Traditional and unique Irish baby names are loved by everyone.  They are unique because of their Gaelic roots. The names are different; the pronunciation is unique and loud too. These beautiful names are worth trying out for the latest names for kids in this generation. The Irish language, as such, is very soothing and melodic to our ears that we for sure want to try these out. So, The names are generally influenced by rich culture and history along with literature. This article will give you ideas on popular Irish baby names. Continue reading to know what you like the best.

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Unique Irish Baby Boy Names And Meanings:

Here is a list of the 100 best and top Irish baby names for boys and girls with meanings as follows.

1. Ciara:

Pronounced Keera, the name is Irish Gaelic. This was a 7th-century saint. The name means dark hair. If you have a brown-haired, brown-eyed beauty, be sure to call him Ciara, and she’ll have a soul as pure as a saint.

2. Finn:

Finn is an adorable name for a baby boy and quite trendy too. The name is Gaelic, and the Irish legend talks of a young warrior named Finn who was a hero. Finn means fair or blond, so a perfect name for a blonde-haired, blue-eyed little soldier.

3. Aidan:

And in the Irish language means fire. This name means that the baby is born out of the fire. It became famous through monastery culture in the northern part of the country. The baby name implies a bold and fierce nature.

4. Aiden:

Aiden is springing up everywhere. A very lovely and popular Irish name for a little boy. The name means little fire, so you can hope that rather than being hot-tempered, your little one will do things with passion, get things done and always be in high spirits

5. Alby:

The old meaning of Alby in the Irish language means white. This name was also associated with the 6th-century monastery where local people requested St Albie to bless rivers with fish.

6. Alroy:

Rua in the Irish language means red. This is a name for calling the baby a red-headed child. It is one of the modern Irish baby boy names.

7. Ardan:

The meaning of Ardan in the Irish name means high inspiration. The name shows hope and light in life and is filled with a positive meaning.

8. Barry:

This name is one of the ancient names, which means fair-haired man. This is a unique name which is modern in meaning.

9. Quinn:

Taking us back to ancient Ireland, Quinn is a very old Gaelic name. Meaning leader and intelligent, any little boy with this name could be expected to be very enterprising and create his own business and climb high on the career ladder.

10. Braden:

The braden name comes from the bradenfeasa, the salmon of knowledge. This gives the name legendary meaning, full of education and knowledge; skill lived life.

11. Liam:

A hugely popular Irish name which soared to greater heights. Liam is a form of William, and it means strong-willed and warrior. An adorable name for a boy, your little one may be strong-willed, determined, and fight for what’s right.

12. Rory:

Rory brings to mind a freckled little boy with curly red locks. Funnily enough, Rory means red king in Gaelic and is associated with not just Irish but Scottish roots. We can imagine an adorable little boy with a shock of red hair running around and taking charge.

13. Declan:

An Irish name with historical significance, after the Irish saint and missionary St Declan. Declan has a nice sound to it and means full of goodness and a man of prayer. A child with this name could be very compassionate and be interested in humanitarian duties.

14. Ronan:

A name rooted in Irish legend from saints to ancient kings and, in more recent times, a centaur in Harry Potter. Ronan is a very popular name. It means little seal. No doubt your bouncing bundle of joy will be as cute as baby seals and may love the water.

15. Niall:

This name can be pronounced two ways, either the typical Neil or Nile. Again Irish legend surrounds this name. Apparently, a long line of kings was founded by a king of this name. Meaning champion, your little Niall is bound to be a winner in whatever task he undertakes.

16. Seamus:

The Harry Potter series made the name famous, but the name Seamus has been around for centuries. A Gaelic form of James, it is quite widespread. The name is pronounced Shaymus and means supplanter. Why not name your baby boy Seamus and raise a budding leader? Let him aim for the sky, and he’ll be one people look up to for sure.

17. Nolan:

Traditionally an Irish surname, in modern times, it is used for the first time. A unique name is becoming more popular. It means champion and a little boy with this name would be a champion in his parents’ hearts as well as in life itself.

18. Brian:

Brigh means noble or strong in the Irish language. This is one of the most common yet meaningful Irish names, which means high, noble and strong baby. This came from the kinds of family through the High King of Ireland.

19. Clearie:

This means the scholar in the local language. Previously this was known as a surname, but now modern names of baby boys are given this name which means full of knowledge and skill.

20. Colin:

The meaning of Colin is Chieftan. This is one of the most common names yet most desired. This gives the baby hope that his life is very strong and filled with leadership.

21. Conall:

Conall means hound, warrior or great. This is named after mighty warriors back in history during the kings rule. This is named fashionably in the present generation, which means strong and mighty.

22. Connor:

This is a very modern name these days from the last few years. The baby boy with name Connor is seen as a lover of hounds who are full of rage and boldness. This is well known in the Irish baby boy names list.

23. Craig:

The meaning of Craig is a rock. Although there is no great interpretation behind this name, this is seen as a fashionable name in recent years. Hence here is another well-known Irish male baby name.

24. Dalaigh:

This was a popular name in ancient times for those in King’s parliament. The baby name Dalaigh means counsellor or gathering. This is a unique Irish baby boy name.

25. Daniel:

This is a very common name in several nationalities, including the Irish; This means mighty or the world. The baby with the name Daniel means ruler of the world.

26. Dara:

Dara means fruitful. This is a modern name named for several baby boys. The life of a baby boy with this name is hoped to be fruitful and successful. This comes under unusual Irish baby boy names.

27. Kevin:

This name has come out from modern-day fiction and literature. This is a totally dramatic name and is common too.

28. Ryan:

The little baby boy the name Ryan is said to be the ruler of the kingdom or ruler of forest lands. He is said to be ruling the world and life well.

29. Edmond:

Edmond, in the old Irish language, means rich or guardian for rich. This means the baby is called the guardian of riches.

30. Emmet:

This name came from a great Irish patriot and orator. He rebelled against the British back around the 1790s and became famous as a personality.

31. Fergus:

This means a man with strength. The baby’s name called, Fergus means a strong warrior, soldier and man with strength all over his life.

32. Frank:

This common name exists in Irish too. This came from the Christian names back from ancient times. This is a famous Irish baby boy name.

33. Garret:

The name Garret means brave. This came from the leader of the Norman family back in medieval Ireland. The name became famous from that time. The leader is well known to protect the castle and environment around the area and is told to be brave.

34. Killian:

The name Killian is generally associated with the church. This is kept by most families who are staunch believers in the church and related activities.

35. Neal:

The baby name Neal means passionate. The name is filled with love, passion, and prosperity. This is one of the newest and most modern best Irish baby names.

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Modern Irish Baby Girl Names And Meanings:

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Now let us see traditional Irish baby names and also modern Irish baby names for girls.

36. Siobhan:

This is a popular, traditional Gaelic name and very beautiful. Pronounced Shivawn, it means God is gracious. A baby girl called Siobhan may have a pure soul and grow to be the epitome of kindness and graciousness.

37. Teagan:

A variation on the Welsh name Tegwig, Teagan has become a very fashionable baby name in recent years. Is it any wonder when you realize the name means attractive? A baby girl with this name is bound to blossom into a beautiful, graceful maiden.

38. Aoife:

Irish legend tells tales of the world’s fiercest female warrior, whose name was Aoife. Pronounced Eefa, this name is one of Ireland’s most popular names. Meaning beautiful and radiant, you can expect your little princess to radiate beauty with a no-feisty nonsense nature.

39. Enya:

Most of us will remember Enya from the harmonious, melodic music she gave us back in the ’90s. The name is from the classic Irish Eithne. Meaning fire, the baby girl with this name may have an intense nature, with a fiery and passionate spirit.

40. Maeve:

Another name rooted in Irish legend, Maeve, was a great warrior queen. The name means she who intoxicates or a cause of great joy. A baby girl called name would no doubt bring great joy to her happy parents and probably cast a spell on those who admire her.

41. Sinead:

A typically Irish name, Sinead, has a beautiful ring to it. Pronounced Shin-aid, the name became popular because of the famous Irish singer Sinead O’Connor. It means God’s gracious gift. Guaranteed, your little angel will be the precious gift you’ve wished for.

42. Niamh:

Pronounced Neev, an Irish Gaelic name, is featured in an old Irish legend. Niamh was the golden-haired daughter of a sea god. With a beautiful meaning like lustre, radiance and brightness, your little deity can only be radiant and full of life, bringing light and happiness into everyone’s life.

43. Caitlyn:

A classic Irish name, this is a variation of Catherine. It also has a variety of spellings. The name has been used extensively through the years and has found a renewed lease of life because of Caitlyn Jenner. This means pure, your little princess would be gentle with a pure heart filled with love and kindness.

44. Bree:

Another traditional Gaelic name, Bree, is short and sweet and hasn’t been overused, thus keeping it unique. Meaning strength or exalted one, you can expect a baby girl with this name to have a strong character and grow into an intelligent, refined young lady.

45. Keera:

The name Keera implies dark. This is among the most popular names in the Irish language, which is also pronounced as Ciara. This is a famous Irish baby girl names.

46. Maire:

While the name Maire does not have a particular meaning, it is associated with honour. It can be called ‘Our Lady’ or ‘Honour.’ This comes under some pretty Irish baby girl names.

47. Margaret:

This is a common name in several nationalities, including Ireland. This is popular from the 14th century onwards and was associated with Kingly families and communities in the initial days.

48. Miren:

Miren means sea fair. This came from history, which tells that a mermaid named Miren was caught by a fisherman in the 6th century and later transformed herself into a beautiful young lady.

49. Muriel:

Muriel baby girl can be seen as bright as the sea. This name is associated with bright nature, depth and meaning.

50. Niav:

Niav, also called Niamh, is called brightness and radiance. This is called to beautiful women who are bright as shine, full of lustre and radiance.

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51. Regan:

As many know, this popular name is named after a sovereign or king. This was named for baby girls back then from king families.

52. Shavon:

This name takes after the meaning of gracious god. This is called for a beautiful baby who is full of beauty, love, and grace.

53. Sheela:

This is a musical name named after the baby girl. Those who love music and art generally name this for the baby girl in Irish.

54. Yseult:

This name came after a famous rich Irish woman. While there is no particular meaning behind it, it is well known due to the women.

55. Tiffany:

This is Princess feels name. This fancy name is well known without a proper meaning, but due to its graceful nature and princess feels.

56. Molly:

This is a classic middle-aged name. This popular name is more or less used, like the name Mary. It is a very common name in the Irish language.

57. Shannon:

This means wise. This baby girl name is used to name with the meaning of old and wise who is clever and intelligent.

58. Quinn:

This is named after wisdom and intelligence. This Gaelic name is famous and popular due to its wide meaning of wisdom.

59. Fiona:

This is a feminine variant of Fionn which means fair. This is the orthodox name called to baby girls for being fair and white.

60. Cassidy:

This is named for baby girls who have curly hair and are curly-headed. This is a simple yet beautiful name.

61. Bridget:

This name is Anglicized from the name Bridget. This is named after the Irish goddess of wisdom and poetry.

62. Alaina:

This is a feminine variant of the name Alen. Here the baby name for a girl for, Alania, is called for those who are good-looking and fairish.

63. Shea:

This popular name means majestic. This baby name for a girl with Shea means big, major or majestic one.

64. Alayna:

This name came from Church and God’s servant’s families. Here the meaning of the name means Dear child.

65. Adara:

This name came from Greek mythology, which means beauty, unblemished fair and virginity.

66. Ahana:

This name again came from families who were servants of the Church or those who were strong believers of the church. This means a baby girl is a gift from the lord.

67. Aili:

Aili means sweet or light. The baby name of the girl with Aili means those who are going to fill light in the families.

68. Aine:

This means Fire and joy. The baby girl name with Aine means that the baby is a gift and is filling the life of families with joy and happiness.

69. Annabla:

This name means lovable. This is the Irish form of love which came backdated from literature and ancient writings. This is a unique Irish baby girl names.

70. Arleen:

Arleen is known as an oath. The name of the baby girl with Arleen means promise or those who do not turn down the words given. This is well known Irish female baby name.

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Best Irish Unisex names and meanings:

After seeing some Irish baby girl names and meanings, here is a list of unisex Irish baby names and meanings.

71. Ailbe:

Ailbe means white. This is named for a fair and white-looking baby boy or baby girl.

72. Barra:

Barra means fair head. This is for those who look fair and pretty. This is a very common and popular unisex baby name.

73. Banba:

This name came from Goddess sister, who founded the country Ireland. This, however, has remained a popular unisex Irish baby name.

74. Branna:

This means Raven. This meaning is commonly named for both girls and boys.

75. Caoilainn:

This is pronounced as Kay-lin, which means pure and tender. This underlying meaning is sensitive. This is named for both girls and boys.

76. Daire:

Daire means fertile. This baby name for girl and boy means fertile, fruitful and pure. This is one of the old-age ancient names.

77. Daireann:

This means bountiful. This came from literature origins in the Irish language. This is commonly named nowadays in Irish names.

78. Dillon:

This means a flash of light. It also implies hope. The name for baby girl or boy with Dillion means the baby got to hope and light to their lives.

79. Darcie:

This is named even in England along with Ireland. This means a dark one. However, it is a commonly used name.

80. Enda:

Enda means bird. Those who love birds and the natural animal kingdom generally love this name. This name for a baby girl or boy is very refreshing.

81. Eirnin:

Pronounced as Air-nin, it is called Iron. This baby girl or boy’s name is the meaning of strength and courage.

82. Fianna:

Fianna is an ancient and old name which means warrior. This came down from the king’s rules time and is named for both baby girl and baby boy.

83. Faolan:

Pronounced as Fwail-awn, it means wolf. This is a very uncommon name. However, been used in recent times.

84. Murtagh:

Murtagh means sea skilled. This otherwise is called a skill of sea. This is a common name from middle age time.

85. Nollaig:

Nollaigh simply means Christmas. This is a very well-known and common name used both for baby girls and baby boys.

86. Kerry:

Kerry means pretty. The name is used commonly for both Irish baby boys and girls. This is named for a cute and pretty-looking baby.

87. Tierney:

Tierney, in ancient times, is used to call chief. So this name means chief or lord.

88. Odhran:

Those babies who have dark hair are named Odhran, which means dark-haired.

89. Radha:

In Irish, Radha means beautiful vision. Hence beautiful view is the meaning of Radha, which is a popular unisex name.

90. Rionnach:

Called out Ree-knock, which means King. This name was used again back in ancient kingdom times. It is named both for girls and boys.

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Top Irish celebrity names:

Here is a list of Irish baby names named after celebrities. Let us see these Irish baby names with meanings.

91. Claire:

This name is of award-winning actress Claire Danes. This means clear, bright or famous. This is a famous name among Irish Catholics.

92. Aoife:

Aoife means a woman warrior. This is well popular Irish name now.

93. Saoirse:

Called sear-sha, this is an actress name which means liberty or freedom. This became such a revolutionary Irish name in recent years.

94. Fiona:

This came from Scotland culture and was rooted in the Irish name as well. This does not have a specific meaning, though.

95. Oona:

She is a Spanish-born actress. Her name is derived from the Irish name, which means lamb.

96. Aidan:

This Irish actor name, Aidan Turner, came after the name Aidan which means fire or born out of the fire. This symbolizes a bold and fierce nature.

97. Juno:

This is a classic literature name in Irish culture. This is out of a literary fiction character.

98. Liam:

It means desire. Liam Neeson is the star of the Irish big screen. This name is popular even in the United States now.

99. Hugh:

Who does not know Hugh Jackman? This actor’s name means heart, soul, and spirit. Such a liberating name, isn’t it?

100. Shea:

Shea means substance filled. This name is filled with grace and meaning full of soul. This is among rare Irish names.

These given are beautiful Irish baby names. I hope you liked our cute Irish baby names and these trendy Irish baby names. These names are filled with meanings from legend and history. Tell us what you think about the names below.


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