The Italian gold jewelry is famous for its splendid crafts. The Italian 14k gold is always forged on gold jewelry. There are even fake Italian gold marks given on the jewelry that does not have any guarantee of gold in its making. The pure Italian gold have forged marks with 18 karat as the Italian jewelers use more of 18 karat gold jewelry in making.

Attractive Italian Gold Chains in Different Styles:

Basically the Italian gold jewelry is a piece of art work in jewelry fashion that is made and designed and created by any goldsmith company that resides in Italy. Here look at our top 9 Italian Gold Chains with images.

1. Italian Vintage Style Chain:

The vintage style square shaped links interlocked with each other is a fine design of the Italian gold chains. The square links are tightly interlocked forming a thick pattern. Such a designer gold Italian chain can be worn by both men and women.

2. Italian Miami Curb Gold Chain:

The Italian Miami curb Cuban gold chain looks similar to the snake chains but slightly different in its making. The Italian gold chain designs have a unique touch in its different way of manufacturing.

3. Solid Two Tone Gold Italian Chain:

The two tone gold Italian chain designs are very unique and standard in making. The fantastic curves and fixing of links with each other is mind blowing. The links are interlocked in opposite directions forming a beautiful pattern. Such a thick design of chain can be made short in size and worn alone for a dynamic look.

4. Italian Thick Franco Gold Chain:

The Franco pattern of gold Italian chains is very famous and all time favorite design among men and women. It can be made in different sizes, thin or thick, long or short. The links are interlocked in a way forming a V shape both inner side and outer side.

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5. Designer Italian Gold Chains:

A designer chain with circular links of both sizes of small and big interlocked with each other making the look clearly seen circles look fabulous. A special design of men’s Italian gold chains like this is a choice of many.

6. Stranded Link Italian Gold Chain:

The magnificent designer Italian gold chain looks spectacular on the neckline of beautiful ladies. The stranded links interlocked with just a simple way yet creating a rich and statement design looks incredible. The Italian chains jewelry is famous for its marvelous creations.

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7. 14k Italian Yellow Gold Box Chain:

The Italian gold chain 14k are classic. Mostly the rope design and the box chains are made with 14kt gold. The durability is considered to be good for people who love to wear the chains in regular days.

8. Brilliant Designer Italian Gold Chain:

The Italian chain jewelry designs make one forget the other. The designs are so beautifully carved that one may consider the design to be fake and not of gold. The Italian craftsmen love the experimental designs and create magnificent jewelry.

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9. Yellow Gold Italian Mesh Chain:

The mesh pattern in gold Italian chains looks incredible. The thin mesh chains look incredible on women. But even men love the thick and broad chains in mesh pattern. The Italian bonding makes the chain look more brilliant in shine and durability.

Italian gold chains jewelry can be easily identified with its unique designs that are rarely made by other goldsmiths. The designs are unique and in one piece. The goldsmiths in Italy hardly reveal the secrets of their making of gold jewelry. The Italian gold and the Florentine style jewelry is seen with 18 karat yellow gold and white or rose gold. The expert skilled craftsmen and women of Italian heritage have the unique creativity in the making of spectacular gold jewelry that other countries of the world are not so good at.