Even though most Muslim women have to spend all their time in public, covered in burkhas from head to toe, they still have several tips to maintain their beauty. Muslims are known for their ivory smooth skin, beautiful eyes and dark hair. Now even though the burkhas cover most of their faces, it still leaves their eyes exposed and the Muslim women, like women in all the other parts of the globe, can’t help but use makeup to make sure they look perfect beneath that burkha too! Here is an article summing up all the best Iranian beauty tips that Iranian women have.

Eye Makeup:

Eye makeup is the most crucial for these Iranian women. They apply a primer upon their lid followed by a black liquid liner which they generally extend beyond the ends of their lids and curl it in the end to give it a dramatic effect. They use matte finish eye shadow on the upper lids and sometimes golden or silver ones. Kohl liners for the bottom lid are also used by them. Mascaras to make the eyelashes more prominent are another must. Some women even use fake lashes to achieve this. Finally, a lighter coloured eye shadow is used just below the eyebrow to make it better arched.

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Hair Threading:

The Iranian women have a unique technique of removing undesired hair form their faces. The beauticians use sewing thread moved in a specialized movement which pulls the hair from its follicle. They use it to remove unwanted moustaches that may grow out as well as any other form of undesirable facial hair. It’s an effective remedy, better than bleaching and less painful than waxing.  However, your beautician must be aware of this method for you to be able to enjoy it. Sometimes threading can cause rashes and itchiness. It may even get infected unless done by a professional.

Nose Jobs:

Nose jobs are extremely common in Iran. There it’s more of a status statement than a fashion one. Women often get nose jobs even when they don’t require them just to show that they can afford them.

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Eyebrow Plucking:

Threading or plucking of eyebrows is also a regular part of Iranian women’s beauty regime. They even brush their eyebrows with a toothbrush every day!

Henna Dye:

Iranian women don’t use branded dyes to colour their hair. They make their own dyes with the henna plant. Lemon juice added to some crushed henna leaves does the job. You just need to apply the paste on your hair and leave it for a few hours. When you wash it off, you’ll get a beautiful coppery brown colour in your hair. Nowadays there are even blond, black, brown and red henna dyes! If you prefer your hair dyeing to be professional then you can ask your stylist to make the henna dye for you.

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Aromatic Body Oils:

The key to Iranian smooth glowing skin is their protection from dust and dirt, under the burkhas and also extensive use of body oils. While the first will not be appealing to any woman the second is something that everyone can try. Efficient use of body oils helps you entrap the moisture on your skin, keeping it supple and smooth.

Natural Remedies:

Women in Iran are partial to natural remedies too! They add dried rose petals to their bathwater. They even boil pots of water with dried rose petals within them and then use this rosewater to wash their hair. The Middle East people have also been known to use the miswak stick for hygiene. Women often use it to give their lips an orange-ish colour. The stick reacts with a human spit to create that colour.


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