The modern woman simply cannot imagine her wardrobe without a good pair of jeans! But, did you know that the original denim pants were made only for men? It was in 1934 that Levi Strauss and Co. broke this gender bias and developed a new line of jeans for women. Well, it was a big risk then! But, today, that idea is much appreciated and enjoyed by a majority of ladies across the globe! In this article, we shall look into the latest features and styles available in women’s jeans, along with the latest collection of models to help you buy better! Ready for the denim game? Then, read along!

Features In Women’s Jeans:

The jeans segment for women has come a long way in the last 80+ years of its invention. From basic and coarse-looking cowboy jeans to a very sophisticated silhouette, women’s jeans have witnessed a drastic transformation. These features listed below can give you a basic idea on the different types of trousers available in today’s market:

  • Sizes: Jeans made for women are numbered in the format of waist/inseam or length. For example, 26/32 indicates a waist measurement of 26 inches and a length of 32 inches.
  • Fits: A number of fits are available to different body types. These range from a super skinny fit to a baggy, wide-legged trouser, each offering its unique own style and comfort. The waistline can fall in between ultralow to high rise.
  • Styles: Similar to a men’s jean pant, women’s jeans are also offered in many styles like pre-washed, patchwork, distressed and rugged.
  • Embellishments: Here is a feature that is exclusive to women’s denim! To add a feminine touch to the boyish pants, elements like pearls, stones, crystals, laces and other ornaments are stitched on to the fabric.

How to Choose The Right Jeans For Your Body Type?

Here is a mini-guide to help you find the best fitting jeans for your unique body type:

  • Hourglass Figures: Go for high waisted jeans to cover up that waist and flaunt those gorgeous hips. Even flared jeans work like a charm for these bodies.
  • Petite Figures: Too small figure? No problem! Try a straight fit pant to create a bigger silhouette and an elongated body look. Experiment with different washes, rips and sheds to look stylish. Avoid baggy pants, as they may end up “drowning” you!
  • Pear-Shaped: A regular fit jeans best works for these bodies. They balance out your legs and the rest of the body to create a uniform shape. Replace low-waist pants with mid-rise or high-waist.
  • Plus-Sized Bodies: Skinny fits are your new BFF’s! They gently hug your figure and beautifully accentuate your curves. Pick a thinner fabric to achieve a countered look!
  • Tall Bodies: If you are tall and curvy, you can literally try anything off the rack! However, experts suggest that boot cuts and flare pants look exceptionally good on these figures!

Latest and Trendy Jeans For Women:

We know finding the right jean that fits you just right can be difficult. To add to your confusion, they come in colours too. But first, take a look at some of the bets ladies jeans.

1. Black Skinny Jeans With Vented Hem:


Looking for denim that can accentuate your long legs? Check out this jean from Levi’s which comes in a skinny fit and irresistible black colour. The soft, super-stretch denim gives you long-lasting comfort despite its figure-hugging style. The ankle-length pant is slightly cut on the hemline to create open vents for a cool look!

  • Brand: Levi’s
  • Waist Rise Type: Mid Rise
  • Fit Of the Jeans: Skinny
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall, Petite and Pear Shaped Women
  • Suggested Upper Wear: Flowy Tops, Blouses and Boxy T-Shirts

2. White Skinny Jeans With High-Waist:


This clean white denim jeans can make you look ethereal! The dressy feel of this pant makes it versatile for styling. It comes with 5 pockets and even finishes to keep you elegant and charming. You can easily convert this pant from a streetwear attire to an uber-chic ensemble with a change in top and footwear!

  • Brand: Dolce-Crudo
  • Waist Rise Type: High Rise
  • Fit Of the Jeans: Skinny
  • Suitable Body Type: Hourglass figures
  • Suggested Upper Wear: Tank Tops, Crop Tops, Shirts

3. Blue Ankle-Length Distressed Denim:


Get ready to take the world on a storm with this mildly distressed denim jeans. The faded blue jeans evoke an urban charm to give you that girl-next-door look. It features a skinny fit with mid-rise waistline for a defined look. The ankle-length can give you a slimmer and taller appearance without a lot of effort!

  • Brand: Here Now
  • Waist Rise Type: Mid Rise
  • Fit Of the Jeans: Ankle Skinny
  • Suitable Body Type: Petite and Tall Women
  • Suggested Upper Wear: Boyfriend Shirts, Printed Tees

4. Boyfriend Fit Faded Blue Jeans:


Say hello to this unique denim design, which bears a relaxed-chic look! The light faded blue jeans with a boyfriend fit with a medium rise waistline. On the side of the legs, two light-coloured vertical lines are printed to make your legs look thinner and longer. The ankle-length pant has a ripped hemline to perfectly suit your free-spirited nature!

  • Brand: Mast Harbour
  • Waist Rise Type: Mid Rise
  • Fit Of the Jeans: Boyfriend
  • Suitable Body Type: Women with an Inverted Triangle and Pear Shaped bodies
  • Suggested Upper Wear: Cropped blouses, Slim fit shirts and hoodies

5. Medium Washed Denim With Bootcut:


Have an hourglass figure? Then flaunt that curvalicious body with this faded blue bootcut jeans! The pant perfectly balances out your wide waistline with the flare on the hemline. The stretchable material of the denim gives you great comfort and makes it suitable as all-day-long wear. The interesting part of this piece is the medium wash, which lies somewhere in between casual and elegant!

  • Brand: Spykar
  • Waist Rise Type: Mid Rise
  • Fit Of the Jeans: Bootcut
  • Suitable Body Type: Hourglass Figures
  • Suggested Upper Wear: Solid T-shirts, Shirts and Tank Tops

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6. Printed Blue Denim With Rollup Hem:


Bring in the vacation vibes with this printed blue colour jeans. The heavy washed fabric serves as a perfect background for quirky prints like coconut trees, flamingos and other doodles. This design is perfect for teens and youngsters to show-off their carefree attitude without trying too hard. The roll-up hemline speaks volumes about your personality!

  • Brand: Levi’s
  • Waist Rise Type: High Rise
  • Fit Of the Jeans: Skinny
  • Suitable Body Type: Petite, Tall and Apple Shaped Figures
  • Suggested Upper Wear: Solid Tees, Bomber Jackets and Denim Shirts

7. Grey Mid-Rise Ankle Length Jeans:


On days when you want to maintain your sober self, this monsoon grey colour denim jeans may be the best bet! The ankle-length jeans have a clean look to keep you ready for both works and play! You can wear it along with office-wear shirts or seductive blouses to slay it at every place. The mid-rise waistline clings onto your body to give you a defined silhouette!

  • Brand: Lee
  • Waist Rise Type: Mid Rise
  • Fit Of the Jeans: Skinny
  • Suitable Body Type: Petite, Tall Figures
  • Suggested Upper Wear: Printed Tees, Blouses, Tunics and Shirts

8. Slim-Fit Low-Rise Stretch Jeans:


Add some curves to your body with this low-rise faded black colour jeans. The low waistline goes slightly below the navel to make your hips and butt look fuller. Even if you have very long legs, this style can balance out the length by giving a wide appearance to your torso. The cleaner finish of this pant makes it an ideal choice for office casuals!

  • Brand: HERE&NOW
  • Waist Rise Type: Low Rise
  • Fit Of the Jeans: Slim Fit
  • Suitable Body Type: Women with tall or boxy shaped bodies
  • Suggested Upper Wear: Solid tees, Printed Shirts and Flowy blouses

9. Ankle Length Skinny Jeans:


If you are heading out to an office party or a social gathering, where you want to maintain some decorum, try this denim! The classic blue skinny fit jeans to give you a lady-like look. The best part of choosing this pant is its versatility that allows you to play around with different styles by changing your upper wear!

  • Brand: Pepe Jeans
  • Waist Rise Type: Mid Rise
  • Fit Of the Jeans: Skinny
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall and Petite Women
  • Suggested Upper Wear: T-Shirts, Shirts, Blouses and Tunics

10. Flared Jeans With Side Panels:


Bring in the Retro vibes with this blue flared denim! The medium flare can flatter your figure and enhance those gorgeous curves! The relaxed fit with the side panels add a few inches to your height and make your legs look longer. For those days when you want to go easy on your look and kick in some nostalgia, try this attire!

  • Brand: Trendyol
  • Waist Rise Type: Mid Rise
  • Fit Of the Jeans: Flared
  • Suitable Body Type: Pear Shaped Women
  • Suggested Upper Wear: Shirts and T-Shirts

11. Mid-Rise Striped Jeans:


Here is a secret to looking tall, without wearing those treacherous high heels! Try this vertical striped denim pant that can enhance your figure and give it a more extended appearance. The trendy pair of jeans can also cut down your age by at least a few years and revive your youthful days again. You can wear it with a solid white tee and a pair of sneakers to walk out in style!

  • Brand: Mast & Harbour
  • Waist Rise Type: Mid Rise
  • Fit Of the Jeans: Skinny Fit
  • Suitable Body Type: Pear and Boxy Shaped Women
  • Suggested Upper Wear: Shirts and T-Shirts

12. High Rise Baggy Fit Jeans:


Rock this vintage-inspired look like a pro! The oh-so-70’s denim jeans feature an authentic baggy style that lies somewhere in between a girly and a boyish outfit. The legs are roomy enough to keep your comfy but narrow enough to define your body. Wear it with an exaggerated sleeved blouse and a pair of ankle boots to steal the show!

  • Brand: Mango
  • Waist Rise Type: High Rise
  • Fit Of the Jeans: Slim Baggy Fit
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall and Slim Women
  • Suggested Upper Wear: Shirts and Blouses

13. Straight Fit Mid-Rise Jeans:


Look cool and cute with this blue straight fit jeans! The clean finish of this pant can give you a girl-next-door look without trying too hard! The mid-rise waistline holds your pant in place and gives a definition to your body. From a basic printed Tee to a designer top, you can literally pair anything with this pant and manage to pull it off!

  • Brand: All About You
  • Waist Rise Type: Mid Rise
  • Fit Of the Jeans: Straight Fit
  • Suitable Body Type: Apple Shaped and Tall Legged Women
  • Suggested Upper Wear: Crew Neck Shirts, Tops and Jackets

14. Skinny Fit Mid-Rise Slash Knee Jeans:


This grey faded denim reveals your rebellious side! The slashed knee style is for those women, who enjoy being themselves and wouldn’t hesitate to go bold. It even features a heavy fade on the front and the backside of the jeans, along with a rollup hemline and those very desirable “whiskers” on the ripped area!

  • Brand: Guess
  • Waist Rise Type: Mid Rise
  • Fit Of the Jeans: Slim Fit
  • Suitable Body Type: Hourglass and Petite Women
  • Suggested Upper Wear: Crop tops, T-Shirts and Blouses

15. Slim Jogger Fit Jeans:


Bring out the roadie in you with this Jogger fit jeans from Roadster brand! The mid-rise, the cropped jeans has an elastic waistband to enjoy great flexibility and uncompromised comfort. The fabric is also quite soft, unlike your regular denim and hugs your figure with love. All you need is a cool t-shirt or a tie-up top and a pair of ankle-length boots to look sensational!

  • Brand: Roadster
  • Waist Rise Type: Mid Rise
  • Fit Of the Jeans: Slim Fit
  • Suitable Body Type: Pear Shaped Women
  • Suggested Upper Wear: Cropped Tees, Jackets and Tank Tops

16. Wide Leg Jeans With Frayed Hemline:


The wide-legged denim is back in vogue! This fresh-from-the oven fashion is a must-try before the style goes out of the fashion scene. The super-airy pant adds volume to your legs, and a longer appears at the same time. It comes with a pre-stitched belt and a metal buckle to revive those glorious 80’s and 90’s!

  • Brand: Ajio
  • Waist Rise Type: High Rise
  • Fit Of the Jeans: Wide Legs
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall and Pear Shaped Women
  • Suggested Upper Wear: T-Shirts, Slim fit Tops and Shirts

17. Mid-Rise Relaxed Fit:


Show your sassy side with this faded blue, stretchable jeans! Although it bears a modern look, the authentic jeans style is unmissable. With a skin-friendly fabric that stretches as you move, this pant could make your next wardrobe staple. Dress up or dress down with this one to suit the occasions and your current moods!

  • Brand: Dolce Crudo
  • Waist Rise Type: Mid Rise
  • Fit Of the Jeans: Relaxed
  • Suitable Body Type: Hourglass and Pear Shaped Women
  • Suggested Upper Wear: Solid Tees, Slim Fit Tops and Jackets

18. Heavy Washed Polka Dot Print Jeans:


Polka dots are inseparable to any girl’s wardrobe! If you already own a couple of Polka dots tops and tees, it’s time to stock up on the super-cute skinny jeans. The faded blue cropped pant features a contrast taping on the hemline, along with a mild distressed effect on the knees. Time to bring in the 50’s glamour!

  • Brand: Ajio
  • Waist Rise Type: Mid Rise
  • Fit Of the Jeans: Skinny
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall and Pear Shaped Women
  • Suggested Upper Wear: Plain Tank Tops, Tees and Crop Shirts

19. Lilac Colored Skinny Fit Denim:


Coloured denim is the latest fashion, and one cannot afford to miss out on these! On days when you want to bring out your inner unicorn, lilac-coloured denim like this one may be the best choice. The soothing hue of this dyed jeans screams of delicateness and feminine beauty. This dressy ensemble is great for parties and evening gatherings.

  • Brand: Espirit
  • Waist Rise Type: Low Rise
  • Fit Of the Jeans: Skinny
  • Suitable Body Type: Petite, Long-legged and boxy shaped women
  • Suggested Upper Wear: Crop tops, Tie-up blouses and White shirts

20. Patchwork Distressed Jeans:


Still, stuck with your boring denim? Break the stereotypes and switch to this denim to reveal the never-before-seen side of you! The sky blue, slim-fit jeans are has a distressed effect on the upper side of the knees for a wayward look. Well, it doesn’t end there! The dark blue patch on the right knee shows your “rowdy” attitude that warns potential mischief-makers!

  • Brand: Roadster
  • Waist Rise Type: Mid Rise
  • Fit Of the Jeans: Skinny
  • Suitable Body Type: Hourglass, Pear Shaped women
  • Suggested Upper Wear: Plaid Shirts, Tie-up blouses and Bomber Jackets

21. Ultra Low Rise Jeans For Ladies:

The ultra-low-rise ladies’ jeans are also known as Brazilian jeans. It is a jean with sexy looks; this jean sits 3-5 inches below the belly button. If one have toned body or abs to flaunt in style then go for this jean. This could be your trendy jean for parties.

22. Simple Plain Low Rise Jeans:

The low rise jeans are very trendy jeans which will let you flaunt your waist with style. Even it has a drawback that your butt crack gets visible whenever you bent down, so take care of it. It looks cool on young girls who have good bodies and pairing them with short tops will make look stunning. It can be worn with confidence in parties or leisure time.

23. Mid Rise Jeans For Women:

The mid-rise women’s jeans are one of the most regularly worn jeans. This jean just sits below your belly button. If you have wide hips then this type of jeans is best for you. It can be worn in official events and even in your parties with a super look.

24. High Rise Jeans For Girls:

This ladies fashion jean is designed to fit your natural waistline. It will look fabulous when you pair it up with tuck in a shirt with an additional skinny belt. It is a retro-styled jean which might be said by others as outdated but this is back in fashion to flaunt your hourglass body shape.

25. Boyfriend Jeans For Ladies:

You must be thinking here jeans for ladies are given but boyfriend jeans? It sounds funny but yes they do exist. These ladies jeans have loose, a baggy cut which gives look that you have borrowed them from your boyfriend. This jean is a tight fit around your hips and looses at the legs. It will look great on thicker thighs and legs. Try out this newest 2020 fashion jeans.

26. Straight/Cigarette Jeans:

The straight/cigarette jeans go with the name. Like a cigarette, it is straight and narrow and does not widen at the ankles. If you want comfy jeans which are not skinny and flattering then this will be the best choice. It has a straight cut which balances the hip, thus it will look good curvy girls.

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27. Ladies Jeans Bootcut Style:

This ladies’ jeans were a fashion mark in old times in 70’s and 80’s, you must have seen them in movies. These jeans look good on all body shapes as it makes the look streamline and make the wearer look long. It is loose at the leg and is wide enough at the leg opening. Though the wide opening makes the look disfigured but looks good. Pairing the boot cut with high hills will clearly distinguish the wide opening.

28. Flare Jeans For Women:

Again this flare jean was very popular during the old days and in almost all movies you can see the actors/actress wearing it. The flare ladies jeans have a wide, flared opening from knees to toe. The thighs are tightly fit so that the flare down can be clearly seen. You can wear a turtleneck sweater and take a trip back to the old days.

29. Wide Leg Jeans For Women:

The wide-leg ladies’ jeans are very loose-fitting jeans has a wide opening from your thighs to down. It has no fitting anywhere at all. The wearer can pair it with fitted tops to look gorgeous.

30. Black Skinny Leg Jeans:

The trendiest jeans nowadays are skinny jeans, it looks good on slim and lean shapes. It is a tight jean which fits your leg snugly. Don’t worry about the movement of your leg, it is super stretchable and can be worn by anyone. If you have a wide hip then think before getting these jeans. You can pair it with any types of top and footwear, everything will make you look stunning.

31. Capri Jeans For Ladies:

Capri jeans are the most modern and stylish form of ladies’ jeans. You can wear it with confidence if you have toned and pretty legs to flaunt. In this jean, the length of the jean is just above the calf or on the calf. If you are not comfortable with this length then you can increase the length a little more but not too much otherwise it will look like cropped jeans.

32. Womens Cropped Jeans:

The cropped jeans cover a total three-fourth portion of your leg which makes your leg look longer and leaner. It can be the best jeans for teenagers to wear it during rainy season as don’t have to fold up there jeans to walk in rain apart from that it gives a very cool look. It will look stunning when you will pair it with high heels.

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33. Trendy Cuffed Jeans:

A cuff is not always made at the hands but can also make on your legs. This cuffed jean is folded down and has the same length as cropped and Capri jeans. It will look good on who has lean ankles and not thick ankles otherwise this will make the ankles look thicker. To make the look of your leg slimmer pair it with heels and go classy.

34. Short Ladies Jeans:

Shorts are a modern way to wear jeans, and its length is above the knees. Some short pants are very short and some length to half of your thighs. They are also known as hot pants. It will give a perfect chance to flaunt your leg. They have some fringes down which gives a look that it was cut off from the full-length jeans. It makes the wearer look stunning.

35. Light Washed Jeans:

As the name suggests washed, the jeans give the looks of washed jeans but it is not washed instead during the manufacturing process it gives the look of worn out. These women’s jeans are more soft and flexible. There are different types of washes which give different look. This jean is an acid wash and gives that look. It looks good and is inspired to keep it as the best jean for women.

36. Girls Ripped Jeans:

Jeans get ripped due to over wearing and were prior associated with working-class but this working-class look became the favourite among many. Now the ripped women’s jeans are manufactured and before they were only ripped near knee parts but with a change in fashion, the jeans are ripped all over, near thighs at the back. It gives a very smart look to the wearer.

37. Printed Jeans For Women:

Prints look beautiful whether it is saree, suit or jeans. Printed women’s jeans are the latest trend. They are printed on all types of jeans which can be worn by all. Printed jeans have beautiful prints like polka dots, flowers, stars or any other prints. They make the look more pretty and the wearer can pair it up with matching coloured tops. Pick these modern fashion jeans.

38. Embroidered Women’s Jeans:

On rough and tough jeans embroidery is done which is durable too like jeans. Embroidery beautifies the look of jeans. Pretty designs are made on jeans with different looks like it can be done on only one side and the other side is plane or only limited to the pockets or only till the length of the thighs. Different colours and artistic embroidery makes the jeans to stand at a higher level.

39. Patched Jeans Outfit:

The patchwork in your jean is the newest trend in ladies’ jeans. The patching of rag type cloth is done to give it a cool look. Geometrical shapes are made by patching on jeans. If you want a very fashionable look then you can go for patch work of flowers, stars, candy and others. They all look pretty and you can even match it with the same patch worked design top. It gives a very funky look.

40. Overall Jeans For Women:

The overall jeans were also worn by workers in old times, even today at some places people wear them. The overall has straps to hold your jeans and a front covering. They look awesome. They are great for kids to hold on their jeans and besides that, it is popular among ladies jeans. You can pair it with tops with contrasting colours and can wear them during your leisure time. It is referred to as the jumpsuit.

41. Coloured Jeans For Teenagers:

Colourful things are liked by all. These are jeans for ladies who love some bright colours. The best thing about coloured jeans is that you can increase your top count in your wardrobe to do the matching. Coloured jeans are available in various colours like pink, blue, green etc with many other shades of them. You can steal attention with the new style of jeans.

42. Painted Jeans Designs:

Painted Ladies jeans should not be confused and mixed with printed jeans. They are totally different in their looks. The painted jeans are very trendy jeans; they have metallic painting, modern painting, rustic painting and others. They just look pretty. The denim jeans not only done on blue but are also available in other colour jeans.

43. Trendy Scratched Jeans:

Most of us know that under ripped jeans the scratched pattern is also available but no scratched jeans are different from ripped jeans. Though they also look like destroyed jeans but ripped ones have cut off and scratched jeans have scratched patterns all over. Scratched ladies jeans look cool when worn and add-on sunglasses to look stunning. This jeans pant gives a very bold look.

44. Beautiful Crochet Jeans:

Crochets are beautiful designs of different fabrics. Some of them are also stretchable and are used in jeans. They are added to sides or in front or at the lower part of jeans to make them look unique. They are the latest in fashion and is gaining popularity among ladies. Everyone loves to wear them in parties to show their beautiful outfits.

45. New Shiny Jeans:

Shiny jeans are the next trendy fashion jeans for women. As jeans were only known for the dark or faded look but the shiny jeans are new. They are not made of leather to give shine, in fact, they are of the same fabric only shines are added. They make the look radiant and are available in some dark colour jeans.

How To Wear A Women’s Jeans in Style?

In case you are wondering how to style your favourite pair of denim, we have got you covered! Get to know these celeb-approved fashion hacks:

  • Always try your jeans before investing your money on it! Make sure that the quality, sizing and cut is just right.
  • For day looks, pick a white shirt which will never let you down. Ditch the routine style and try a half-tuck or a front knot.
  • Replace your regular tees with interesting crop-tops, blouses and cardigans to look and feel glamorous. Pumps and heels are a must with this outfit style!
  • Wearing jeans with a long-robe or overcoat is the latest trend. Don’t forget to try it in the cooler months of the year like autumn or winter.
  • Have you ever thought or denim or denim? Nothing can complement your jeans than a denim shirt or a jacket.
  • Are you heading out to an important meeting? Just tuck in a shirt, wear a leather belt and throw on a formal blazer on your basic blue denim. You are sure to leave the crowd in surprise!
  • If you want to look bold and beautiful, you cannot miss out on ripped jeans. However, go for a basic top to highlight the bottom wear!

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Jeans are very popular among both men and women and they are not only to wear as casuals but can also be worn as a formal dress. In the Indian market, you can find several branded and unbranded jeans which come in various styles and colours and their look suits some body shapes. The ripped and scratched jeans were before worn by men but due to gaining the popularity, they are now even worn by girls to look cool. There is a minor difference between men and women jeans which should not be neglected because it will cause a fitting problem. Make sure you choose the right one.

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