Jenna Dewan is one of the most beautiful celebs in Hollywood ever. This American actress and singer is one of the most beautiful women out there and doesn’t really require makeup to enhance her beauty. Her beauty and personality attracted people such as Channing Tatum and they are an adorable couple with a child. This 35 year old woman has an unique facial appearance which cannot be compared to anything.

Here Are The Top 10 Pictures of Jenna Dewan Without Makeup.

1. Let’s Call It A Day!

Here we have one of the best Jenna Dewan without makeup pictures of all time. Jenna likes to dance and to keep herself in shape as well. This particular picture of Jenna shows her departing from the gym. She was looking exhausted but still there was something about her which kept people attracted to her.

2. Pregnancy Days:

Women seem to suffer from pregnancy days. But not Jenna. She seemed to have a great time, even with all the physical stress. This is a picture of pregnant Jenna Dewan Tatum outing and having quite some fun.

3. With The Baby:

It is awesome how Jenna got back in shape after going through her pregnancy. She was looking great in this picture, while she was sporting her makeup-free beauty. She looked relaxed and beautiful as always. This woman doesn’t have to try to look attractive as she already is.

4. Post Dance Lesson Routine:

Jenna was done with her dance classes for that day and now she was heading to her home or may a coffee shop. She sported her naturally alluring face *(that means no makeup). This is one of the best pictures of Jenna without her makeup on.

5. The Without Makeup Selfie:

This selfie reveals the alluring face of Jenna. She looks perfect naturally and she can sport this face and it surely will impress the mass audience. Her fans love her for being so simple and real.

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6. The Holiday Selfie:

Here, we have yet another alluring picture of Jenna, where she displays her her no makeup face pretty proudly. She is looking good here as well and this can be said to be one of the best Jenna Dewan without makeup pictures ever. Basically, her glossy lips are the only part of her face displaying the makeup.

7. Shopping Peepers:

Jenna was snapped while she was shopping. She looks awesome in that casual outfit and her casual clothing. This is one of the best pictures of Jenna Dewan without makeup.

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8. Walking On Style:

Jenna has an awesome physique. Her toned face and chiseled all over body makes her look so gorgeous and divine when she walks. Furthermore, when she combines that with her natural beauty, she looks even more awesome.

9. On Free Time:

This is the perfect picture of Jenna Dewan with her little girl. The picture was taken while the super popular mommy was outing on their off-screen holiday time with her cute little baby. Both of them were looking adorable, especially Jenna, who was wearing no makeup on her face.

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10. Mother-Daughter Time:

This duo of mother and daughter is totally eye-catching. Jenna looks so awesome here, even without sporting any kind of makeup at all. She was looking really beautiful, even when was wearing no makeup at all.

In this article, we have discussed some of the best moments of Jenna without her makeup. She looks so awesome in all the pictures. Her physique and naturally beautiful face are just perfect when it comes to looking beautiful without makeup.


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