Every person loves wearing their inspiration as tattoos. It might be a quote, line, word, image or even portrait. These are primarily verses from the bible or some inspirational quote. Some people even ink sign language to make it more unique and special. It might be a name or word in sign language. Sometimes it is combined with a supporting image or picture to make it more memorable.

Inspirational Tattoo Designs for Men and Women:

Let’s find here inspiring tattoos to motivate your family or friends.

1. Survival of The Fittest Tattoo Designs:

The survival tattoos express the pain and experience; they have faced throughout life. These inspirational tattoos mainly convey pain or the tactics to face problems in life and are primarily quotes.

2. Born Sinner Tattoos:

The born sinner tattoos are inspirational sayings tattoos and mostly are the answers of the people who are more depressed or about the way they act in a situation. Most of the time, these quotes are dark, like ‘I don’t care.

3. Small Inspirational Tattoo Designs:

The small inspirational tattoos are small with one or two words. These are so simple, yet they convey a big message to society. These are mostly worn on the forearm.

4. Say Your Strength Tattoo Designs:

Say your strength tattoo styles are more unique as it is written by the person wearing them, and it is all about their strength. These inspirational tattoo words are unique and made with a particular font style.

5. Convey Your Thoughts Tattoo Designs:

These are also similar to strength tattoos. But these are inspiring tattoo quotes chosen from books or bible verses. These are also particular thoughts of the wearer on a specific concept.

6. Silent Message Tattoo Designs:

These are the best inspirational tattoos, as they are written with silent sign language. Not everyone can read these, but only extraordinary people can understand their true meaning. Try this symbolic tattoo to indicate your attitude, but not by words.

7. Addiction Tattoo Designs:

These inspiring words for tattoos are written or chosen by the wearer, and they say about a person’s addiction and the struggle they faced because of that addiction. These are primarily similar to some advice given for de-addiction.

8. Motivating Quotes Tattoo Designs:

Motivating quotes are chosen from a book, and it always says positive things about life. These inspiration tattoos are more common and are mostly combined with images to support the quotes. This is mainly about the positive side of life. If you have a good target you want to catch; you get some strong motivational words for design. This one is the perfect inspiration tattoo always.

9. Unique Inspiring Tattoo Designs:

The unique inspiration tattoos are simple designs with fewer words and are written more uniquely. They choose a special style for the font and a special way to ink it—those youngsters who like to show their tattoos casually are suited for them.

10. Personalized Inspiring Tattoo Designs:

These are simple small inspirational tattoo designs similar to motivational tattoo designs. These can be worn on the hand or wrist and sometimes combine words and images. The wearer chooses both the words and images and sometimes designed them. You will also get two words of meaningful, personalized tattoos from designers; this one is famous among girls.

11. Inspiring Image Tattoo Designs:

Inspirational image tattoos are a form of art to express the thought as an image. These can be any image used to represent a particular character or side of a person. If you don’t want to design a word or sentence, get images of which behaviour or attitude inspires you.

12. Ink Your Inspiration Tattoo Designs:

The inspirational tattoo designs are made by a person who has inspired the wearer. These are mostly worn on the biceps or back, along with any famous quote of the person with their portrait image. These are sometimes made with a combination of colours. Those who want to do something like his inspirational person can try this design to catch his focus.

13. Religious Inspirational Tattoo Designs:

The religious inspiration tattoo designs are made with any god who has inspired them. The portrait of the god is made with simple representation – like the cross for Jesus or a complete image of the god is drawn. Such type or style of design helps to stay positive or, like God is saying, “I am with you”. Try such a design for your god.

14. Custom Inspirational Tattoo Designs:

These are inspirational tattoos for couples, sisters, brothers and friends. A small inspirational tattoo is divided into fragments and inked on different people. When these images are combined, it gives a perfect meaning. This is perfect for those couples who are newly married or brother-sisters too. It helps to mind the connection between the two people.

15. Themed Inspirational Tattoo Designs:

The themed inspiration tattoos are made with a basic theme: girl, boy, addiction, positive, motivational, religious, etc. These are mostly made with images and quotes. Mostly these use only photos to express their thought. Theme shows the positivity towards your behaviour, this one style famous among boys.


Inspiration tattoos are the most used and trending tattoos in this generation. This generation of young people search for more unique messages and get them inked to their bodies. Many people use this kind of tattoo as a thought spreader also. Inspirational tattoos are a unique way to express a person’s thoughts. You can try a message of inspiration in tattoo style on your body. When you choose any inspiration, you get a message about your profession. Such statements help us be motivated and those around us on your work platform.

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