9 Modern Italian Hairstyles for Men and Women to try in 2019

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Italy is a country of beautiful culture. Not only does the country looks gorgeous but also the hairstyles are shown off by its citizens. Nowadays, getting an Italian haircut is just so much easy. If you know your exact needs, you’ll never be disappointed with your new Italian haircut. Let’s look at some of those good-looking Italian hairstyles.

Best Italian Hairstyles for 2019:

1. The Disconnected Quiff:

The Disconnected Quiff

If you want a good looking Italian men hairstyle, then definitely check this one out. This haircut features a medium to low fade on the sides of the head, while the hair on the top of the head is stylized into a quiff. The hair is combed towards the back of the head with a very nice finish. This haircut really looks good yet very much sleek.

2. The Side Part Crew Cut:

The Side Part Crew Cut

If getting an Italian style haircut is your aim, then this might suit you. The sides are medium faded, with tapering towards the top, where a parting is done by a razor. The hair is then side parted towards one side, with a nice, beautiful look. This cut definitely looks more clean and neat.

3. The Rockabilly Undercut:

The Rockabilly Undercut

This is indeed a great looking Italian style haircut. The cut includes a total medium fade along the sides of the head, along with a side part with the sides having a tight tapering style. The hair on the top is combed towards the back with nice finesse and thus looks very gorgeous.

4. The Flat Top Undercut:

The Flat Top Undercut

This is one of the best looking Italian short hairstyles you can find nowadays. The sides start off with low fade around the head, with the top part of the hair is styled in such a way that the top of the hair looks flat from the sides. The whole hair is swept towards the back of the head with ease. This cut will give you a very neat and clean look.

5. The Classic Pompadour:

The Classic Pompadour

This is one of the most popular Italian men haircut style to get. The sides of the head, as usual have a low fade around them, with a tight taper towards the top, while the top part of the hair is styled into a great looking pompadour. The pompadour style almost looks like that of Elvis Presley. This is a truly a very timeless haircut to behold.

6. The Messy Curly Fade:

The Messy Curly Fade

If you’re looking to get yourself an Italian hairstyles male type cut, then definitely, by all means, try this one out. The sides of the head have a medium fade to them, with the front of the head is stylized with a wavy type hair, with the top having a messy hairstyle. The haircut looks better on people who have curly hair.

7. Romantic Braided Italian Women Haircut:

Romantic Braided Italian Women Haircut

This is one of the most very cutest looking Italian hairstyles female type haircuts. The hair is normally stylized over the whole of the head, with parting lines and sweeping the hair on one side. The sides of the head are styled with nice braided long hair strands that add a lot of show to the haircut. This cut is highly recommended.

8. Brushed Back Italian Women Haircut:

Brushed Back Italian Women Haircut

This is one of the nicest looking Italian women hairstyles. This cut is very effortless to show off. Whether you have long or short hair, the hair is brushed towards the back of your head in awesome style and finesse. You can even use styling wax, if required, thus making the hold stronger.

9. Long and Curly Side Parted Italian Women Haircut:

Long and Curly Side Parted Italian Women Haircut

If you want a fantastic looking Italian women hairstyle, this can be your option. One side of the head is slightly faded, with the long, curly, thick hair is side swept to another side with a nice parting line. The hair has a voluminous look to it, and you can use hairspray or other hair products to hold your hair or to increase its volume.

It can be easily seen how much the Italians love their hair. With so many different and unique types of haircuts, it’s just hard to choose one from them. That’s why this list is here to help you with that. This list goes through each and every one of those popular hairstyles to keep you updated.