Rangoli nowadays is making its mark everywhere. These are on also quite on trend as they are cultured and goes in accordance with the people and religion. One such religion type of rangoli is Jain rangoli designs. The rangoli tried by Jain’s are not different but they have some religious images depicted in it. These can also have many designs and can be designed at temples, events, home, and schools. The rangoli make use of multi colors to be more beautiful and classy.

Best Jain Rangoli Designs with Images:

These some of the rangoli designs are generally kept at temples. Here is the list of the top 9 Jain rangoli designs.

1. Beautiful Jain Rangoli Designs:

The Jain rangolis have many designs and adorable outcomes. These can be tried at door or at the temple which would go in accordance with the culture and religious look. The mixed colour can be used for these types of beautiful designs.

2. Border Jain Rangoli Designs:

The Jain rice rangoli can be used to decorate the bordered along the door in the temples. This is a unique type of designs being created along the door to give an adorable look to be admired by the people. The mixed color would be the best choice for types of designs.

3. Cultured Jain Rangoli Design:

The cultured rangoli is the one which can go according to the culture and religious views of Jains. One can depict the picture of god and goddess of their supernatural believes. These would really look very beautiful. Even the Jain rangoli images can be referred to for the same.

4. Door Step Jain Kolam Design:

The doorstep rangoli is more beautiful as compared to others. Their designs really impress people at one glance. The Jain rangoli can be depicted with the help of some of lights and candles with the mixed color making as the best choice.

5. Border Jain Rangoli Designs:

The bordered rangolis are again designable and quite impressive. These can be designed at the borders of the rooms of the temples. There are many Jain events organized where these kinds of designs are thereby formed. The mixed colour would be the best choice for these designs.

6. Religious Jain Kolam Designs:

The religious type is the one where Jains can use their religious images being designed to elaborate the importance of Jains in front of people. These can be carried out along with some lights to be more adorable and admirable by the people. The best choice of multi-colors can be made.

7. Creative Jain Rangoli:

The creativity lies in the uniqueness and they can try their creativity at its best. The creative rangoli can be one of the types as shown in the image provided. More such designs can be referred from the internet. The best color is always the mixed colour for rangoli.

8. Simple Jain Rangoli Design:

The simple rangoli can be the one with a small size and shape. These can be designed for small events to look quite simple and religious as Jains don’t look for adorable designs, they emphasize their religious notes. The best choice can be mix color used for such designs.

9. Flower Jain Kolam Designs:

These are quite a unique type of rangoli as mentioned. One can also design rangoli with flowers as enhancing the look and making it more adorable to be admired by people. These can be fresh flowers used with the designs.

The Jain rangoli designs have many such designs to be encountered. The Jain’s mainly rely on their religious fact and notes so they design the cultured or religious type of rangolis more. The flower Jain rangoli can also be used by people to be more adorable.


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