Pregnancy is a very important part of any lady’s life and is a very important part of allowing life to go on. But pregnancy does come with its hiccups from time to time which includes stress, high blood pressure, joint pain, cravings and much more. Though all these issues seem to be quite intolerable there are a few easy ways you can treat. All these issues at once so that you enjoy a completely problem-free pregnancy. One of these great remedies is jasmine tea which is a completely natural relaxing tea made from jasmine. The aroma and taste of this tea will not only make you feel much more relaxed. But it will give you the refreshment you need to take on the day with an open mind.

When a person talks about Jasmine tea the first thing that comes to their mind is rest and relaxation. Which is exactly what this great tea does. Not only does it relax the nerves but it also gives your body the refreshment it needs to function on a regular level.

Is It Safe to Drink Jasmine Tea During Pregnancy:

But, is jasmine tea safe during pregnancy? Jasmine tea has some quantity of caffeine in it. While some amount of caffeine is good for pregnant women, be cautious on the quantity of caffeine you take in. Restrict your cup to just 2 cups a day, just to be on the safe side. Watch out how your body reacts. Each of the pregnant body reacts differently to different kinds of food.

Pre-made jasmine tea is provided by a number of companies. Both online and offline and allows you to put your trust in a tea that will better help you to deal with stress during pregnancy. All these companies are available physically or deliver the products. You wish to purchase online to your doorstep reducing the work that a pregnant mother has to put in, in regards to finding and purchasing this product at the right price. If you wanted to make jasmine tea at home though using fresh raw ingredients. Then all you need is some jasmine that you need to boil in some water along with some honey and some sugar if required. Jasmine tea is easy to make and tastes heavenly after a long tiring day. No matter how you make it making jasmine tea in pregnancy a very valid option

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Given below are a few ways by which jasmine tea helps you relax during your period of pregnancy due to its aromatic elements that are worth the wait-


Jasmine tea is rich in properties. That is very relaxing to the nerves and provide a great platform for stress relief when used adequately. The daily intake level of this tea has no regulations. But a study has proved that intake of jasmine tea twice daily, that is once in the morning and once before going to sleep at night. Provides the best stress relief results you will ever have making jasmine tea during pregnancy one of the best stress relievers ever to exist.


Prior to popular belief jasmine tea is just normal tea with added jasmine for flavor. Though this does not make it at all unhealthy. Jasmine tea is rich in antioxidants that provide your body with agents. That help you fight against a wide number of diseases. Which you are prone to during the period of your pregnancy proving an ideal answer for the question is jasmine tea safe during pregnancy.

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Jasmine tea is well known to be a natural antibiotic as well due to its properties that help fight off infection. This not only benefits you in the long run. But also keeps your baby safe and healthy at all times during the period of your pregnancy.

While you sit back and enjoy the benefits of jasmine tea, watch out for the risks associated with it.

  • The amount of caffeine, due to overconsumption of jasmine tea during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage.
  • The heart rate of the newborn is seen to increase with high consumption of jasmine tea during pregnancy.
  • Stillbirth is another risk associated with jasmine tea drinking when you are pregnant.
  • The baby’s weight could be too low when born.
  • The newborn may experience sleeping difficulties at the time of birth.

Given the many risks associated with high consumption of jasmine tea during pregnancy, it is a safe option to restrict the quantity you drink.

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Jasmine tea has been passed down by the Chinese for millennia and has plenty of stress-relieving as well as medicinal properties that can prove to be a great boon during your pregnancy period especially if you use this great stress reliever on a daily basis so when asked can I drink jasmine tea while pregnant you know what to say.


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