Jennifer Lopez, the famous American actress and also a fashion designer always manages to look gorgeous and stunning. She looks almost half of her age. She is a mother of two children but still, her beauty has not withered away. Jennifer Lopez also known as JLo takes good care of her health and figure.

This is the reason why she still manages to look this young. Even without makeup, she looks the same. It is her natural beauty for which she is famous. A few secrets have been mentioned behind her beautiful skin and lovely figure.

1. Fitness:

Jennifer Lopez makes sure to exercise for nearly an hour each day. She does both cardio and freehand exercises. In order to look gorgeous in front of the camera, she tries to get rid of all the extra fat and tone her body. This is the reason why she does cardio to lose fat and then freehand exercises to get her muscles incorrect shape. She also believes that yoga helps to get a good amount of oxygen and in turn, helps the skin to glow.

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2. Jogging:

Apart from all the gym activities, JLo makes sure to jog every morning. She doesn’t skip out on her jogging. This gives her day a kick start and makes her feel energetic throughout the day. At the same time, it also helps her body to stay fit and free from carious diseases. This is a wonderful method of treating oneself naturally.

3. Eating Habits:

She doesn’t believe in strict diet charts instead she prefers following a balanced diet which includes all kinds of nutrients. However, it contains more of protein-rich food items and less of carbohydrates. Consumption of green vegetables, eggs, fish, and chicken are a must. At the same time intake of the correct amount of water is essential. All this makes her skin glow and keeps her figure incorrect shape.

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4. Skin Treatment:

JLo doesn’t rely much of cosmetics and prefers using the products prescribed by the skin doctor. She uses natural products to keep her skin free from any kind of pimples or acne. Cleaning and moisturizing is her main principle for keeping her skin flawless. She does not use much of face packs or facials to keep her skin healthy. She also makes sure to keep her skin free from getting tanned by the harmful sun rays. Regular usage of natural products and the prescribed skin products makes her skin look glamorous.

5. Makeup:

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Jennifer Lopez wears a minimum amount of makeup and believes in natural beauty. This is the reason why she engages herself in much of physical activities to help her skin reflect the inner beauty. She prefers not to use strong makeup products and relies on natural substances. Unlike all the makeup artists she uses light foundation for her skin. She tries to make her skin shine and emphasis much on eyes. She likes experimenting with her hair but also takes good care of it. A regular hair spa with correct massages helps her hair thicker and shiny. Intake of vitamin supplements also helps her hair to grow strong.

6. Dancing:

Jennifer believes that dancing is one of the healthiest ways to keep oneself fit and in shape. She does Latino dance in order to keep herself flexible and to make her muscles strong. This acts as a stress buster for her. She also likes to swim to keep herself healthy. This regular act helps her lose fat and also makes her skin glow. The skin also gets tightened and makes her body toned. Dancing gives her body the correct curves and makes her look sexy!

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