Italian women are known for their beauty. Famous actresses like Sophia Loren, Monica Bellucci have set the stage on fire with their stunningly beautiful looks, in spite of aging. Their good looks is a result of the Italian way of life, which includes their food, skincare routine, and healthy lifestyle. The secret to their flawless skin is their diet. Italians believe in eating fresh and retaining the natural texture of the produce. They add a good dose of olive oil to both their food and their skin. Regular massage with olive oil deeply hydrates skin and makes it shiny. Not to forget its wonderful benefits for making hair lush and shiny. In this article, we shall reveal some of the best-kept Italian women’s beauty secrets to inspire you.

Italian Beauty Secrets:

Check out these top Italian beauty style secrets to know the reason why Italians are blessed with such natural beauty:

  • Daily Moisturizing: It is a ritual in Italy to indulge in a good body massage with some olive oil. This can hydrate the skin and make it look shiny and soft.
  • Less Makeup: Italians believe in keeping it simple and minimal. Unlike Americans, their makeup routine is quite short, with no more than 15-20 minutes in front of the mirror.
  • Good Diet: Italians like to eat fresh and natural-based food. They like to gorge on food that makes them glow from inside.
  • Stress-Free Life: The reason why Italians look so stunning in spite of growing years, is that they don’t burden their bodies with stress. Stress-free life can make you look younger and fresh.

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Italian Skin Care Secrets:

Italian Beauty Secrets Garlic:

Got a zit, you can’t get rid of? – don’t pop it. Use garlic instead. Garlic has excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. So the next time anyone suggests smelly old garlic as a beauty measure don’t turn up your nose. Try it. Rubbing the sliced edge of half a clove of garlic against your pimple is an effective home remedy to getting rid of them. It will sting a bit but is damn effective. If you have balding issues, then also garlic can be your best friend. Rub garlic cloves across your scalp and you’ll witness a miracle!

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The best kind of natural toner is lemon juice in the water! It is rich in vitamin C and has excellent bleaching properties. For instance, if you live close to a beach then take a handful of lemons and go to the beach and just douse your hair in its juice. The natural highlights that you’ll get will be unbelievable! And the best part – they are not harmful at all!


Yoghurt is an excellent remedy for sensitive skin. If you have rashes or itchy sensitive skin then go ahead and just apply it upon your face. It will cool down all that inflammation and give you instant relief! An excellent face mask recipe with yoghurt includes avocado, banana, honey, and of course yogurt. Mash the banana, then add the avocado, honey, and yoghurt and mix it well. Then slather this gooey mixture on your face and let it dry for a while. Then remove it gently. It will make your skin glow!

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Olive Oil:

Extra virgin olive oil is the best thing that could have happened to you! Now you may think that all it can do is make your smell like a garden salad, but it contains antioxidants that are extremely beneficial for your skin! In fact, Sophia Lauren swears by it too! use it right after your bath, when all your pores are open and the absorption capabilities of your skin is at its peak.  You can just slather yourself in oil and massage it or you can create an emulsion and use a spray bottle.

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Strawberry Scrub:

Who doesn’t love strawberries? It’s the fruit that all kids refuse to include in healthy food! I mean, it tastes so good! How could it be something that is good for you, right? Well, it turns out that strawberry is good not just for eating but also for applying on your skin.  To make this scrub you require some old strawberries, no point in wasting the fresh really delicious ones, and some honey. Cut up the strawberry in fine pieces and don’t try to get rid of its seeds. Then add some honey to it and mash it into a spreadable paste and voila! Your scrub is ready. Use it to scrub your face and body down. It will leave you glowing. Strawberries have enzymes that help revitalize our skin.

Italian Diet Secrets:

If you are wondering why Italians are so slim and fit, the reason it their food. Italian food doesn’t make you fat, instead, it gives you healthy calories and complete nutrition.

  • Eat-in Leisure: Don’t be in a hurry to stuff your mouth with food? Italians believe in eating slow and enjoying their meals. This can make them feel full soon and make the most of their meals.
  • Saying No To Overeating: Italians know when to say a ‘No’ to food. They eat to their heart’s content, but not to the extent of an overloaded stomach. Italians believe in keeping it light to move around easily.
  • Quantity with Quality: Italians teach us how important it is to balance quantity with the right quality of food. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains make for a typical Italian meal, which has the right dose of fat.

Italian Makeup Secrets:

Italians like to go for minimal makeup or most often a bare-faced look. When you have skin as flawless as an Italian, you don’t need makeup anyway!

  • Don’t Overdo Makeup: Makeup contains harmful chemicals that can damage skin beyond repair. Italians believe in keep their makeup light and easy to flaunt their natural skin.
  • No obsession with Latest Products: Most Italian women are brand loyalists. They like to stick to the same skin and makeup brands, unlike the rest of the world who are obsessed with new products.
  • Natural Eyebrows: Italian women refrain from plucking their eyebrows, as they believe that staying natural is staying beautiful. Eyebrows are the center of beauty for Italians and they like to keep them full.

Italian Hair Care Secrets:

Check out these tips to attain fuller, shinier hair like the Italians do:

  • Olive Oil Conditioning: Ensure you massage your hair from roots to tip with olive oil. Warm olive oil can stimulate your hair follicles and pave away from new growth.
  • Coloring Hair: When you go for hair color, make sure you strategize on which part you want to highlight. Italian women like to highlight their hair, instead of going for global colors.
  • Avoid Excessive Styling: Italians like to air-dry their hair when at home. They set their hair with heating products only when required. This can reduce hair damage and keep it naturally beautiful

We hope you now know the top secrets to look as stunning as an Italian. Italian women are naturally blessed with good genes to look as beautiful as they are. Polished skin, Silky smooth hair, and sharp features are a trademark features of the Italians. While we may not promise you with their features, you can still get flawless skin and lush black hair as the Italians do. Following these diets, makeup, skincare, and hair care tips religiously for a period of time can surely make you look like an Italian goddess!


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