A proper skin care routine will always include washing the face with mild soap or cleaner and then scrubbing it with a face scrub. This removes all the dead skin cells and the impurities in the skin. This two step process can be done always. The next step is to use a face pack that can be kept on the skin for a little while to dry up. This wonderful face pack is made with products that bring out the glow in the skin and make it look fresh. You can choose a particular face pack according to your skin type.

Indulekha is a brand of Ayurvedic products that is made from the finest of ingredients and free of chemicals. They manufacture different items for skin care routine that are beneficial for not only women but also men. Indulekha face pack for men is also something that they can use.

Best Indulekha Face Pack Products In India:

Let’s find the bet face packs of Induleka In India.

Indulekha Akrot Face Pack:

This wonderful product has the goodness of pure walnut extracts. The product is a natural fairness face pack that is authentically Ayurvedic. The ingredients in the product can treat dark spots and wrinkles as well. This gives your skin the radiance and complexion that you are looking for. Indulekha face pack use is the best for all skin types.

  1. Licorice skin whitening – This helps to prevent the UVB rays from harming the skin.
  2. Red sandal wood – This fights acne and sunburn along with blemishes.
  3. Lemon extracts – This lightens the dark spots and checks skin pigmentation.
  4. Turmeric – It prevents acne formation because of its anti bacterial and anti septic nature.
  5. Coconut milk extract – It has Vitamins A and C as well as calcium and Iron. It leaves the skin smooth and radiant.
  6. Vetiver – It moisturizes the skin and is best for dry skin conditions.
  • Ingredients: Walnuts – The antioxidant property of walnut and its Omega 3 fatty acids help to boost the complexion and prevent the skin from aging early.
  • Use: Wash face with a cleanser. Add 1 tbsp of the face pack with tomato juice/orange juice for oily skin, honey/curd/rose water for dry skin or normal water for regular skin. Mix this and then apply to face and leave for 3 minutes. Massage with water as you clean and wash off the face pack.
  • Price: The face pack is priced at Rs. 198 for a 75 gram pack.

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Indulekha Satapatri Skin Care Cream:

This wonderful product is used with the facial pack to get the best results. It is a natural product that is filled with saffron and rose flower for all the goodness. This lightens the dark spots and makes the skin supple. You can also remove dark circles around the eyes. It is a perfect everyday skin care cream.

  • Ingredients: Saffron Rose flower petals Licorice Kumkum
  • Use: This is herbal type product so useful for all skin type
  • Price: The cream is priced at Rs. 198 for a 50 gram pack.

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Indulekha Cucumber Face Wash:

The Indulekha face wash is made from cucumber that is good to keep your skin supple. The ph balance of your skin is maintained by the face wash. The soothing effects of the wash are the best to give you a relaxed feeling.

  • Use: You can use it twice daily for the best results.
  • Price: The product is priced at Rs.45 for 50 gm.

Indulekha fairness face pack has some wonderful products that will keep you looking youthful. Each of these items gives you a complete facial experience right in the comfort of your own home. So go ahead and get yourself these natural products that are affordable and best for all skin types.

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