With the fashion world expanding its boundaries in terms of being inclusive of all sizes, colours, shapes and ethnicities, we see a new fresh wave of Japanese models entering the industry. These beautiful Japanese models are scouted to be among the top in their industries, for their ground-breaking looks and for making their own names on the runways. Their impressive style and talent are changing the course of the modelling industry.

Wondering who are we talking about? We have custom compiled the list of the top, and best Japanese hot fashion model faces trending in the world right now. Check them out!

10 Hottest Japanese Female Models 2023:

Let us get going and check out the names and profiles of the most popular and beautiful Japanese models around the world. Here we go!

1. Miki Ehara:

Miki Ehara quickly climbed the stage from a budding model to the established and popular, talented model right now. Did you know she was, in fact, spotted while working on a goods store and later was pulled by Louis Vuitton’s creative director? She made her debut in the LV autumn collection of 2017, and there is no turning back ever since. She has worked with Dior, Michael Kors, Lanvin and other international houses since then.

2. Manami Kinoshita:

Another edgy and trending popular face right now among Japanese models is Manami Kinoshita. Kinoshita’s stunning looks, impeccable talent, and modelling zeal gave her a higher mode than others. She walked for designer brands such as Kenzo, Balenciaga and other top international houses, besides also appearing on several fashion magazine covers.

3. Kiko Mizuhara:

Mizuhara’s arresting looks have definitely put her at the top of their modelling career. Kiko Mizuhara is among Japan’s supermodels who shot into the limelight just after her debut. She even rose to further fame after creating collections and starting her own brand, which Rihanna and Beyonce wore.

4. Chiharu Okunugi:

The young and contemporary Japanese fashion model, Chiharu Okunugi is yet another of the top faces in the industry. She was even named Vogue Japan’s women of the year a few years back. Okunugi walked for several campaigns and designer houses such as Isabel Marant, Christian Dior, Chanel, Versace, Altuzarra, H&M, Oscar de la Renta and more.

5. Nairu Yamamoto:

Nairu Yamamoto has been an Instagram sensation recently. She is a Japanese model known for her influencer skills and hot-trending Instagram looks. With her social media profile, you can easily catch up on the latest trends with playful and youthful looks.

6. Rina Fukushi:

How about checking out Rina Fukushi? If you haven’t come across this diva yet, it is time you stalk her modelling career online. Rina Fukushi is a woman of mixed origin with a Japanese American mother and a Filipino father. She has challenged and changed the course of the fashion world in Japan and came up with her own bold personalised looks breaking stereotypes. She was just a teenager when she began walking and working in campaigns for H&M, Revlon, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and others.

7. Yuka Mannami:

Another diva to check out in the world of Japanese fashion models is Yuka Mannami. The beauty initially started her career as a nurse and later ventured into Instagram modelling and influencer. She was discovered and scouted for her arresting looks and gradually walked for some of the big fashion houses such as Givenchy, Shiseido and others. Yuka Mannami also graced the covers of several fashion magazines.

8. Rila Fukushima:

The beauty of Rila Fukushima is another top Japanese model in the world in recent times. Born in Tokyo, Japan, Rila Fukushima worked with several international designer houses and campaigns and even ventured into acting. She even appeared in the cult television series, Game of Thrones, besides other productions.

9. Kozue Akimoto:

The fashion model Kozue Akimoto is a supermodel, actress and style influencer icon. The Tokyo-born beauty ventured into modelling at a very early age and eventually made a name for herself. She came into the limelight after MTV Japan’s Shibuhara girls. After that, She walked for several brands and runway shows, including Kenzo, Adidas and Givenchy. She is among the top Japanese runway models.

10. Aya Omasa:

Talk about the young beauty with striking and charming youthful looks from Japan; we can only think of Aya Omasa. Beauty is a contemporary model who also ventured into acting recently. She appeared in several magazines, such as Seventeen magazine. Her doll-faced looks attract a lot of attention among the youth.

Japanese models undoubtedly are among the most beautiful, with striking looks and charming appearances. Their doll-like faces with arresting and compelling features often attract us towards them. These female Japanese models are scouted as the face of the modelling industry in Japan. How do you like them? Did you know anyone before? We love to hear your thoughts.


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