The BTS’ Youtube logs and VLIVEs are pretty popular among fans who are called ARMYs. Some of these videos involve the members of this popular boy band being serious about getting into album-production mode, while other times are just hanging out and doing art and craft projects or even playing Just Dance. But every once in a while, BTS fans notice awesome tattoos of the singers. This article gives you a list of Jimin tattoos that fans observed in many of these Youtube lives.

Best Jimin Tattoo Designs With Meaning:

Ever since the BTS’ Jimin got his NEVERMIND tattoo, fans have been excited and attentive ready to make a big deal if they see any new tattoos:

1. Bts Jimin Nevermind Tattoo:

What started as fake, the Nevermind tattoo was converted into a real tattoo on his torso. One of the greatest mysteries in the BTS fandom was Jimin’s Nevermind tattoo which was debuted by the singer at the BTS MAMAs stage with Block B in December 2014. Since the tattoo disappeared from Jimin’s torso after the performance, fans know it was fake.

However, in 2018, fans noticed the tattoo again during BTS’s MGA performance, which was accepted as accurate because of its longevity after a long discussion. Later, fans spotted the same tattoo throughout BTS’ 2019 Love Yourself tour when the singer lifted his shirt during his Serendipity performance.

2. Jimin Youth Tattoo:

This Jimin tattoo behind the ear is the newest addition to the singer’s body art. The ‘Youth’ tattoo was revealed at the last PTD On stage In the Seoul concert. The word youth symbolises a person’s most memorable time in their life. The words engraved are done with an artistic style font similar to calligraphy. Initially, there were theories that the tattoo was Jungkook’s signature or even the phrase Love. However, neither of them turned out to be correct.

3. Jimin Crescent Moon Tattoo Meaning:

The crescent moon on the back of the neck is one of Jimin’s new tattoos. This tattoo was revealed on the first day of the BTS 3-day concert, PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL. A crescent moon represents the growth, creativity and manifestation of Jimin’s journey as an individual and artist in his career. However, it is just speculation by BTS fans.

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4. Jimin BTS 13 Tattoo:

Jimin’s ’13’ tattoo was revealed during BTS’ Annual VLIVE comeback extraordinary by fans. On February 21, 2020, just hours ahead of dropping their album Map of the Soul. Jimin lifted his arms and revealed the 13 on his wrist at one point during the Livestream. Jimin’s 13 on the wrist meaning were decoded to be the BTS’s inception on June 13 and his birthday on October 13. The singer also revealed that his fellow BTS members often tease him about his 13 tattoos.

5. Jimin Young Forever Tattoo:

Jimin’s “young forever” tattoo was suspicious by fans during the BTS M Countdown performance on Fen. 27, 2020, when fans saw two bandages on the singer’s elbows. But during the BTS’ May 11 Livestream, these suspicions were confirmed when they saw the young forever Jimin’s tattoo on his elbow. Fans caught a glimpse of these tattoos on the left elbow in a bling-and-you’ll-miss-it moment. The ARMY hopes that they will get a glimpse of this tattoo in the future. This tattoo references the band’s song of the same name.

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Jimin is the vocalist and dancer of the Korean singing group BTS and fans are very excited to learn all about their favourite singer’s tattoos. This article gives you a glimpse into all the Jimin tattoos and their meaning in detail. We hope you found the information interesting and that it helped you get to know your favourite star more! Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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