What is the first thing your visitors notice after entering your home? Your living room or hall! Isn’t it? So, it is always a great idea to spend some time and effort in making it look elegant and functional, at the same time. You can either follow a particular theme or simply mix and match various concepts to create a unique, customized space for yourself. To help you get started, we have picked 15 Best Interior Designs for Hall that cover a variety of decorative elements and ideas. Scroll down to find out which one closely matches your dream living room!

Best Interior Design Ideas for Halls in India:

Here are our 15 simple and latest interior designs for the hall. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Modern Interior Design For Living Room:

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While designing the interiors of your hall, you must pay attention to ventilation! Allow enough sunlight to pass through the room using large windows. Also, paint the walls in a neutral tone to make the room like bright and beautiful. You are free to choose an accent wall and cover it with pastel shades. Mix and match your furniture pieces and add some interior plants for positive vibes.

2. Minimalistic Interior Design for Hall:

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If you believe in the beauty of minimalism, check out this ultra-cool interior design! Every nook and corner of this room seems to harmoniously sing the “less is more” mantra. While white is dominantly used for walls and seating, adding natural browns like beige or tan can give some substance to the interiors. Don’t forget to put a plant or two to treat your eyes to some natural green colour!

3. Dual-Tone Interior Design for Small Hall:

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It’s common to use an all-white or beige colour scheme for decorating small halls. This is done to make the room look spacious. However, too much of the same colour can get dull and monotonous. To break this, you can add a splash of a bright colour like yellow on an accent wall, pillows, a statement chair or even side lamps! Be careful to not overdo it!

4. Contemporary Living Room Interior Design:

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Contemporary interior designs are made on two basic principles – simplicity and sophistication! The colour schemes are usually in neutrals like grey, white, black etc. There is a deliberate use of texture implemented in the form of rugs, carpets, wall decors etc. Each element in the room is well-defined and separated by lines to give a clean and refined look.

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5. Luxury Interior Design for Drawing Room:

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Give a regal touch to your drawing room by transforming it into a space of luxury. Pay emphasis on the side walls with geometric panels. You can go a little overboard with the accessories to give that palace-like feel to your room. Pieces like a large quilted sofa, gold plant holders, centre tables, walls and even side panels can add layers of oomph!

6. Traditional Interior Design for Hall:

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A traditional Indian living room is filled with warm, earthy colours like maroon, yellow, brown etc. You can also notice a heavy usage of vintage and antique pieces like the wrought iron Jhoola, divine figurines and heavy pots. A centre table is a must, around which the entire seating arrangement is done. Rich and intricate mythological paints add a signature touch to the theme!

7. Vibrant Interior Design for Large Hall:

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Minimal interiors for large rooms can get quite tricky! You might end up with a lot of unused space that can give an empty feel. To counter that, add some bulky, boxy seats instead of one large corner sofa. Add some wall partitions which can also work as mini showcases. Keep the ceiling low and add plenty of lights to the room.

8. Classy Interior Design for Hall:

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Here is a sophisticated modern interior idea that suits a compact-sized hall. White and grey are dominant in the room. Black is another neutral which is sparingly used in the form of accessories. No fancy furniture is used and instead, all the elements add a quaint English summer feel to the room. A showcase is a must for displaying all your favourite novellas!

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9. Rustic Modern Interior Design in Hall:

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Want to get that “living in the woods” feeling? Then check out this warm and cosy rustic living room design. The idea is to ditch the fancy stuff and keep all the elements in natural materials like wood, fabric, leather etc. The colour schemes are earthy and there is no room for neons and pastels! The seating arrangement must be comfortable and compact. Go for stone-textured walls and a country-style centre table.

10. L-Shaped Hall Interior Design:

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L-shaped halls are very common in Indian homes and are also one of the most misused spaces. It is very easy to go wrong with these rooms, as arranging things in an odd L-shape can get quite tricky. One way to optimize this place is by pushing the furniture towards the walls to make plenty of room for functional purposes. You can use the narrow space like a hallway and keep it free from any heavy elements.

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11. Duplex Hall Interior Design:

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If you own a duplex house, then hear this out! You are very lucky to get such a large space to unleash your creativity. On the flip side, you might also end up overdoing things. So, one tip is to go for a central colour scheme and alter the shades from light to dark in different areas of the living room. A mix of wooden and tile flooring can work very well in these large areas. Go for bulky furniture and statement accessories to elevate the look.

12. Interior Arch Design for Living Room:

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Arches are a great way to divide a large living room into two separate areas without using a physical wall. You can also look at them as connectors between various parts of your home. Arches also serve the purpose of enhancing the aesthetics of the interiors. You can accentuate them with wooden or glass panels or simply highlight them with contrast-coloured paint.

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13. Dining Hall Interior Design Idea:

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A dining hall deserves all your attention, as it is the place where you create fond memories with your family. Use a room partitioned to separate the dining space from the living area. Go for neutral shades like black and white on the accent walls, furniture and even the décor. Add some plants for a natural look. Avoid bulky tables and opt for sleek and functional pieces.

14. Decorative TV Wall Interior Design:

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Create a spectacular entertainment wall by decorating the TV unit with some special elements. Say goodbye to wall paints or traditional TV stands. Instead, opt for this wooden and gypsum TV cabinet that can instantly grab the attention of your visitors. Use the remaining space to display your pictures or personal memorabilia.

15. Home Office Room Interior Design:

Image Source: q-furniture.com

With most of us working from home, it makes sense to invest in a permanent office set up at home. You don’t have to make a lot of changes to your interiors. Instead, choose a well-lit area, preferably near a window or balcony. Add a sleek desk and chair with a couple of wall-mount racks. You can also get some concealed drawers to store all your knickknacks.

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Those are some of the latest Interior design ideas for Hall. You can use these ideas as a base and add your personal touch to it. The best way to start designing your home is to define the purpose and plan everything around it. So that way you can combine style with functionality!


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