Jharkhand is a state if the East India. The name Jharkhand means ‘The Land of Forests’ and the state is rich in mineral resources. Tourism in Jharkhand contributes to the share of economy of the state. With numerous foreigners coming in the state, the tourism sector has developed rapidly. The forests, museums, wildlife sanctuaries, religious sites, etc. are the places which attracts tourists.

1. Ranchi Hills:

Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand and hold 50% of the entire mineral resource, in the state. There is a hill in the center of Ranchi, which is of 2,140 ft tall and looks beautifully green. Tourists like to have some quiet time here, coming away from the busy streets. There is a temple of Lord Shiva which is most crowded with devotees during Shravan.

2. Baidyanath Dham:

The Baidyanath Dham is a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva and stands 72 ft from the ground and has a pyramid shaped tower. There is a verandah which has been constructed in the temple, facing the north and the ‘lingam’ of Lord Shiva is bathed with milk and water.

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3. Sun Temple:

The Sun Temple is a mesmerizing beauty which keeps the tourists awestruck with its design and also the surrounding areas which are amidst a scenic picturesque. It was built will by the charitable trust named Sanskrit Vihar in a place near Bundu stand, which is on the Tata-Ranchi highway.

4. Dassam Falls:

The Kanchi River falls 144 ft down and the waterfall is called Dassam falls. It is one of the most visited waterfalls in the north east, which not only attracts the Indian tourists but also the foreigners. Dassam Falls is situated near Taimara Village on Tata-Ranchi highway. The sound of the waters can be heard all around the place. The falls is apt for an excursion of an adventurous picnic.

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5. Palamu Forts:

There are two forts situated in the forests of Aurangabad on Sher Shah Suri path near Daltonganj. They had been built by the Vanvasi Kings of the Chero dynasty and were named Palamu Forts. The architecture tells us the tourists about the conquests of Daud Khan.

6. Jharkhand’s War Memorial:

Jharkhand’s War Memorial has been built in honor of all those soldiers who had sacrificed their lives in wars, right from getting the country Independent and till the present times. The structure of the cemetery is shaped like a body of a human. It has a museum which records the past of the state, the traditions, modern weapons, heritage etc.

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7. Jamshedpur:

Singhbum is a small district which borders the city of Ranchi. The most renowned town here is Jamshedpur named after the industrialist Jamshedji Tata, the founder of TATA Group of industries. Jamshedpur attracts students, researchers in need of training, etc. The government has been developing the city to make it beautify for the eyes of the tourists. Bhatia Park, Dimna Lake, Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhuwaneshwari Temple are some places which are a must visit in Jamshedpur.

8. Dhanbad:

Dhanbad is called the ‘Coal Capital of India’ and that is one of the major tourist’s attractions too. Rhe Damodar River plays a vital role through the coal fields, the Barak river too flows across the city. Shakti Madir, is a religious site devoted to Goddess Durga. The ‘Akhand Jyoti’ from Vaishno Devi is kept here.

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9. Bokaro:

Bokaro was a district formed in the year 1991, with an altitude of 210 meters above sea level. The city is full of valleys and streams and is one of the highly industrialized area in India. Bokaro Steel Plant, Jawaharlal Nehru Biological Park, Jaganath Temple, Ram Mandir, River Damodar, etc. are some common tourist’s spots in Bokaro.


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