lights. This wedding stage decoration is a perfect option for couples who love subtle things that are pocket-friendly yet look beautiful.

7. Hindu Marriage Wedding Stage Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

Some Hindus are very particular regarding the mandapam decoration for marriage as they like to incorporate the picture of their favourite god in one form or another. This picture is a perfect example where the centre of the beautiful floral mandap decoration is Lord Vekateshwara’s namam in the background of green grass. Moreover, using flowers in different colour combinations such as red, white, yellow and orange creates a gorgeous, traditional yet stylish wedding stage décor.

8. Muslim Marriage Hall Decoration:

Image Source: shineevents.co.in

This nikah stage decoration is gorgeously done in peachy drapes crossed in shape to give the décor a heavenly feel. The foliage accents and floral blooms go well in combination with the peach drapes. In addition, you can add a vintage brass white sofa to the décor, which gives the wedding stage decoration a royal touch. The use of white and red flowers complements the drapes beautifully.

9. Bengali Wedding Stage Decoration:

Image Source: instagram

Suppose you are looking for a modern stage decoration for a wedding. In that case, this Bengali wedding stage decoration can work in your favour. This is because the bronze pillars look elegant and stand out, unlike the commonly found golden posts in many weddings. In contrast, this stage has a combination of blue and golden drapes tied across the posts. Finally, the floral additions in various colours look elegant and gorgeous.

10. Tamil Kalyana Mandapam Stage Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

Suppose you want to represent the Tamil culture in your wedding stage decoration. In that case, the one presented in this picture can be an ideal choice. As commonly found in many shadi scenes, this stage has pillars that look like gold temple frames. This is further beautified by adding floral designs in a combination of white, red and orange. The entire wedding stage setup goes well with the necessities used for marriage.

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11. Telugu Pelli Mandapam Decoration:

Image Source: instagram

This Andhra wedding stage decoration depicts a Telugu Pelli mandapam decoration which is colourful and lively while brightening the space. There is a shimmery gold background filled with beautiful flower bouquets with lord Ganesha in the centre. The mandap has golden yellow pillars and is filled with tulips in multiple colours, making for a pleasant view. You can add some things you want to make the stage décor more personal.

12. Outdoor Wedding Stage Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

Outdoor weddings have been gaining popularity because of their openness while providing perfect scenery for those memorable Pelli photographs. In addition, the incredibly flattering natural lighting is a bonus in an outdoor wedding. This wedding stage decoration combines bright red and pink drapes, which are further beautified by adding beautiful flowers all over the mandap. This design can be implemented for small occasions like mehendi or reception.

13. Indoor Wedding Stage Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

An all-white wedding stage decoration is a classy and elegant choice which gives you a rich look. The use of off-white sofas in the centre with white roses in the background of dark green is beautifully highlighted. The flowers forming a straight arch have danglers from long to short from outside to the centre giving it an arched look. The placement of think floral stands on either side of the sofas adds to the beauty of the entire wedding stage décor.

14. Morning Pelli Stage Decoration:

Image Source: eventertainments.com

If you are looking for a bridal stage decoration that stands out as bright as the sunshine, this one can be a perfect inspiration. Decked up in all white, this stage looks like something out of a movie about the Roman Empire. However, this elegant stage is given a traditional Indian look with the addition of beautiful white garlands hanging with a red rose at the end. In addition, gorgeous flower bouquets in white and red are on all the pillars, exuding elegance.

15. Night Marriage Stage Decoration:

Image Source: luxarywedding.com

If you are looking for a wedding stage decoration for your night wedding or reception, then this all-white décor works wonders. This mandap is beautifully highlighted since it is elegantly filled with flower bouquets in multiple colours. In addition, the stage usually has bright-coloured carpets, which complement the light-coloured décor. The centre of the stage is a bronze couch that seats; finally, you can add this decoration to make it more personal.

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16. Marriage Heart Stage Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

Though cliched and cringeworthy, this heart-shaped stage decoration is commonly found in many weddings. The heart is decorated with red flowers in the centre, bordered by white flowers on the background of green grass. This heart stands out gorgeously against the white satin flowing cloth in the background. The red floor and the seats blend in beautifully with the décor of the wedding stage. You can add more flower bouquets on the white cloth to make it appear grander or leave it as is.

17. Haldi Stage Decoration:

Image Source: instagram

Haldi, or turmeric, is one of the spices used in every Indian household. It also has an important place in wedding functions. This is why a complete function is named ‘haldi.’ The entire décor, including the vases and the background cloth to flowers, is yellow, which works well with the theme. The sofa and the low seating area for the guests are also in yellow, making for a unique photoshoot session. You can add cushions in other blending colours creating a contrasting yet gorgeous effect.

18. Mehndi Stage Decoration:

Image Source: maharaniweddings.com

Another important function in the wedding process is the Mehendi, where the bride and groom apply henna and mark the celebratory process of their shadi. This marriage stage decoration for mehendi is a perfect way to blend sophistication with tradition resulting in something unique and memorable. Unlike the other patterns, you can stand out by placing an antique jhoola or swing with comfortable seating cushions. The background has multiple drapes in several colours pleated together, making it look like a colourful arch.

19. Sangeet Stage Decoration:

Image Source: pinterest

Sangeeth is an essential and integral part of shadi functions where the families of the bride and groom dance to their heart’s content. It is also a time for families to bond, and this function requires a big stage for performances. This is where this big stage comes into the picture. The setting and décor give a whimsical aura that goes hand in hand with the handcrafted hanging golden adornments. Since the décor is for sangeet, there will be no need for seating arrangements on the stage.

20. Wedding Reception Stage Decoration:

Image Source: venyou4u.in

An extensively decked-up stage setting with white and a combination of red, pink and white flowers over a semi-spherical arch looks exceptional for a wedding reception stage décor. In addition, the baby pink cloth background has beautiful décor elements added, highlighting the entire stage beautifully. The décor exudes vintage vibes, which are further elevated because of the elegant lighting settings.

Wedding stage decoration can be a perfect way to make your wedding day all the more special and memorable. Unlike the age-old décor options, you can go for something fresh and different, reflecting your taste and personality from the opportunities we have provided in this article. In addition, you can further personalize the decoration by adding your elements, making the design all the more personal and unique. Finally, don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!


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