A nice way to look fresh for a party or an outing is to have a facial. This facial can be done in a parlour or even at home. The thought of doing it in the comfort of your home is always enticing to us. The face packs which are made for home use are prepared with the utmost quality checks and from pure ingredients. Joy manufactures wonderful face packs for all skin types that make your skin smooth and supple.

The easiness of using these joy face packs are great and can be carried around in a purse for use anywhere. It gives an instant glow and can wake up tired skin. The pollution around us is so much that the skin craves for something to freshen it up.

Best Joy Face Pack Products For Fairness:

Let’s find the different face pack products for fairness in the Joy brands.

1. Joy Kesar Chandan Fairness Face Pack:

Joy Kesar Chandan Fairness Face Pack Save

This great Joy chandan face pack product is loaded with the goodness of all natural ingredients that bring out the best of your skin. Joy kesar chandan face pack penetrates the skin deeply and that helps make the skin fairer. You can easily observe the repair to the damage created by pollution such as pigmentation, discoloration and dark spots.

Ingredients: Saffron Sandalwood

Use: Great useful after washing your skin in the night time.
Price: Rs.60 for a pack of 60 gm

2. Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Face Pack:

Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Face Pack Save

This wonderful product from Joy gives you radiance like no other. This Joy fruit face pack works like a peel on the skin and removes the damaged skin layer to re -builds up. This joy face pack clears the tanning and it suits all skin types. The joy fairness face pack helps to brightening up the skin and looks few shades lighter. Lemon is known to reduce tanning and lighten the skin. So the lemon extract used in the product is just perfect. If you are someone who moves out a lot in the sun, then this joy face pack used on a regular basis that will provide great results.

Ingredients: Lemon extracts Aloe Vera Kaolin Fuller’s earth

Use: Best for regular use

Price: Rs.20 for 20 gm.

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3. Joy Skin Fruits Anti Blemish Fruit Pack:

Joy Skin Fruits Anti Blemish Fruit Pack Save

This Joy skin fruit face pack product is wonderful if you want to remove all the blemishes from your skin. This great product is used for skin purifying because it has fruit AHAs. These help to reduce dark spots and pigmentation including blemishes. It gives you an instant glow. Use of this product on a daily basis will give you a glowing skin that is free from blemishes and spots. Make this a facial regime item that will make you shine.

Ingredients: Papaya

Use: This is best for men and women those who have an oily skin too

Price: Rs.195 for a pack of 3

4. Joy Skin Softening Fruits Glow Fruit Pack:

Joy Skin Fruits Softening Glow Fruit Pack Save

This fruit pack is made with apple boosters that help to make the skin feel refreshed. It removes oiliness and hydrates the skin. This makes it feel soft and smooth and lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Ingredients: Apple

Use: Daily use for glowing skin
Price: Rs.138

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5. Joy Pure Neem Purifying Face Pack:

Joy Pure Neem Purifying Face Pack Save

This neem face pack is the best product since it is fortified with the goodness of pure neem leafts which helps to fight pigmentation and pimple marks. This shows the even skin tone that is beautiful. It removes excess oil and soothes any skin irritation. You can use this face pack all over your face and neck area. This will give you a great relaxed feeling and make you glow.

Ingredients: Neem extracts Active salicylates

Use: Helps to treat pimples and acne, use twice on a daily basis

Price: Rs.270 for 100ml

Each of the products that Joy manufactures are worth buying. You can choose them according to the skin type you have. The joy products are very natural and can look after your skin perfectly.

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