Pregnancy is a phase in life which almost every woman wants to experience. Who does not dream of becoming a mother? However, there are several health precautions mother to need to take care of for both health of her and the baby. It is important that the mother to be cannot eat and drink everything during this phase. Every food is better to be taken after advising from the doctor, as it may be harmful to her and the child. However, one cannot deny the nutritional foods which can help for the growth and development of the baby. One such food is jamun for a pregnant lady. It is not only tasty and healthy but also helps you to fulfil your cravings for bad and unhealthy foods.

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What is jamun fruit?

Jamun is a fruit found on the Jamun tree and can be easily represented as dates as well. It not only tastes good but is also very wholesome, giving your body all the nutrition it needs to stay healthy and fit. Also called black plum fruit, it also has several medicinal benefits which can help in several issues like diarrhoea, stomach pain, and urine issues.

Is jamun eating safe during pregnancy?

Eating jamun fruit in pregnancy is a whole big question yet. Many still question, ‘can I eat Jamun during pregnancy?’ The most common reason people say to avoid you from eating jamun is, it can cause small stain and black patches on the body of the baby. However, there is no clinical version to support this argument. Therefore, it is safe to eat jamuns or black plum during pregnancy. It is a rich source of anti-oxidant, and the nutrients in the fruit help protect the baby and promote fetal growth. The fruit is a complete package of power-packed nutrients that are essential for both the mother and the baby.

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Nutritional Values of Jamun during pregnancy:

Jamun is essentially rich is vitamins and minerals. It has nutrients such as proteins, calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, Vitamin C, Folic acid and vitamin B6. Further, it is also rich in fat and protein, which helps in the adequate development of your baby. It acts as a very wholesome snack when you are hungry or having cravings allowing you to fulfil these cravings and also helping you to stick to healthy food, so enjoy eating jamun during pregnancy.

Benefits of Jamun during pregnancy:

Given below are a certain number of benefits jamun fruit during pregnancy.

1. Stronger Nervous System:

Jamun is known as a wonder fruit as the fruit is very good in solidifying your nervous and immune system quite well allowing you to fight a multitude of diseases which would otherwise affect your highly compromised immune system during the period of your pregnancy. Jamun is rich in Vitamin A that helps in your baby’s eyesight and also gives you the necessary strength you need to go through all the hurdles that you might face during the period of your pregnancy. Making jamun fruit during pregnancy one of the best ways to go about your pregnancy period.

2. Ease of Availability:

Jamun is easily and readily available for you at any point of time from any adequate retail store whether in packaged or unpacked fresh fruit form making it easy for you to stack up on this great fruit at any point in time making jamun fruit in pregnancy a very valid option.

3. Fosters Digestion:

It is an age-old fruit used in ancient times to cure diarrhoea and stomach ulcers. Jamun benefits in pregnancy are to ensure it keeps you away from any digestive disorders and constipation.

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4. Strengthens Bones:

Jamun is also known to have high contents of vitamin C, iron and potassium, who are the prime heroes in promoting the strength of the bone. The nutrients in the bones also help in the growth and development of the fetus.

5. Keeps Diabetes in Control:

Jamun has a low glycemic index, thereby making it a healthy food in regulating blood sugar levels when you are pregnant. The anti-diabetic property of jamun will lower the blood sugar level considerably.

6. Treats Infection:

The leaves, seeds, and bark of the jamun are good sources to treat infections and other harmful bacterial infections. Eating jamun during pregnancy will help restore malic acid, gallic acid, and oxalic acid. It also restores gastroprotective agents that help keep away many infections.

7. Oral Health:

Jamun has anti-bacterial properties that help in treating oral health. This means, when you eat jamuns during pregnancy, you are essentially keeping away harmful dental problems.

8. Healthy Heart:

Jamuns have high potassium content. Potassium is known to regulate blood pressure and prevent the risk of a heart attack. Ellagic acid and anthocyanidins that are present in jamun will give the required anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that will effectively prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, thereby fostering a healthy heart for both the baby and the mother.

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Effects of Jamun during pregnancy:

However, several still carry doubt is jamun safe in pregnancy and is jamun good for pregnancy. A serving of jamun every day is good due to the nutritional values it carries with itself. However, it is not recommended to have more than one serving a day. Any food is excellent while eating with good and normal portions than binge eating.

Further, do not consume jamun if you are underweight. However, it is good to consult a doctor once about your dietary requirements in particular before adding the portions of Jamun.

Precautions to take while eating Jamun during pregnancy:

The question persists, that, is it safe to eat jamun during pregnancy really? Well, Jamun fruit is good for pregnancy. However, it is good if you take a couple of precautions while eating them. At any cost, do not consume jamun with an empty stomach. Further, it is advised to not have milk immediately after intake of jamuns. Further, do not have too much of Jamuns.

Jamun is well-known fruit which is packed with minerals and nutrients. These fruits are easily available at a point of time. It is always preferred to have black jamun as it not only has richness in nutrients but is wholesome as well to consume. It helps in better growth and development for your baby, and now you know in case you doubt it is jamun good during pregnancy, what’s the answer!

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Q1. The daily quantity of Jamun should I eat during pregnancy?

Ans: Do not have more than one serving of jamun at any cost. This may range from six to seven mid-range jamun. However, this requirement may also depend as per person and their dietary requirements. It is recommended to consult the doctor before you have your intake size. For instance, underweight pregnant women may not be advised to have jamun as it is zero calorie food.

Q2.When to avoid jamun during pregnancy?

Ans: Avoid this black plum fruit during pregnancy if you are underweight at any cost. This is because jamun fruit is said to have no calories only rich in several nutritional values. Further, if jamun does not look fresh or properly packed, do not consume them at this stage.

Q3. How to choose Jamun’s during pregnancy?

Ans: Make sure to avoid damaged jamuns at any cost. They may be discoloured or old, so it is not safe to consume them at this point in time. Also, it is recommended not to buy Jamun’s if they are not fully ripe or look hard. In addition, do not have too old jamuns stored in the fridge for longer periods. It is always good to have fresh jambul fruit during pregnancy.


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