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9 Latest and Different Designs of Jordan T-Shirts

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Air Jordan is the name referred to the most famous US basketball player Michael Jeffrey Jordan. He is famous for his airlift shots which made the clothing designing industry to design creative football characters as well as using the famous player picture as a front body design. For those crazy and die hard basketball players and fans of the player Jordan this article would help out in choosing the best Jordan t-shirt design.

Stylish and Modern Jordan T-Shirt Designs for Men and Women in Trend:

Let we have to look at the top 9 Jordan t shirts for boy and girl.

1. Retro Jordan Unisex T-Shirt:

Retro Jordan shirt is an innovative designer t shirts which are achieved by using funny cartoon characters and image of Jordan as the center design on the front body of the t-shirt. The color of the t-shirt enhances the quality of the t-shirt. This one prefer by young teens, this t-shirt gives good positive look too.

2. Black Plain Jordan Air T-Shirt for Men:

This plain black t-shirt with air Jordan image which is portrayed in an artistic manner. This line diagram shows a cartoon image which lifts its hand like a basketball player striking a shot. Try this pattern on your blue or black jeans.

3. Jordan 3D Print T-Shirt:

3d designed t shirts are now a quite popular design which both girls and boys like to definitely have one. In this 3D Designer t-shirt, player Jordan rough image is showcased in the bright 3D image. Little different but it gives catchy look for your t-shirt.

4. Jordan Face Printed T-Shirt:

Jordan as we already know him through his amazing basketball playing skills which have initiated designers to portrait his complete facial image in a t-shirt which definitely pleases the basketball followers. You will get to personalize other Jordan face designs on this printed t-shirt too.

5. Baseball Jordan Men’s T-Shirt:

Combing Jordan t shirt image with baseball t shirt design is indeed an awesome combination which gives a cool look. The front and back part of the t-shirt is designed with player Jordan name and his team number.

6. Jordan Stretched T-Shirt:

This type of t-shirt design will definitely make everyone realize that just by using the name as the main theme, designing a t shirt is simple and yet trendy. Player Jordan name is written form one side of the sleeve stretching till the other end.

7. Jordan Jumpman T-Shirt:

Jordan Jumpman t-shirt is the exact name used in the shops to market this branded top which is designed on a plain cloth material. A hand holding a ball which brings the feel like how the players raise their hand to put the basketball into the basket.

8. Chicago Bulls Jordan T-Shirt:

Chicago Bulls was the team for which player Jordan had played and gained his importance in his team. The number is written on the back side of the t-shirt and his name is printed on the front. This design can be made vice-versa too.

9. Printed Long Sleeve Jordan T-Shirt:

This printed long sleeve t-shirt design is similar to the baseball t-shirt design, wherein the sleeves are long which falls till the wrist level and has print on it. The body is plain with a miniature version of player Jordan in a Jumpman motion.

This sporty and smart outlook t-shirt is a definitely a must have cloth type by all men mostly and also women. Each design is unique, which will make people have them all. Selecting anyone from the above list is indeed the best choice.