Jeera seeds, also known as cumin seeds, are an ingredient that is almost found in every kitchen for regular use. Jeera water helps in losing weight or belly fat too; it helps to absorb cholesterol also. The tiny ingredient is quite helpful in solving a number of health issues, due to which it is quite popular in Asian countries, but here you know about some serious jeera water side effects.

Shocking Jeera Water Side Effects:

Here are some serious jeera water side effects you must know before beginning with it.

1. During Pregnancy:

Jeera water also needs to be monitored during pregnancy. High consumption of Jeera Water can increase the chances of having a miscarriage, or inducement during labour.

2. Abnormal Bleeding:

The list of jeera water side effects also includes abnormal bleeding or clotting issues in the body. Excess intake of jeera water can reduce the blood clotting process in the body, which can result in bleeding disorders.

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3. Diabetes:

Shocking, but jeera water side effects also include diabetes in the list. It reduces blood sugar levels to a great extent leading to situations like hypoglycemia. So be conscious as you use jeera in diabetes.

4. Surgeries:

The jeera water side effects also include medicines during pregnancy. As jeera water works in reducing the blood sugar levels, giving it to the patient can be harmful during major surgeries, especially during c-section delivery.

5. Heart Burn:

One of the significant side effects of jeera water includes heartburn. As it provides quick relief from gas problems, people are found eating it raw, which later results in heartburn or acidity.

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6. Heavy Menstruation:

This is among the common cumin water side effects. Having jeera or jeera water in excess quantity can lead to heavy bleeding during menses. It must be taken in a controlled way to have regular and not heavy bleeding.

7. Damage To The Liver:

Jeera water side effects would not be completed until you discuss the damage to the liver it comes with. When consumed in higher quantities, it damages the liver and the kidney too. We can update our kids regarding this issue and let them know to avoid drink of jeera water outside the premises.

8. Not Advisable For Lactating Mothers:

Jeera water side effects during pregnancy are not only limited to pregnancy but also after that. Both are not advised to lactating mothers as it may reduce the production of milk which can lead to other serious conditions too.

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9. Belching:

The side effects of drinking jeera water also include belching. Consuming too much of such water can lead to conditions where burps are followed by a bad odour too. This happens due to excess gas that is formed due to jeera water.

Jeera water has many side effects that come with a long list,  Along with all these, allergies, drug interaction, narcotic effects, etc. are also some serious issues that need to be looked after by controlling the quantity of jeera water. Jeera water needs to take to the limit, an overdose of any foods or liquids causes more issues which are related to our digestive systems. Those people whose bodies don’t support jeera water then they can consult their doctor or diet consultant sure.


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