20 Unique Italian Baby Boy Names And Meanings

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The language of love and romance is Italian, Italian boy names have a hypnotic quality to them and they also have Latin roots.

Italian Baby Boy Names

Beautiful Italian Names For Boys:

Here are a pick of the top 20 Latest and modern Italian baby boy Names:

1. Leonardo:

A name which resonates through the world of art and entertainment. Leonardo Da Vinci gave the name depth and character. The name found additional fame with actor and heartthrob, Leonardo DiCaprio. Shortened to Leo, it means lion. Let your baby boy be strong and a master of arts by giving him this classic, Italian name.

2. Luca:

Such a cute sounding name. Perfect for a bouncing, baby boy. Luca is another form of the name Lucas. Luca means that who brings light. A child with this name radiates and brings light into the life of those who love him.

3. Dante:

A strong sounding, male name. The name is infamous due to Dante Alighier, the Medieval Italian poet and his Divine Comedy. The name actually means Enduring. A steadfast name which may help build a strong mind and character, a determined child unlikely to give up easily.

4. Enzo:

A shortened version of Vincenzo or Lorenzo, the name has its background in Italy and Spain. In both cultures it means ruler of the household. Winner or conqueror. Traditionally, a fitting name for a man of the house. Now the name for a boy who will be a great influencer winning hearts and a successful achiever.

5. Antonio:

Latin roots, the Spanish and Italian meaning of Antonio is priceless and invaluable. Needless to say, any baby is invaluable to any parent. A baby boy given this name will grow safe in the knowledge that he is priceless to his parents and will be loved and cared for more than any precious gem.

6. Giovanni:

A classic and traditional Italian name, Giovanni means God is gracious or gracious favour from God. With Italians being deeply religious, we can understand that a name like this would hold great reverence and a child with this name would be considered a huge blessing from God.

7. Marco:

A popular Italian name, Marco is often associated with the famous Italian traveller Marco Polo. The name means Warring or God of Mars. Naming the little cherub Marco wants for a strong and valiant young man who will stand up for his rights and fight for his people.

8. Alessandro:

This name is a variation on Alexandra and can be traced way back in history to Alexandra the Great. Both meanings in Greek and Italian suggest Defender/helper of mankind. The name slides of the tongue musically and suggests a boy named Alessandro would be kind and inclined to nature and helping people.

9. Adriano:

The meaning of this name is connected to the Adriatic sea. Your bundle of joy may be a water baby and take to the pool immediately. Some children get so much joy splashing around in water and he may be of a calm and harmonious disposition just like the sea.

10. Nicolo:

Often shortened to Nico, this name is adorable and ideal for a little baby. Even if your child misbehaves, it would be difficult to reprimand him with a name like this. Nicolo means Victory or conqueror of the people. With a name like this, he’s sure to conquer many hearts and be victorious in his endeavours.

11. Riccardo:

Italian origins, Riccardo is a classic name meaning strong and powerful ruler. A little boy given this name could grow up to be of strong mind and intellect and run his own company if not higher up.

12. Matteo:

A very popular name in Italy, Matteo means gift of God and this may explain its popularity. An adorable cherub with this name would definitely be a precious gift and possibly a calm and sensible child.

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13. Carlo:

This name originates from Italy and means manly. The name is perfect for a little boy to grow into a strong-minded and physically fit and strong man, one who takes charge and is a decision maker.

14. Gianni:

A popular Italian male name. Gianni means God is gracious. A baby boy with this name would naturally be a generous gift and hopefully always be a kind hearted soul who helps people

15. Angelo:

This can be an Italian first name or surname. Meaning angel or messenger of God, a little boy with the name Angelo would be a perfect little cheeky cherub and maybe of a kind and helpful character.

16. Rocco:

Rocco is a strong sounding name, perfect for a growing little boy. Not as common as it once was, the meaning from Italian origin actually means rest. So with any luck, name your baby boy Rocco and he’ll hopefully be a calm child and sleep through the night.

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17. Santino:

An Italian name which means little saint. Such a perfect name for an adorable baby boy. Santino would be an ideal name for a little one with a cherubic features and an obedient personality with maybe a glint of naughtiness in his eyes.

18. Luciano:

This name is derived from Portuguese, Spanish and Italian although more common in Italy. The most famous Luciano of recent years is the opera tenor Luciano Pavarotti. The name means light. Call your baby boy Luciano and watch him shine, and light up the room as he enters.

19. Salvatore:

It’s the name of famous surrealist artist Salvador Dali though spelt slightly different. The names is derivative of Italian and Spanish. It means saviour. Your little boy called Salvatore may have great talent in the artistic field and may be inclined towards helping others in difficult situations.

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20. Gino:

Whilst Gino is of Italian origin, it does also have ancient Greek roots. It is also used as a short form of Luigino or Eugino. The name means well-born or ever-living. Gino sounds classically Italian and with this name your bouncing bundle will hopefully have a long and prosperous life.

Many Italian baby boy names are chosen with patron Saints in mind, maybe because they want the child blessed. Traditional family values are important to Italians so the names of grandparents and parents are carried forward to the next generation.