When it comes to strength and durability, there is simply no competition to Iron doors! Iron is one of the most easily available natural minerals and hence is quite affordable. It can also be easily moulded into any shape to create artistic looking designs. This is why Iron door designs are back with a bang and gaining popularity like never before.

Along with offering superior security and protection, Iron doors also enhance the beauty of your exteriors. They can also give a premium visual appeal to your home, at almost half the price of a normal door. In this article, we shall learn more about these doors, types, buyer guide and 10 latest iron door designs for home purpose!

What Is Iron Door?

An iron door is made with either cast iron or wrought iron. Cast iron is the natural form of Iron, which is heated and poured into a mould. Wrought iron, on the other hand, is processed using special tools before moulding them. Both of them have the risk of corrosion, which is why they must be painted with rust-proof coatings.

What Are The Different Types of Iron Doors?

Here are some of the basic types of Iron doors commonly available in the market:

  • Hinged Doors: The doors are attached to the frame using a hinge and operate like regular doors.
  • Sliding Doors: The frame is made with iron and the body can either be glass or other materials.
  • Grill Doors: These doors usually opt for security purposes in homes and commercial areas.
  • Rolling Doors: The doors are more like shutters that roll onto a top frame. They are used for shops, offices etc.,
  • Decorative Doors: For protection with style element, these doors are highly preferred. They are available in various designs and operating styles.

What Are The Benefits Of Iron Doors For Your House?

If you are looking for a low-cost, low-maintenance and aesthetic looking door, an Iron door is the best bet! Get to know the top advantages provided by the iron doors for your home:

  • Expensive Look: There is no doubt that people will inquire about the price of your property if you install a grand Iron door at the entry point. Iron doors elevate the look of your exteriors and draw attention.
  • High Security: Being one of the strongest metals on earth, Iron is difficult for break-ins and damages. They are heavy and need special gas cutters to destroy them. This is why many homeowners vouch for iron doors to ensure peace of mind!
  • Extra Long Life: You can just make an investment n these doors and forget about them for the next few years and sometimes even decades. Iron doors are susceptible to external pressures and weather changes when treated right.
  • Custom Options: If you want bespoke doors, iron is easy to play with. You can convert this metal into almost any style and shape you desire. So, you can have Iron doors as unique as your taste!

Points To Know Before Buying Iron Doors:

If you want to understand how to buy the right iron door for your home, follow these expert tips:

  • Budget: Everything starts with a budget! You need to understand how much you can spend on an iron door, based on which you can choose from a range of options. Single iron doors are priced low compared to double wrought iron doors which can cost a bomb!
  • Maintenance: Never choose doors that require high maintenance. You need to choose something that is more practical and easier to live with. Opting for wrought iron is ideal as it is hassle-free and doesn’t corrode as must as cast-iron doors.
  • Design: Once you have decided on the above two points, you can now pick an iron door design for house. There is no room for compromise for an iron door, due to the wide array of patterns and styles in the market.

Latest Iron Door Designs In India:

Here are our 10 simple and best Iron door images with detailed descriptions. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Iron Front Door Design:

If you want to leave your guests in awe, choose this stunning Iron entry door for your home. Along with its unparalleled beauty, the door also offers protection from intrusions. It stands tall with a sturdy iron frame and intricate detailing on the grill. Glasses are affixed for additional safety and beauty of the door.

  • Door Type: Double open Iron Entry Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Iron.
  • Colour: Brown.

2. Iron Safety Door:

Secured your home like a Pro, with this creative Iron safety door. Instead of the regular mesh door, having this model can create high expectations for your home. This is one of Iron single door designs which can be installed just outside your entry door to act as the first level of security point. It can even allow sufficient light and air inside the home without having to compromise on privacy.

  • Door Type: Iron Safety Grill Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Iron.
  • Colour: Silver.

3. Iron Sliding Door:

Iron Sliding doors are ideal for patio and exteriors. They offer unrestricted access to the view of their surroundings, along with proper ventilation. Here is one such design that can save space and optimise the air and light entry. It even adds to the whole look of your external home and creates a lasting impression!

  • Door Type: Wrought Iron Sliding Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Wrought Iron.
  • Colour: Black.

4. Wrought Iron Door Designs:

Make your neighbours go green with envy with this luxury iron door. The front entrance door is made with wrought iron material. The amazing detailing on the door makes it deserving of a Royal home! Along with the Iron grill, frosted glasses are added on the internal side to obstruct unwanted attention to the house!

  • Door Type: Wrought Iron Double Door Design.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Wrought Iron.
  • Colour: Black.

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5. Rustic Iron Doors:

Get the old-world charm look to your house with this customized wrought iron door. The rustic feel of this door reminds us of the bygone eras! With a touch of creativity and some inspiration from the gothic period, the wood and iron door is sure to make any passerby stand and appreciate this piece of functional art!

  • Door Type: Wrought Iron Rustic Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Wrought Iron, Wood.
  • Colour: Black and Brown.

6. Decorative Iron Door Designs:

In the present times, doors are also treated as part of the home décor. If you are planning to follow these standards, go for a decorative wrought iron door, instead of regular design. The contemporary look of this door is surely going to captivate you. You can also try different patterns to match with the theme of your home.

  • Door Type: Decorative Iron Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Wrought Iron.
  • Colour: Brown.

7. Ornamental Iron Doors:

This door has every chance to become your future obsession. The elegantly done, an ornamental wrought iron door is worth every penny! It is a double open door with a simple, yet stylish design on the front. The view of interiors is prevented with textured glass. If you want to welcome your guests in style, go for this model!

  • Door Type: Ornamental Iron Door Design.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Wrought Iron.
  • Colour: Black.

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8. Contemporary Iron Door Designs:

Modern homes need modern designs! This is why it’s time to take a look at this brilliant design! The contemporary look of this door is achieved through the pattern and the make of the door. The U shaped glass panes and the unique pattern on the inside can make it an instant favourite with the new generation!

  • Door Type: Contemporary Iron Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Wrought Iron.
  • Colour: Black.

9. Readymade Iron Doors:

If you want to enjoy a hassle-free home renovation or construction, choose a readymade door! All you need to do is to measure your walls and choose the right side of the door. You can try various patterns and styles from the catalogue. Along with reasonable pricing, the installation of the doors is also quite easy!

  • Door Type: Readymade Iron Door Design.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Wrought Iron.
  • Colour: Black.

10. Iron Folding Door:

Check out this 4-panel folding door that is made with a wrought iron frame. You can use this door as a room divider also and is a great way to save space. The clear glass panels allow visibility to your rooms and also create the illusion of a larger home. Instead of building solid walls, you can install this door for better utilization!

  • Door Type: Bifold Iron Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Wrought Iron.
  • Colour: Black.

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Surprised at the number of iron door designs in this segment? We bet you are! It is a common misconception that Iron doors look old-school and boring! But with this catalogue, we are sure your opinions must have changed. With such a plethora of door models to choose from, it is really hard to zero in on just one. If you are confused, just follow the buyer guide and also consult an expert to get the best door for your home!

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