The princess of every guy’s dream, Jessica Alba is one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. Jessica is not just a role player; she is a well-established businesswoman and a model. She is probably one of the most easily recognisable celebrities in America. Jessica has done a number of successful movies and has been awarded the Teen Choice Award, Saturn Award, etc. and many more. Her achievements are endless, and her career is flourishing with age, such as her beauty. This woman is 35 years old and still looks like she can play the role of an 18-year-old girl. Some of the best without makeup pictures of this actress are discussed in this article.

1. The Real Face:

Jessica Marie Alba is undoubtedly one of the best-looking celebrities in the entertainment business. She looks beautiful at this age, and it seems as if her beauty stuck with her and didn’t face away. This picture justifies the statement and proves how good-looking this woman is.

2. The Minimal Makeup Look:

If you are willing to see some Jessica Alba no makeup pictures, then don’t faint when the beauty shows off her face without makeup in a good way. She looks even more alluring nowadays and can still impress her vast number of fans with her alluring eyes and adorable face.

3. The Recent Snaps:

This is one of the most current pictures of this Hollywood beauty. This picture was clicked while this beautiful woman was stepping out of her home. The picture speaks in her favour and can be claimed to be one of the best in the Jessica Alba no makeup pictures category.

4. The Disturbed Look:

Now she is temporarily from the movie business; she tries to avoid the paparazzi as much as possible. But the media is attracted by her beauty, and that is why there is no place for her to hide, unfortunately. She looks awesome in this picture, and it can be claimed as one of the best-looking pictures of this beautiful woman. She can rock her natural look with a simple set of clothes. Her disturbed face also looks quite suitable for calling her beautiful without makeup.

5. The Adorable Face:

Most people were impressed with Jessica’s natural face when she first appeared on the screen. Her beauty cannot be compared with anything out there, and this particular picture is probably one of the finest looking pictures of all time. She looks really cute in that outfit and particularly in that hairstyle.

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6. The Exhausted Look:

This is how Jessica generally looks after having a busy day. It can’t be said that she looks not alluring. Rather, she looks almost the same without that heavy pile of makeup on her face, which she usually puts on before heading to an event of shooting a scene. If you are looking for some decent Jessica Alba no makeup pictures, then this can be said to be a pretty good one.

7. For The Fans:

Jessica is one of those personalities who are not obsessed with makeup. If you are looking for some awesome no makeup pictures of this actress, this is one of the best ones you will come through under this category. It shows the original allure that lies in her face. The moment this picture was taken, Jessica turned up the heat in the streets with her beautiful outfit and her makeup-free hot look.

8. The Minimalist:

This picture shows Jennifer with a minimum amount of makeup on her face. She looks pretty attractive for a woman who doesn’t like to sport too much makeup on her face. This particular hairstyle makes her look more beautiful than ever in this picture.

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9. Catching Up The Ride:

Jessica was snapped while she was entering her car. Without any sign of beauty product on her face, she looked very attractive. Her well-maintained blonde hairstyle suits her perfectly and makes her look quite alluring. There are very few women who can look awesome with such a simple and no-makeup look.

10. Still Beauty:

This is a really good picture of Jessica, taken while she was seating quietly working on her cell phone. This woman can wear almost anything she prefers and looks fantastic in that. This picture proves this point and shows how alluring and sweet this Hollywood beauty can look without sporting heavy makeup.

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11. Fashionable Woman:

Jessica likes to stay in style. She applied her common sense and tried to hide her face with the hat, but we can pretty easily figure out that the same Hollywood talent looks so beautiful without makeup. From the unique and beautiful face texture of Alba, one can figure out that she is being portrayed in this picture.

12. Red Hair:

Besides the eye makeup, Jessica looks makeup-proof in this image. She didn’t even put any fairness cream on her, which is why her tan is visible. She rocks the minimal makeup look and looks better than anyone can even try to.

13. At The Premier:

This picture dates back to when Jessica was snapped with her minimal makeup appeal in the Fantastic Four premiere. She was wearing a really beautiful dress, and her natural glow stole all the attention.

14. With The Baby:

Jessica without makeup pictures are raining in this article, and like others, this one also showcases the natural beauty of this woman. She looks so awesome in this picture, where she confidently displays her natural allure and her million-dollar smile.

15. Part Family Picture:

This could have been a good family revealing picture unless it was missing in this picture. One thing seemed to be in place, and that was her alluring natural glow, which she was born with.

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this article brings you the top 15 without makeup pictures of Jessica Alba, which showcase her natural face. These pictures are some of the best ones that you can find under the category Jessica Alba no makeup pictures. These will persuade you to believe in her natural allure.

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