Italian names are gaining much popularity in today’s generation. Though the names are traditional, they give a modern feel and have beautiful meanings associated with the same. The names also depict the character of the person, and hence people today want to name their child with an Italian name which has a very good meaning associated with them so that they get their character accordingly. So here in this article, we have rounded some 75 most beautiful Italian baby girl names that are very trendy and yet meaningful.

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Italians have an air of elegance and romance, which is carried forward in the names they choose for their babies. People love the modern yet traditional versions of Italian names as they reflect Italy’s ethnic heritage and culture. Most of these names also depict a person’s character and persona. Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance, Michelangelo, and pizzas and is famous for its ice creams. As Shakespeare says, “What’s in a name?” you can now respond with the cultural meaning and background information if you choose an Italian name for your little baby girl.

According to Italian tradition, children are usually most beautifully named after their grandparents and, of course, other family members too. The first son is usually named after the paternal grandfather, and the first daughter is named after the paternal grandmother. The second son is named after their maternal grandfather and the girl after their grandmother. And, if you’re blessed with more than children, it trickles down to the names of aunts and uncles and also patron saints. That’s why you’ll notice a lot of names repeated, and it is a symbol of adherence to traditions. It is considered a sign of disrespect if any other name is chosen.

75 Best Italian Baby Girl Names and Meanings:

Italian names are like anchors that hold onto traditions, and you can’t sway or drift from your origin. Italians agree that this sense of belonging makes life worth living, and traditions get passed down to the next generations.

In this article, we list down a few of the most popular Italian baby girl names and their meanings.

1. Lucia:

Had you been someone living during the Roman times and given birth to a little girl at the dawn, then you would be surely called Lucia. This is because, per custom, the meaning suggests that, Lucia means light.

2. Romina:

Romina is the feminine variant of the Italian Roma. It also suggests the name of someone living in Rome and is one of the famous Italian female baby names.

3. Sandra:

This is an abbreviated form of the masculine name – Alexandra. It means ‘Man’s defender.’ Sandra is an Italian ladies names of English origin and is the most popular Italian girl name.

4. Etta:

Etta is a name of Italian origin and is an abbreviated form of the names such as Loretta, Rosetta or Henrietta. Originally this name used to be an Italian name suffix.

5. Loretta:

Loretta is a feminine name of Italian origin. It is derived from the Latin word Laurel or Laura. The elaboration was created in the 19th century.

6. Zola:

Zola is the Italian girl’s name of Italian origin. The name means a lump of earth and is a very beautiful Italian baby girl name.

7. Capri:

Capri is a modern name of Italian origin. The name emerged from an Island of the same name in Italy, which is known for its beauty.

8. Mona:

Mona is a feminine name of Irish origin and means ‘noble or aristocratic.’ It can also be associated as an abbreviated form of Madonna. The name can also be correlated with the famous painting by artist Leonardo-da-Vinci – ‘the Mona Lisa.’ It is, however, an old fashioned Italian girl name.

9. Donna:

Dona is a feminine name of Italian origin, which means a lady. The original meaning is Lady of the home. It is also a title of respect equivalent to Don used for man.

10. Brandy:

Brandy is a popular girl’s name of English origin which means ‘Sword.’ It is also a name given to distilled wine.

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11. Josefina:

Josefina is the Italian variant of the Hebrew name Giuseppina and Josephine. The name means ‘The Lord adds; Jehovah increases.’

12. Allegra:

Allegra is the girl’s name of Italian origin which means gay and jaunty.

13. Silvana:

Silvana, a famous Italian girl’s name, means woodland or forest.

14. Gianella:

Gianella is a feminine name of Hebrew or Italian origin, which means God is gracious.

15. Rochella:

This is a famous Italian name of French or old German origin and means little rock or rest.

16. Carlota:

This Carlota is a very famous Italian name and is a variant of the various Italian and Old German names such as The Carlotta, Carol, Caroline, and Charlotte, amongst others. Carlota means ‘free man.’

17. Roma:

Roma is a feminine name of Italian origin and is associated with the capital city of Italy – Rome. According to mythology, Roma was the name of the daughter of Evander.

18. Calogera:

Calogera is the feminine version of the masculine name Calogero. It is a name associated with the Latin name ‘Calogerus’ which means ‘beautiful elder.’

19. Gionna:

Gionna is a famous girl’s name of Hebrew or Italian origin that means ‘God is Gracious.’

20. Guida:

Guida is a feminine name of Italian origin and means guide.

21. Bambina:

Bambina is a famous feminine name of Italian origin and means young girl. It is a variant of the name Bambi.

22. Annuziata:

Annuziata is the name of Italian origin which means Annunciation. It is also referred to as the Virgin Mary, who, on receiving the instructions of Lord Gabriel, is to bear Child Christ. This name is often given to the girl child in the hope that the next born child will be a boy.

23. Romalda:

It is a girl’s name of Italian origin. It is a variant of the name Roma.

24. Belladonna:

Belladonna is the modern Italian baby girl name which means ‘Fair lady.’

25. Verona:

Verona is a popular girl of Italian origin. It is usually used to denote someone who is from Verona, a popular northern Italian city.

26. Caprice:

The Caprice is a feminine name of Italian, English and French origin. Caprice means whimsical or playful.

27. Contessa:

Contessa is a popular Italian girl’s name that is used for someone skinny and beautiful and has an amazing personality.

28. Giovana:

Giovana is a very popular girl’s name of Hebrew origin and means ‘God is Gracious.’

29. Nerissa:

Nerissa is a famous girl’s name which means black-haired. It is used for a girl who has nice black hair.

30. Gelsomina:

Gelsomina is a popular girl’s name that is used to denote the jasmine plant. It is a name of Italian origin.

31. Vedetta:

Vedetta is a girl’s name of Italian origin and means scout or sentry. The French term Vedette refers to something that has been separated or singled out, as in the scout or sentry.

32. Donelle:

Donelle is a famous feminine name and a variant of the popular names Danielle and Donna. The meaning of all these names is Lady.

33. Fabienne:

Fabienne is a famous feminine name of Italian origin that means ‘works with the hands.’

34. Janina:

Janina is the name of Italian, English and Hebrew origin which means God is Gracious. It is a variant of the various Hebrew and English names such as Jan, Jane, Janine, and Gianina.

35. Cameo:

It is a very famous name of Italian and French Origin which means skin.

36. Elda:

Elda is a very popular girl’s name of Italian origin which means wise or prudent advisor.

37. Belenda:

Belenda is a beautiful girl’s name of Italian origin which means beautiful. It is a variant of the Italian name Belinda.

38. Madona:

Madona is a feminine name of Italian origin. It means ‘My lady; Virgin Mary’ and is associated with Madonna.

39. Amelda:

This girl name is of Old German origin, which means Universal battle. It is the variant of the Italian name Imelda.

40. Ginetta:

This is another name of Hebrew or Italian origin, which means God is gracious.

15 Best Twin Italian Baby Girl Names:

What names do you choose when you have twin girls? Take a look at our top picks for the best Italian baby girl names:

41. Eve and Zoe:

These two beautiful names have the same meaning but different origins. Eve is of Hebrew origin, while Zoe is of Greek origin. Both these names have the same meaning, and that is Life.

42. Freya and Phoebe:

Just like love and light make a perfect pair, so does Freya and Phoebe. Freya means goddess of love, light, and fertility, while Phoebe means brilliant and radiant. It is a name that comes from Greek origin. Together they make a wonderful pair for the twin girls.

43. Esme and Imogen:

The name Esme reached France from Scotland via a member of the royal family and means Beloved. Imogen, on the other hand, has a Greek origin and means ‘, beloved child.’

44. Ava and Belle:

Ava has a Latin origin and is a variant of the Hebrew name eve which means life. On the other hand, Belle is the abbreviation of Isabelle which means beautiful. Together the names mean ‘Life is beautiful.’

45. Amber and Margot:

What could be better than a mother having two beautiful gems? Amber is the name of an English gemstone which is a yellowish colour and is used to make jewellery. Margot, on the other hand, means Pearl.

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46. Sarah and Almirah:

These beautiful names share a common meaning, and that is Princess. Daughters are always princesses for their parents, and these names even mean the same.

47. Arabella and Callista:

These beautiful names ring well together and even mean the same – Beautiful.

48. Alice and Elsie:

Alice is a name of German origin and means noble. While Elsie is the abbreviation of the famous name Elizabeth, which means devoted to god.

49. Eden and Savannah:

The famous American actress gave these names to her beautiful twins born in 2007. The name Savannah has its origin in Spain and means flat tropical grassland, while Eden means a place of pleasure or delight.

50. Ciara and Niamh:

This could be the best name that could be given to the twins who have colour contrast. Ciara means the little dark one, while Niamh means Bright. Both these names have their origin in Irish.

51. Gabriella and Isabella:

With the meaning “Woman of God or my strength is God,” Gabriella is the Italian version of Gabrielle. This is a very popular first name and has been in use for centuries.

Isabella is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin for Elizabeth, which means, “God is my oath.” This is a popular choice for a girl’s name and is indeed a trendy one.

52. Carlotta and Vedetta:

Carlotta is a girl’s name of Italian origin that means “free man.” It is another variant of Charlotte, Carol, and Caroline. This is a very popular first name for women. It considers to be quite stylish and a contemporary name for a girl.

Vedetta is a very chic girl of Italian origin. Vedetta means sentry or scout. This is a very rare first name and is a variant of Vedette.

53. Gianna and Bianca:

Gianna, as a girl’s name, is of Italian origin, which means “God is gracious.” It is the feminine form of Gianni. The name is used to honour Saint Gianna Molla, who died risking her life for her baby in 1962 because she had a dangerous pregnancy.

An Italian origin, Bianca means “white, pure.” favourite was one of Shakespeare’s favourite names that were used in “The Taming of the Shrew,” “Othello,” and in the musical “Kiss Me, Kate.” This name is considered to be exotic and maintains its purity and innocence.

54. Donna and Cianna:

Donna is a name of Italian origin for a girl’s name that means “lady.” It is often referred to as “the lady of the home.” It is also given as a title of respect similar to “Don for men.”

Cianna is an Italian origin girl’s name that means “God is gracious.” It also means light. This is not a very common name

55. Loretta and Yuberta:

Yuberta, an Italian girl name and a variation of Uberta, is one of the most popular Italian female baby names. It means Bright or shining intellect. It is also a very rare and unique name of Italian origin.

Loretta is an Italian origin name for Laura or Laurel. This name has been in use since the 19th century. It is the name of a saint.

Popular Old Fashioned Italian Baby Girl Names and Meanings:

You can pick anyone from the below some of the Italian Baby Girl Names along with their meanings.

56. Sofia:

A melodious, sounding name, Sophia rolls musically off the tongue. A popular name, Sofia’s origins are in Greece and Spain and mean wisdom; who would not want their cute bundle of joy to be the wise one?

57. Isabella:

Derived from Hebrew, Isabella means devoted to God. A name associated with medieval princesses, queens, and Shakespearean plays. A name such as Isabella can fill your princess with a sense of pride and self-confidence combined with sincerity and devotion to her loved ones.

58. Aria:

Bring the magic of music into your child’s life with this melodious name. From Italy comes Aria meaning melody. Let your little one’s heartbeat be with love and harmony each time you sing out their name.

59. Ariana:

This name has found fame because of pop star Ariana Grande, but it traces its origins back to both Greek and Italian roots meaning “utterly pure” and “very holy one.” In both cases, any baby girl given this beautiful name will be a heavenly angel sent from the Gods.

60. Beatrice:

Beatrice, a name from literature, has now gained a fresh, lease on life. Following Princess Beatrice, the name is once again in the limelight. With the glorious meaning “she who brings happiness,” this is a perfect name for a baby who is sure to bring profound happiness to anyone whose heart she touches.

61. Aurora:

From the Latin meaning Dawn, in Roman mythology, the Goddess of sunrise was Aurora, whose teardrop was the morning dewdrop. A name your baby will cherish as she brings a ray of sunshine to your lives each day and delight in playing the fairy tale princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty.

62. Francesca:

From the male Frances, this female version comes from Italy, which means “The free one.” A wonderful gesture behind the name, suggests a baby girl grows to become independent and self-confident, to grow wings and soar above the rest. The name would be appreciated by anyone who has it.

63. Alessia:

With its Italian and Greek origin, the name Alessia evokes images of Greek Goddesses. The name favourite is very feminine and pretty and means defending warrior. Be proud to name your baby girl Alessia as it suggests the woman in her will be strong, supportive and dedicated.

64. Bianca:

A beautiful name and a variant on the French version, Blanche. Bianca means white, shining. Bring light into your life with an adorable baby girl and name her Bianca. Her future should shine bright and her soul as pure as white.

65. Gia:

Gia is a shorter variant of Gianna. It has a lovely, melodious sound to it when you say it with an Italian accent. The name itself means a gracious gift from God. The child would always feel loved and be gracious, knowing that she was a loving gift to her parents from the Almighty.

66. Chiara:

Pronounced Kiara, like a tiara, a beautiful Italian name. It means light and clear and is very popular in Italy. Can only imagine a little girl with this name to be graceful and pretty and know her own mind.

67. Giorgia:

Italian variation of Georgia, although it sounds quite upper class, this name actually means farmer though it’s for a female. Naming your baby girl may suggest she likes animals and is happy in nature, and enjoys doing things practically.

68. Naomi:

The Italian version of Naomi is it is an exotic-sounding name meaning my delight. This name would be ideal for any little girl as each one is a delight for their parents, and little Naomi may be an extra special favourite.

69. Bella:

A traditional Italian name was revived after the popularity of the Twilight series and Bella Swan. The name goes as far back as the 13th century. Meaning beautiful, the name itself has a lovely sound; any baby girl is bound to be beautiful, especially with this name.

70. Gabriella:

This Italian name has really risen in popularity lately. A very romantic sounding name. This means woman of God or God is my strength; we can imagine a little girl to be of strong character, but graceful.

71. Liliana:

Of Italian origin, this name is very popular and means the flower, Lily. A beautiful name for an adorable baby girl, who would be as pretty and delicate as the flower itself.

72. Serena:

Derived from Latin and associated with St Serene of Rome from ancient times. The famous Serena is the tennis star, Serena Williams. It means tranquil and serene, and a little angel with this name is assured of having a calm and gentle nature.

73. Camilla:

A pretty name which sounds like a flower, Camilla has Italian and Latin roots. This means Servant for the temple, perfect for a baby girl with this name is bound to be an all-rounder, pure and perfect.

74. Vittoria:

An Italian name and a variation on Victoria. The name means triumphant and victorious. A strong name to give to a little girl and put her on the right path to becoming a successful young lady with a strong mind.

75. Ginevra:

A unique Italian name, it means white wave or fair one or yielding. A pretty name to give a young girl with fair hair, Ginevra could become a young lady whose life is fruitful in many ways.

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Most of the Italian names are Spanish and Greek roots. The importance of religion which defines Italian culture and heritage, is emphasized in their baby girl names. The names have a melodic quality to them when pronounced with an Italian accent.

Girls are always princesses to their parents. They are the apple of their eye, and parents always want to give the best possible names that could very well describe their feelings. So as detailed above we have tried to compile together beautiful Italian baby girl names that are very famous and have wonderful meanings associated with them. The Italian names are very much these days as they sound pleasant with a deeper meaning associated with them.


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