Are you flattered by the fantastic pop numbers that Jennifer Lopez has delivered over the years? Then flatter yourself a bit more by exploring these nine brilliant and beautiful hair updos that she has donned over the years.

9 Trending Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles:

1. Straight With Bangs:

Jennifer Lopez flaunts her long straight her by styling it while treating it with a hair cream after blow-drying it. She has medium-thin hair. Also, the hair in the front has some front-on bangs which are eye-framing.

2. Pinned Up:

The brushed back hair (the hair is brushed back using angular strokes using a soft brush) is pinned up at the side of the head using a hair clip. The remaining hair is allowed to flow down from the top of the head until about four to five inches below the shoulder line. She has played with her straight hair a bit by utilising a curling barrel to induce slight curls (or waves) at the end. The curls at the end help in creating an illusion of voluminous hair.

3. Voluminous Waves:

JLo has utilised a major amount of volumising lotion to achieve such volume on her thin hair. The hair is parted almost at the center and is brushed sideways. The hair gradually transitions into wavy hair from straight hair which is accomplished by using a medium heat curler. The volumes below her jawline help define it and complement its structure.

4. Short Bob:

The added tousled look enhances the impact of this rather simple bob hairstyle, doesn’t it? This hairstyle does not strictly follow the norms of a traditional short bob cut, but hey, bob cuts are widely known and recognised for their customisable attribute. This bob cut is modified to suit JLo’s style and personality.

5. High Bun:

This high bun is one of the most exotic of Jennifer’s hairstyles. All of her hair is tightly brushed back with a neat and polished look to it. The bun type is rather simple, but the bun size depicts that this hairstyle is for long hair as you will need long hair to compose a bun of that volume. This bun hairdo also complements her oval facial structure.

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6. Funky:

What goes best with Jennifer Lopez’s awesome pop music? The answer is simple – Funkiness. With this hairstyle, she creates a perfect recipe for an ultimate style icon. Her hair is partly brushed back while the hair which occupies the mid-section is brushed upwards and partly sideways in the form of frozen wavy spikes. The spikes are maintained and set glued to the place with the help of a medium to strong hold hair gel.

7. Tight Medium Curls:

One of the early hairstyles of Jennifer Lopez, this hairstyle features shoulder-length hair which is extremely curled. The curls almost give off a vibe that her hair is naturally curly! The curls are present in the form of tight ringlets which are voluminous and add volume to the jawline and help in highlighting her oval face.

8. Ponytail:

Though JLo has donned on many ponytails throughout her career, this one is a tad different. The difference lies in the fact that the ponytail is characterised by the presence of a braid which is present not around the ponytail (like many ponytail hairstyles with braids) but forms the ponytail itself! The braid which is made gives way to a ponytail after continuing for four to five inches.

9. Bohemian:

This Bohemian hairstyle includes her hair tied up, in the form of an updo with braids which are present all around it. The hair is pulled back giving it a polished look, while the pulled back hair is tied up into multiple braids which then surround the major bun.

With these Jennifer Lopez hair trends, we hope you liked our favourite picks and ideas of contemporary looks and styles.


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