This article is going to influence you to get your way towards the herbal products! Obviously it is every one’s demand to look good or better than they are without harming their skin at all! No one is in a mood to look or enhance their beauty n the cost of harming their natural skin at all!

If we talk about the cosmetic products then there are a very few companies on which you may trust for a pure herbal product. But usually it does not matter in the case of cosmetics that which kind of product we are using as it is not daily that we use all those blusher’s to our cheeks!The point to focus is that the daily products that we have to use should be of the good and outmost well maintained quality! As they are the ones which can actually “harm” if not paid attention towards them!

One such company which produces such good and well maintained quality products is “jovees”. Yes you can easily and faithfully trust to its easily available and greatly affordable products out of its vast range.

1. Strawberry Face Wash:

This is recommended for Normal to Dry and Dry Skin


• This is a everyday use face wash
• This amazing face wash contains olivem with some Jojoba Extract and it pairs with very fine granules of it.
• This face wash from jovees help to unblock the rigid pores of your face with the help of scrub effect,
• You skin will surely feel softer and smoother after application and wash.
• It helps to remove the dead skin cells
• This face wash also reduce the melanin production

2. Tea Tree Face Wash:

This is recommended to OILY AND SENSITIVE SKIN


• This gel based cleanser contains the entire natural and the most precious herbs
• This wash is specially and most exclusively made for oily and sensitive skin.
• It helps to deeply cleanse the skin,
• It hekps to pull out the oil content and helps to control acne and pimples.

3. Grape Face Wash:

This face wash is recommended for ALL SKIN TYPES


• If you are in search of a well-formulated face wash that will not harm your sensitive skin then pick this one
• This comes with extraordinary emollient and great anti-oxidant properties,
• This cleanser has been produced scientifically with great depth
• It also contains herbs and a good content of Vitamin E
• This also mitigate fine lines of your face and thereby gives skin a fairer and even toned look.

4. Neem Face Wash:

This face wash is recommended for ALL SKIN TYPES


• Neem is the doctor that does not need any certification!
• If you have neem content in any body product just grab it
• As neem is having the Medicinal properties so it is great for all those people who has skin problems..
• His is a good face wash to mitigate pimples.
• It not only mitigates but also help to prevent new ones.

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5. Citrus Cleansing Milk:

It is recommended for NORMAL TO DRY AND DRY SKIN


• This is again a good and a really very gentle face cleanser
• This also cleanses skin in depth
• It is good to achieve a clear matte
• It keeps the complexion pure and toned all day long.

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6. Lavender And Lemongrass Cleansing Lotion:

Only for OILY SKIN


• Now this is an ancient Ayurvedic formulation
• This has been developed “only” for oily skin
• This cleanser balance oil production,
• Also it remove excess oil
• No it does not leave the skin dry.

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