Japanese have unique names for their babies, and most of them are very thoughtful and creative. While some have a close connection with religion, others are more connected to nature and positivity. You are wondering what to name your baby? Here is a list of Japanese names and meanings for you to decide.

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Table of Content:

  1. Boy Names
  2. Girl Names
  3. Unisex Names
  4. Nick Names
  5. Twin Baby Names

Top Japanese Names for Boys and Girls:

Japanese Names for Boys:

Here are some ideas for naming your baby boy. All of these great Japanese names have meanings too.

1. Aito:

Aito means sea or ocean. When the name is combined with ‘æ’, it refers to a Chinese constellation. Either way, your son will be as vast in mind as a star or ocean.

2. Akira:

Akira is a bright person and is generally a name given to both boys and girls. This Japanese unisex name is a very popular one.

3. Akio:

Another beautiful name for a baby boy. It means a bright man or one who is manly and is heroic.

4. Akito:

Somewhat closer to Akio, Akito means a bright person and also one who is like an autumn season. This name is sometimes selected for girls as well.

5. Arata:

A fresh and new individual, Arata is a unique Japanese baby name for your son.

6. Asahi:

The name means ‘morning son’, implying that he will forever shine bright and radiate positivity.

7. Asas:

Asas means a physician and also known as a healer. The name is also used to mean a beautiful morning. This is another Japanese boy name to think about.

8. Benjiro:

Benjiro means one who enjoys peace. The name has a Japanese origin.

9. Chibi:

Heard of this name before? This is a Japanese term for a short person or small child.

10. Chiharu:

This Japanese male name means ‘springs and clear skies’. This symbolizes purity.

11. Chikafusa:

Another very rare Japanese male name, Chikafusa, means ‘the close one’. This could be one good name for your baby boy to indicate how close and what he means to you.

12. Chikao:

For the virtue that he may develop as he grows up, Chikao means ‘a clever and wise individual’.

13. Chiko:

A very rare and simple name, Chiko means ‘pledge’ and is of Japanese origin.

14. Chimon:

Chimon for your son will mean ‘Gate of wisdom’.

15. Daichi:

Daichi is a common Japanese name for boys that means ‘from the earth’. The name is a good one for your son.

16. Daido:

Daido is a rather unusual name and is rare too. The name means ‘the greatest way possible’.

17. Daiki:

The noble one and filled with radiance and light. This top Japanese boy name is a good one for your son.

18. Danno:

Danno means’ gathering’. It also means ‘to put together’.

19. Danuja:

Danuja will be a good name to let him know what he is capable of. The name means ‘knight’; ‘a ruler’.

20. Denji:

Denji means ‘one who has electromagnetic powers’. This name is a very modern and cool Japanese guy name.

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21. Doi:

How cute is this name? It means ‘mountain’ or ‘earth’. This will surely be easy to spell and learn for him in the future and is a cute Japanese nickname too.

22. Eito:

Have you heard of this name before? Eito means ‘a very prosperous person’. This is another classy name for your baby boy.

23. Genkei:

Genkei is another Japanese baby name for your little boy. It means ‘the one who deserves honour and integrity’. Isn’t this a respectful name?

24. Giichi:

Here is one male Japanese name. It means ‘one rule’. It also has another meaning, ‘the righteous one’.

25. Gin:

Who said only gold is precious? Silver, too, is! Gin means silver. Isn’t your son precious too? Just like silver?

26. Ginjiro:

Ginjiro is a Japanese name. The name means ‘good silver’. This could be another name to think about.

27. Goku:

Goku means one who is ‘aware of emptiness’.

28. Gou:

How about this cute and best Japanese boy name? It means ‘a person who is strong and powerful, just like a mountain’.

29. Haruto:

This is a popular Japanese name of all time for boys. It means ‘spring’, ‘sunshine’ and ‘sunlight’.

30. Hibiki:

Habiki is a rare one to name. This is a popular Japanese baby boy name, and its meaning of it is ‘echo’.

31. Hachi:

Hachi refers to two things. One is ‘eight’. The other meaning is ‘bee’.

32. Hirohito:

How about this rare and unique Japanese boy name? It means ‘in plenty’. It also means ‘benevolence’ and ‘goodwill’.

33. Hirronori:

The name means ‘benevolent ruler’.

34. Hisoki:

Hisoki means’ secretive’ or ‘reserved’.

35. Hoshi:

For the star, your son might turn out to be, Hoshi means ‘star’. Naming him Hoshi will be very thoughtful.

36. Itsuki:

Itsuki means ‘timber tree’.

37. Japana:

Japana means ‘one who is energetic’. It also means ‘drive oriented’ and ‘ambition’.

38. Jiro:

This Japanese male baby name means ‘second son; ‘next son’. The name, therefore, will be suitable for your second male child

39. Joben:

Joben means one who ‘enjoys cleanliness’. This is a Japanese name for a boy.

40. Jobon:

Jobon is a male name that has a Japanese origin. It means ‘one who enjoys cleanliness’. The name is a variation of Joben.

41. Jomei:

Heard of this unique Japanese child name? It indicates people who bring joy and also tend to love music. They have a passion for life and always show interest in building a friendship.

42. Jona:

Jona means ‘God is gracious’. It also is a name for the dove bird.

43. Kei:

Kei is a popular Japanese name that means ‘blessing’. It also means ‘wise’.

44. Kaede:

The name means ‘maple’.

45. Kaemon:

One who is right-handed is Kaemon. The name is quite common among Japanese people and kids.

46. Kaiyo:

Kaiyo means ‘to forgive’. It is a good thing to name your son this because that way, you also tell him how important forgiveness is.

47. Kamin:

Kamin means ‘one filled with joy’. Isn’t this more like a blessing? Kamin is a Japanese name that is popular.

48. Kazu:

Kazu means’ first one’.

49. Kazuo:

If your son is your firstborn child, then Kazuo might be a good name to think about. Kazuo means ‘the firstborn child’.

50. Kenzou:

Kenzou means ‘strong and healthy’.

51. Kouki:

For him to lead others and spread the light of wisdom, Kouki will be a good one. Kouki means ‘light’.

52. Minato:

Minato means ‘harbour’ or ‘port’.

53. Makato:

Makato means someone who is sincere. This is a popular Japanese name for boys.

54. Mareo:

A truly rare name, Mareo actually means ‘rare’.

55. Maru:

For your son, who might be precious for you, Maru is a good option to think of. It means ‘something precious’.

56. Michi:

Michi means ‘the upright path’.

57. Namiko:

Namiko means ‘a child of the waves’. It also means ‘surfing child’.

58. Noburu:

Noburu means ‘getting wider’.

59. Ren:

A very popular and traditional name, Ren, means ‘the love of lotus flower.

60. Raden:

This is a name that has a religious connection. Raden is the ‘God of thunder’.

61. Rai:

Rai means ‘thunder and lightning’.

62. Renzo:

If your son is the third one in the family, this will be the right name. Renzo means ‘the third son in the family’.

63. Riki:

Here is a powerful name. Riki means ‘a man of power and strength’.

64. Ryuu:

This name has a Japanese origin. The name means ‘dragon’.

65. Saburo:

Saburo is a Japanese name that means ‘brightness’.

66. Saku:

Saku means ‘remembrance of the divine’.

67. Seiichi:

Seiichi is a name for all the firstborn son.

68. Shiki:

Shiki refers to the four seasons of the year.

69. Sou:

Sou means ‘adore’. It also means ‘bright’.

70. Tadaaki:

The name means ‘light’.

71. Taemon:

Taemon is a person who is well behaved and has good morals.

72. Taichi:

Taichi means ‘thick’.

73. Takashi:

Takashi means ‘devoted piety’.

74. Taiga:

Taiga is a well-mannered person. The name is a popular Japanese name for baby boy.

75. Teijo:

Teijo means ‘a righteous boy’.


Best Japanese Baby Girl Names:

Here are some Japanese names and meaning for baby girls.

76. Ahmya:

This name in Japanese means black rain. The name in Spanish means higher ground.

77. Aia:

Aia means ‘one who is famous’. It also means ‘ruler of the house’. This is a good Japanese female name for your daughter.

78. Aika:

Here is a cute Japanese girl name. This name is sometimes used as a nickname too and means ‘love song’.

79. Aiko:

Aiko means ‘love and affection’.

80. Ainu:

Ainu is a name with a religious connection. It means ‘Goddess of Fertility’. It also means ‘human-like’.

81. Akane:

How about this name? It means ‘Madder; red dye’.

82. Akari:

This name has a sense of positivity in it. It means ‘light; brightness’.

83 Aki:

Here is another cute Japanese nickname for your daughter. It means ‘sparkle; Autumn. It also has several other meanings like ‘bright; clear; morning sun; smart. This name is a short form of the name Akira.

84. Akiara:

Akiara indicates goodness to a baby girl. It means ‘a bright person. Sometimes, even boys are named Akiara.

85. Akiko:

Here is a beautiful Japanese girl name. It means ‘clear, crystal or bright. It also means ‘sparkling and beautiful autumn season’.

86. Akira:

Akira means ‘bright, clear and intelligent being’. Sounds like a name for your daughter?

87. Akito:

Another reference to light, this name means ‘bright person; and ‘one who is like autumn season’.

88. Amaya:

Amaya is a rare Japanese girl name. It means ‘the beautiful night rain’.

89. Asami:

Here is a beautiful name suggestion for your girl baby. It means ‘morning beauty’.

90. Asuga:

Asuga as a name for a girl would mean ‘swift like a wind’.

91. Asuka:

Asuka signals some goodness around. It means ‘perfume or the fragrance of tomorrow’. Isn’t that a very unusual and beautiful reference?

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92. Aya:

Aya means ‘design, colourful or beautiful’. The name also means ‘bees’ in Old German.

93. Ayaka:

Here is a name full of goodness and vibrancy. This means ‘a coloured flower; scented’.

94. Ayame:

Ayame means ‘Iris’. It also means ‘the one who can see perfectly.’

95. Ayane:

The name means ‘colourful sound’. Another very creative reference. If you are looking for some really cool Japanese name, this sure is one.

96. Ayeka:

Ayeka people have a quick and analytical mind.

97. Chiaki:

Chiaki means’ sparkling light’. It is a good Japanese female name to think about.

98. Chiharu:

This beautiful Japanese girl name means ‘springs and clear skies’.

99. Chihiro:

Another reference to spring, this name means ‘a thousand springs’. The name indicates a sense of energy and pureness.

100. Chika:

Chika means ‘filled with wisdom and intellect’. Isn’t that a really good name for your daughter?

101. Chizue:

This name means ‘long life or endurance or durability’.

102. Cho:

Cho is a cute Japanese nickname that can be for your daughter. It means ‘butterfly’. It also means ‘a flying insect that feasts on nectar’.

103. Chouko:

Chouko also means ‘butterfly’ and ‘an insect that feeds on the nectar of flowers’.

104. Chuya:

How about this unique name for your daughter? It means ‘something that is pure and clear like water’.

105. Danuja:

How about Danuja for your baby? Danuja symbolizes power and means’ knight’ or ‘ruler’.

106. Doi:

This cute and beautiful Japanese girl name means ‘mountain’. It also means ‘Earth’.

107. Emica:

Emica means ‘charming and beautiful’. The name also means ‘blessed’. This is another good name for your little girl.

108. Emi:

This short sounding Japanese name means ‘smile that is beautiful and picturesque’. Isn’t it too cute?

109. Emiko:

Emiko as a name means ‘prosperous and beautiful child.’ Indeed a name for your beautiful daughter!

110. Eti:

This is a Japanese name that means ‘joy’. It also means ‘child’.

111. Fuji:

Fuji means ‘flourishing’. It also means ‘opinion’.

112. Fumiko:

Fumiko is a very thoughtful name for your little girl. It means ‘academic’. It also means ‘intellectual’.

113. Haia:

Haia is a Japanese name that means ‘nimble’. It also means ‘quick’.

114. Harue:

Harue means ‘spring bough’. It also means ‘sunshine’. This is another beautiful Japanese girl name.

115. Hatsuko:

Hatsuko is a firstborn child. This will aptly name for your daughter if she is the first one to be born in your family.

116. Hide:

Sounds like an English word? The term is actually a Japanese name that means ‘excellent’.

117. Japana:

Japana means ‘one who has energy’. It also refers to a person who is ‘drive oriented and is ambitious’.

118. Jona:

This name means ‘God is gracious’. The name also is a dove bird.

119. Julieanne:

This name is for people who are loyal, honest and kind. They are said to be noble and always have the urge to live a long life filled with peace.

120. Junko:

This Japanese name means ‘sincere child’. It also means someone who is ‘obedient, genuine and pure’.

121. Mio:

Mio is a Japanese women name that means ‘a beautiful cherry blossom’. It also means ‘a beautiful thread’, signalling the wonderful connection between the parent and the child.

122. Maeko:

Maeko means ‘a child of truth’.

123. Maho:

The best way to inculcate honesty in your child. This name means ‘one who tells the truth and is honest in her deeds’.

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124. Makaira:

Makaira means ‘one who brings happiness’. This is one cool Japanese girl name for you to think about.

125. Mako:

Mako is a name for all the women who are thankful and grateful.

126. Mao:

Mao is a real and genuine girl.

127. Masae:

Masae means ‘one who is blessed with elegance’.

128. Masumi:

Masumi is a woman of true purity and beauty.

129. Nagi:

Nagi is a calm or lull person. Isn’t this a wonderful name for your cute little daughter?

130. Nariko:

Nariko means ‘a gentle or soft child’.

131. Rie:

Rie is a Japanese name that means ‘blessing’. This name is also a variant name of Ria.

132. Rikku:

Rikku is a Japanese female name that means ‘dominant ruler’.

133. Rini:

Rini is a cute little Japanese name for your daughter. It means ‘one who is like a little bunny’.

134. Sai:

Sai is a Japanese name that means ‘a painting’.

135. Sakai:

Sakai is a popular name in Japanese for girls. It means ‘to live in prosperity’.

136. Sayaka:

Sayaka means ‘a clear one’. This is a rare Japanese name.

137. Shoko:

Shoko is a child who is auspicious.


Japanese Unisex Names:

Are you looking for unisex names in Japanese? Here is our little help.

1. Akito:

Akito is a unisex name that means ‘bright person’.

2. Danuja:

Danuja means ‘a knight’. It also means ‘ruler’.

3. Hitomu:

Hitomu means’ wisdom’.

4. Kairi:

Kairi is an ocean village.

5. Kin:

Kin refers to ‘golden’ and is a popular unisex name.

6. Katsumi:

Katsumi means ‘to win’. The other meaning of the name is ‘to overcome’.

7. Miyo:

Miyo is a beautiful and charming child.

8. Makoto:

Makoto means ‘a sincere person’.

9. Miyoko:

Miyoko is ‘a beautiful child’. It also means ‘a beautiful generation’.

10. Ren:

Ren means ‘love of lotus’.

11. Suzuki:

Suzuki is a very common name in Japan, more of a surname. It means ‘bell wood’.

12. Toru:

Toru means ‘a vast and huge sea’.


Japanese Nicknames for Your Baby:

1. Ai:

As simple as it is to pronounce or write, Ai means ‘love’ and is a famous nickname for girls.

2. Aiko:

Aiko means ‘beloved one’ or ‘little one’. A classic nickname for your little one, whether boy or girl.

3. Aki:

Aki means ‘autumn’. It also indicates ‘brightness’. The name is used for both boy and girl.

4. Ami:

Ami, as a nickname for a girl, means ‘friend’.

5. Amida:

Amida is more of a religious name, which is the name of Lord Buddha. This is a nickname for a boy.

6. Annya:

It means ‘peace’ and ‘sustenance’. The name is for a female.

7. Arata:

Another rare nickname is Arata, that means ‘fresh’. This name is for all male babies.

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8. Au:

Au means ‘meeting’ and is a popular nickname for baby girl.

9. Dai:

Dai means ‘great’. This is another popular nickname for baby female.

10. Eiko:

Eiko means ‘prosperity’. This nickname is for all the boys out there.


List of Japanese Names for Twins:

1. Gen and Haru:

Gen and Haru, just like the twins, are the same. They mean ‘spring’. It is a good Japanese name for baby girls.

2. Natsuko and Fuyuko:

The former means’ child of summer’, and the latter means’ child of winter’. These are good names for baby boy.

3. Ai and Aiko:

Ai means ‘love’, and Aiko means ‘beloved one’. These are Japanese child names for girls.

4. Amaya and Ami:

Amaya means ‘night rain’ and Ami means’ friend’. This is a name for baby girls.

5. Amiti and Botan:

These are Japanese twin names for baby boys. Amiti means’ endless friend’, and Botan means ‘peony’.

6. Akako and Akina:

Akako means ‘red’, and Akina means ‘spring flower’. Both these names are baby girls.


Japanese names are cute and pretty. Some of them are really easy to spell and read, while others will keep you guessing what the name actually means. Nevertheless, we hope these Japanese boy and girl names will help you sort out what is best for your child. Take a look at the meanings too! They will be very useful to decide.


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