How To Use Jeera/Cumin Water For Weight Loss?

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Jeer or cumin seeds are known for their health benefits like weight loss. Especially, black cumin/kala jeera powder is being used in ayurvedic products for weight loss. Appetite is stimulated by jeer/cumin seeds and is commonly known as home herb and helps in digestion. Jeera water is also known to reduce stomach pain due to flatulence, indigestion and heaviness. Cumin seeds are commonly used in cuisine too that helps purify the blood.

Jeera is kept in hot water for whole night and let it cool. Jeera water is commonly consumed by households too on a daily basis. Ready to try out the healthier options?

Jeera Water For Weight Loss

Jeera has purifying properties and also helps the body in removing toxins. It is cheap and easily available. So, let’s see how jeera water helps you in reducing weight and burning fat. Cumin/jeera for weight loss is the commonly resorted practice for reducing weight.

Nutritional Values and Health Benefits Of Jeera:

Jeera is tiny seeds but are loaded with lots of nutritional values which boosts metabolism and helps in removing excess of fat.

Magnesium: It promotes good sleep and helps in improving flexibility. It also increases muscle strength.

Potassium: It is the main building block of cells and is responsible for physical activeness and mental wellness.

Calcium: It helps in the management of the weight and PMS It increases the strength of bone and lowers blood pressure.

Phosphorus: It promotes the digestion and protein production. It helps the body to strengthen the teeth and bones.

Vitamin C: It is necessary for prenatal health and strengthens immunity.

Vitamin A: It acts as an anti-oxidant.

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How to Make And Drink Jeera Water For Weight Loss:

Making Jeera water is a very easy task and does not need any special requirement. After noticing incredible benefits in Jeera seeds above, it is very difficult to believe that the easy Jeera water recipe will give amazing results after your plan for weight loss.

And now about the recipe. Jeera water can be made by two ways. Here are the two easiest way to do it.

  1. One way is overnight soaking.
  2. The second way is preparing by boiling the Jeera seeds in water and let it cool on its own. This does not need an overnight soak and can be done quickly.

Important Tips:

  • Try with small doses by taking half amount in the recipe. Increase the amount when you are used to this.
  • Use distilled water if possible as it is the purest water form.

Jeera Water


Overnight Drenching:

It is preferred more than it is very easy to prepare at night. It also doesn’t need heat and there is no chance of losing nutrients
In this, you have to only pour 2 tablespoons of Jeera in a glass jar of 1 liter water. Do not forget to cover the jar with a lid. Seeds will get engorged in water till next morning. Drink the water for the whole day.

Boiling Jeera Seeds:

  1. Boil 4-5 cups of water in a pan or take hot water from your kettle directly.
  2. Toss 1-2 table spoons of Jeera seeds in the water when it starts bubbling out. Remove the pan from the flame immediately.
  3. This can be black jeera or the normal one.
  4. Place a lid over the pan to cover it. Let it cool to room temperature.
  5. After cooling your Jeera water is ready, pour the water into the glass jar or any bottle and sip it in the whole day.
  6. If you can’t make fresh Jeera water daily due to lack of time then you can make it in large quantity and can store it in the refrigerator. The only thing you have to do is to double the amount of ingredients.

And so, your magic cumin drink for weight loss is ready. This black jeera weight loss drink is the healthiest way to start your day. It is better to take two or three times daily morning with empty stomach and afternoon before lunch and in the evening after dinner.

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How Useful Jeera Water For Weight Loss?

Let’s see the jeera water benefits for weight loss.

Increased Metabolism:

The rate of metabolism is boosted by drinking Jeera water and helps in losing fat.

Suppresses Appetite:

Intake of Jeera water helps in suppressing appetite and thus aids in losing weight.

Purifies Blood:

Acts as detoxifier and helps in removing extra toxins from the body and promotes healthy digestion and flush out extra toxins.

Anti-Spasmodic Effect:

Jeera water suppresses hunger pangs and helps stomach muscles to relax. Then you start taking few calories and lose weight.

Other Health Benefits of Jeera Water:

1. Digestion Booster:

Jeera is an excellent source for boosting digestion. One glass of cumin water a day will help in curing indigestion. It secretes digestive enzymes and accelerates digestion process.

2. Good for Stomach:

It prevents acidity and bloating and hence cures indigestion.

3. Re-hydration:

One glass of cumin water a day ensures a rehydrated body. By re-hydration, it prevents water retention too.

4. High Potassium:

The high potassium content in jeera is useful for maintaining electrolyte balance in the body and keeps the liquid balanced.

5. Immunity Power:

It strengthens immunity power with its goodness of iron. Iron helps in the production of red blood cells. It is rich in anti-oxidants and hence lowers risk of infection.

6. Treats Anaemia:

Cumin treats anaemia naturally. Anaemia results from low iron content and one glass of cumin water helps combat thus naturally.

7. Promotes Lactation:

During pregnancy, jeera water will promote lactation. It facilitates the secretion of milk from the mammary glands.

8. Helps Respiratory System:

Jeera water is anti-congestive and thus helps get rid of the mucous that is accumulated in the chest during cold.

9. Good for Liver:

Jeera water is an excellent way to flush off the toxins off your body. Drink one glass of warm jeera water every morning. It also facilitates the production of bile and hence proves to be extremely beneficial for the liver.

10. Weight Loss:

Jeera water can help in weight loss. Jeera is rich in fibre and it suppresses the appetite and the other cravings during the day. It also detoxifies the toxins that make losing weight a difficult process.

11. Skin Freshener:

The anti-oxidants in jeera can clear toxins from the body. Cumin water absorbs nutrients and facilitates detoxification of the skin. Vitamin E and A will deal with anti-ageing issues and will make your skin supple and clear.

12. Reduces Cramps:

We all women how difficult it is to get past the menstrual cramps. Jeera water however is a saviour here! The anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties make jeera water a good medicine for the period pain. Drink one glass of warm water to fight this effectively.

13. Treats Acne:

The anti-bacterial nature of jeera water is useful to treat acne. Thus, your face skin is clear and supple.

14. Gives Healthy Hair:

The many nutrients in jeera water are essential for hair growth and thus combats hair thinning and hair loss. It promotes healthy hair right from the roots.

15. Energy Booster:

Jeera water is also an energy booster. If you feel very lethargic, one glass of jeera water will boost your spirits.

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So, that’s how you make the magic potion. It is simple and easy to do with only the everyday kitchen ingredients. Jeera for weight loss has been used since the earlier times. Effective intake of the water will bring about a significant and positive result. Try it out!