Japanese hairstyles have their own touch of trend and style. These are becoming very popular these days. Most of these hairstyles will have side or frontal bangs. This is a very common feature of Asian hairstyles and is especially true about Japanese looks. You can try various forms of Japanese hair looks which give you a different style. These can be a good change from other normal hairstyles that you may have tried all this while. This can create a flirty and trendy style to your look and you can sport these with almost any type of clothes.

However, these do require regular trimming and maintenance of style. These are very popular and you can make your style quotient climb up amongst your friends when you can properly sport a Japanese hairstyle. Let us show you our top picks.

9 Traditional Japanese Princess Bangs Hairstyles with Images:

Below are the top 9 Japanese hairstyles with bangs that you can try.

1. Front Bangs Medium Bob:

This is a front one side shifted bangs haircut set in a medium length bob. You can try this look quite easily. You need to have thick frontal hair for this style. If you do not like long hair or are willing to chop down a few inches of your hair, this style can be good for you. The bangs at the front needs to be cut accordingly in a running fashion such that these can be tilted to one side and there should be a good number of layer or fringes to go with it.

2. Front Bangs And Thick Inward Bob:

This is a thick inward bob with front bangs hairstyle. This can be good for summers because the hairs at the back are quite short and don’t fall on the neck. You can try this for summer. This will look good with floral print cotton dresses or skirts.

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3. Short Bangs and Long Hair:

Short bangs and long hair can also be nice for a Japanese hair look. You can try this type of style and you can flaunt it with your favourite dresses. This can be good when you do not want medium bangs at the front and neither want too much of anything funky. The short running shifted bangs can be good for a change,

4. Sleek Straight Hair with Bangs:

This type of hairstyle is a popular Asian hairstyle. This sits true for even a Japanese look. You can try this for a change but you need to have enough long and thick hair for this. You can try straightening the hair and an asymmetrical front bang will go properly with it.

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5. Messy Hair with Wispy Front Bangs:

Messy layered hair with a wispy medium frontal bang can be a nice hair look for girls willing to try Japanese styles.

6. Front Shifted Medium Bangs:

Front shifted medium bangs with some side medium layers can be a good look when you are considering Japanese styles. If you have long enough hair, you can make a top bun.

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7. Wavy Layers and Wispy Medium Bangs:

This style is good when you want some layers for your hair and at the same time some frontal wispy bangs to go with it.

8. Messy Curly Style with Bangs:

You can try this curly hairstyle if you have long and thick hair. The frontal bangs should be thick and of medium length.

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9. Inward Layers and Wispy Front Bangs:

You can try this inward brushed layered hair with wispy front bangs to get a Japanese hair look.


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