Jaggery or Gud is a traditional Indian sweetener before white sugar took over its commercial value! It is a concentrated and unrefined product of sugarcane which includes molasses. Jaggery is rich in minerals and a healthy substitute for white sugar. It is quite versatile and works well with almost all your daily foods like coffee, tea, desserts and other dishes. Due to its low-calorie profile and ability to boost metabolism, many people are switching to jaggery for weight loss!

But what is the relation between Jaggery and Weight loss? Is it true that jaggery can help you lose weight? Yes, say many experts! Read along to find more about the benefits of jaggery for weight loss in this article.

How is Jaggery Prepared?:

Before we learn about the role of jaggery in weight loss, let us understand its preparation process!

Jaggery is made by boiling the filtered and concentrated Sugarcane juice until it turns into a dark brown, thick mass. The residue is then allowed to cool and solidify in metal moulds, which results in big blocks of jaggery.

Due to the difference in the manufacturing process, jaggery has a different texture and taste than sugar. Even the nutritional profile of these two by-products of sugarcane have a vast difference.

Is Jaggery Good for Weight Loss?:

Calorie-wise, both Jaggery and Sugar offer the same 39 cals per 10gms serving size. However, what you get from sugar are empty calories that directly sit as fats in the body. Jaggery, on the other hand, offers a wide variety of nutrients to energize the body. Additionally, it can increase the temperature of the body to improve digestion and boost the overall metabolic rate. (1) This property of jaggery makes it an ideal replacement for sugar in order to lose weight.

Other Benefits of Jaggery for Weight Loss:

Here are some of the key benefits of taking jaggery for weight loss:

  • Jaggery contains a host of essential nutrients like iron, copper, potassium, magnesium, manganese etc. which are essential for weight management.
  • Jaggery contains no transfats or any other types of fats that contribute to weight gain.
  • It has detox properties that help in eliminating toxins from the body. By doing this, jaggery frees up your body from harmful agents which hinder the weight loss process.
  • Jaggery stimulates your digestive enzymes, regulates bowel movements and even wards off stomach problems like constipation, flatulence.
  • Consuming jaggery before meals can curb hunger cravings and help you cut down on your daily calorie intake.
  • Compared to sugar, jaggery doesn’t contribute much to chronic problems like Type-2 Diabetes and heart problems which are caused by over sweet consumption.

How to Use Jaggery for Weight Loss?:

As mentioned earlier, jaggery is a versatile ingredient that works well in traditional and modern dishes. You can use it in myriad ways to trigger weight loss in the body. Here are some of the best ways to use jaggery for reducing excess weight:

1. Lemon Water and Jaggery:

Having a glass of lemon water early in the morning can give you the perfect start to weight loss. Lemon increases your metabolism and stimulates the digestive process. Also, the high amounts of Vitamin C in lemons can burn calories effectively to help you lose weight. Adding a bit of jaggery to warm lemon water contributes to better weight loss results and also makes your drink taste really good.

  1. Lemon Juice – 2 tbsp
  2. Warm Water- 1 Glass
  3. Jaggery – 1 Small piece (crushed)
  • In a glass of warm water, add some lemon juice
  • Now add crushed jaggery
  • Mix well to ensure there are no lumps
  • Consume immediately

2. Ginger and Jaggery Weight Loss Drink:

Ginger is an amazing weight loss stimulant that can prove to be very effective when combined with jaggery. Also, Ginger contains many antioxidants like Gingerols, which have an anti-obesity effect on the body. Gingerols support faster digestion of food and even regular bowel movements. They also help in reducing the lipid profile levels and increase the fat-burn rate.

Here’s how to use Ginger with Jaggery:

  1. Fresh grated Ginger – 1 Piece
  2. Jaggery – 1 Piece (Crushed)
  3. Water – 1 Cup
  • Add some grated ginger to boiling water
  • Now add jaggery and let it boil for 1-2 minutes
  • Once ready, remove from heat
  • Strain the liquid and serve it hot

3. Jaggery and Warm Water:

Jaggery water or Gud water is the best early-morning drink to lose weight. This liquid contains the goodness of jaggery and warm water to kickstart and active your digestive system. Jaggery water hydrates your body and even gives a quick boost of essential nutrients like iron, potassium etc. Drinking a glass of this water increases your satiety and prevents you from overeating food.

  1. Jaggery – 1 Piece (Crushed)
  2. Warm Water – 1 Glass
  • Heat some water and remove before the boiling point
  • Add some jaggery and mix well
  • Drink while the water is still warm to enjoy the benefits

Jaggery vs Sugar:

Here is some explanation as to why jaggery has the upper hand over sugar:

White sugar is a heavily processed and refined sugarcane product that offers nothing but ‘sugars’ to the body. Sugar increases glucose levels in the body and causes a spike in sugar readings. Long-term consumption of white sugar maximizes the risk of Type-2 Diabetes, Obesity and other health problems. Sugar also leads to food cravings, making you want to eat more and ultimately cause weight gain.

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On the other hand, jaggery is an unrefined product that retains all the important vitamins and minerals like iron, potassium etc. It keeps the body active and energetic all day long. Jaggery has a low-glycemic index, making it an ideal sweetener for Diabetic patients. It boosts your digestion, treats nutritional deficiencies to improve your overall health and well-being. Jaggery also supports weight loss when consumed in moderate amounts.

NOTE: Excess Jaggery consumption increases calorie count and may cause weight gain. Make sure you stick to the daily limits to prevent this problem.

Now you know how jaggery supports Weight loss, don’t you?! It’s time you start replacing white sugar with jaggery goodness to lose weight and lead a healthy, confident life. Do you know any other ways to use jaggery for weight loss? If yes, do let us know!

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DISCLAIMER: This article is purely for information purposes based on certain research papers, websites and journals. The information must not be treated as an alternative for medical advice. The reader must speak to a nutritionist or a physician to fully understand the consequences before following it as a treatment.


1. Which is the Best Jaggery For Weight Loss?

Ans: When it comes to separating pure jaggery for adulterated one, always follow the rule “Darker, the better”! Yes! Pure jaggery is dark brown in colour and is not overly sweet. Adulterated jaggery is light, golden yellow coloured, which is due to chemical treatment. If you notice this difference, immediately discard the jaggery and go for a pure one!

2. Is Palm Jaggery the Same as Regular Jaggery?

Ans: Palm jaggery is another healthy substitute for sugar which is made from the sap of coconut or palm tree plants. It has a soft texture and looks like dark chocolate. Palm sugar also contains a good amount of nutrients and have a rich taste compared to regular jaggery.

3. How much Jaggery Can I Have Per Day?

Ans: The safe dosage of jaggery is 10-15 gms. You can have it in tea, coffee, lemonade or even with water. Exceeding this limit can pump up sugar levels in the body and trigger weight gain. Also, eating too much jaggery can cause your blood sugar readings to go up and increase your risk of diabetes.


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