Have you ever heard about Jujube fruit? The name sounds like a word used by a magician. Traditionally used in China, the Jujube fruit has high amounts of saponin that helps your body relax, induce sleep and reduce anxiety. It is also called Indian Jujube, Chinese date, and red date worldwide, and this little fruit looks a lot like a date. Jujube benefits come from nutrients like flavonoids and polysaccharides, which help you deal with gastrointestinal issues.

Let us go through this article to know all the science-backed Jujube health benefits, possible side effects and nutritional content. Read on!

What is Jujube Fruit?:

Jujube fruit is a small fruit member of the buckthorn family plants with yellowish-green flowers and shiny green leaves. When mature jujube fruit looks purplish-brown and wrinkled, similar to a date. In contrast, when unripe, the fruit is oval and green in colour. Jujube tastes like dates when mature, though it has a consistency and taste of an apple when ripe. The name of Jujube fruit in other languages are:

  • Tamil and Malayalam – Elanthapazham.
  • Telugu – Regu Pandu.
  • Hindi – Ber.
  • Marathi and Gujrati – Bor.
  • Oriya – Barakoli.

Jujube Nutrition Facts:

Jujube fruit is an excellent and healthy snack because of its low calorie and high fibre content. Here is the nutritional content of a 100-gram serving of raw Jujube.

  • 79 calories.
  • One gram protein.
  • O grams fat.
  • 20 grams carbs.
  • 10 grams fibre.
  • 77% DV of Vitamin C.
  • 5% DV of Potassium.

Top 16 Health Benefits of Jujube Fruit:

Jujube fruit in every form has several benefits because of the nutritional content of the fruit. Let us go through the following section to know more about the help of this fruit in detail:

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1. Rich in Antioxidants:

The jujube fruit benefits come from several antioxidant compounds, triterpenic acids, primary flavonoids, and polysaccharides. In addition, the high levels of Vitamin C also act as an antioxidant which helps protect your body from free radical damage (1)(2). The damage caused by free radicals has been the primary reason for chronic conditions like heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

Conversely, antioxidants offer several health benefits because of their ability to fight free radicals. For example, the antioxidant activity of Jujube flavonoids has helped reduce the free radical damage in the liver by reducing stress and inflammation, according to an animal study (3).

2. Contain High Levels of Vitamin C:

The high amounts of antioxidants and vitamins make Jujube fruit a powerhouse of nutrients. This fruit has high amounts of Vitamin C that help keep diseases at bay by strengthening the immune system vitalize your skin by fighting free radicals. You can get 69 milligrams of Vitamin C in 100 grams of Jujube. It is essential to take this nutrient from natural sources because our body cannot produce Vitamin C.

3. Strengthen the Immune System:

Jujube fruit has potent antioxidants, A and C vitamins. These nutrients play an essential role in strengthening the immune system and reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease, and rapid ageing by fighting free radical damage and regulating inflammatory cytokines production (4).

In addition, as per rodent studies, Jujube extracts were found to suppress the release of Histamine. A compound released by the cells as a response to inflammatory reactions is called Histamine. Furthermore, this fruit’s anti-allergic and anti-anaphylactic properties play an essential role in protecting your immune system (5).

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4. Reducing Stress and Anxiety:

Jujube has a calming effect on the body and mind by traditionally treating symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, and stress. In addition, when taken in lower doses, Jujube has a sedative effect when taken in higher amounts by reducing anxiety, as per a study on mice (6). However, there is no conclusive evidence for the same on humans. But there is no particular harm in eating Jujube while you are stressed.

5. Promoting Memory and Learning:

The degenerating brain cells with age increase the risk of several neurological disorders. Jujube extracts have shown to be a treatment option for neurological diseases since this fruit can keep your mind calm (7). Jujube might also protect neurons by improving the functioning of astrocytes (8). Furthermore, Jujube extracts have developed and boosted the nerve cell growth in the mice’s dentate gyrus area, thereby increasing memory, as per mice studies (9).

6. Helps Control Blood Pressure:

Jujube fruit can control blood pressure because it has high potassium and low salt content. Potassium helps keep the blood vessels relaxed and reduces high blood pressure by helping with the brain’s blood flow by increasing nitric oxide levels (10). Therefore Jujube fruit acts as an excellent therapy in controlling blood pressure.

7. Helps Cure Liver Diseases:

Jujube or Ziziphus mauritiana benefits from the high amounts of triterpenic acids, primary flavonoids, polysaccharides and several antioxidant compounds. These antioxidant compounds offer several health benefits by reversing the damage caused by excess free radicals (11). In addition, according to an animal study, Jujube helps reduce the stress and inflammation caused by the free radical damage in the liver with the help of antioxidant activity (12).

8. Used in Treating Blood Deficiency:

Jujube has a potent effect in tonifying the blood, preventing blood deficiency in humans by acting as a functional food. Blood deficiency has similarities with anaemia of individuals in western medicine, as per a theory of TCM (13).

9. Anti Cancer Properties:

The anti-cancer properties of Chinese red dates benefit by boosting antioxidant activity as they are filled with phenolics. The antioxidant enzymes found in Jujube helps get rid of free radicles and reduce cancer risk by working more swiftly. In addition, Jujube extract inhibits the spread of cancerous tumour cell lines, especially leukaemia, as per a study conducted in Iran (14). Another study at Calabria University showed that malignant breast cancer cells slow down, spread, or even kill them (15).

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10. Benefits for Heart:

The high amounts of potassium and low sodium are reasons Jujube benefits heart health. Potassium helps regulate blood pressure by relaxing your blood vessels (16). In addition, this fruit prevents fat from clogging and being deposited in your arteries by acting as an antiatherogenic agent (17). Jujube could reduce the risk of heart disease in adolescents by lowering the lipids in obese adolescents’ blood (18).

11. Helps Digestion:

Consumption of Jujube extracts have improved the quality of life and relieved the symptoms of chronic constipation, as per the study conducted by Meir Medical Center in Israel (19). Regi Pandu extract benefits include regulation of digestion because this fruit has a good amount of fibre. Therefore, this nutrient ensures regular and smooth bowel movements. In addition, the antibacterial properties of this fruit help treat digestive ailments like peptic ulcers and acidity by fighting against H. pylori, a type of bacteria (20).

12. Improves Your Sleep:

Traditional Chinese medicine uses Jujube to treat insomnia and improve patients’ sleep. These fruits have a sedative and hypnotic effect since it contains compounds called saponins which help induce sleep, as per rat studies (21). Therefore, having a cup of warm jujube tea benefits a restful sleep and help treat insomnia.

13. Promote Wound Healing:

Jujube fruit has immune triggering phytochemicals that help combat pathogens and germs. It is also beneficial in treating infections in children because of its potent antimicrobial properties and flavonoid compounds. In addition, jujube fruit inhibits the growth of staphylococcus aureus and E.coli, which are responsible for several bacterial infections because they have betulinic acid. Therefore consuming Jujube fruits or their extracts has been effective in wound healing.

14. Treats Dry Skin and Eases Sunburn:

Jujube extracts and juice can be beneficial for skin in treating several skin conditions and inflammations when used topically. You can get the same beneficial effects by consuming jujube fruits. In addition, you can keep your skin energized with oxygenated blood, thereby preventing the appearance of dry skin and easing the impact of Sunburn (22). Several skincare products that contain dryness, redness, swelling, and sunburn relief have Jujube extracts in the ingredient list.

15. Reduce Wrinkles And Delays the Process of Skin Ageing:

Indian jujube benefits include treating acne, blemishes and scars with the help of these antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. However, there is a lack of direct research. In addition, Jujube fruit helps prevent wrinkles, melanin deposition and pigmentation because of the high amounts of vitamin C, acting as an anti-ageing agent (23). Antioxidants also help prevent cell damage by fighting with free radicals.

16. Promotes Hair Growth:

Hair growth is one of the Jujube benefits. Compared to the control group, the application of Jujube essential oil on shaved mice for 21 days resulted in longer and thicker hair growth with the oil’s hair growth-promoting activity(24). Although to understand the effect on humans, there is a need for more research.

Jujube Fruit Side Effects:

Jujube offers several benefits to our body, but there are some side effects caused by consuming Jujube in large amounts, as per anecdotal evidence. Consult a doctor if you experience any of the following side effects:

  • Drowsiness.
  • Reduced appetite.
  • Diarrhoea.
  • Constipation.
  • Malaise in rare cases.
  • Bloating.
  • It might affect the blood sugar levels with its carbohydrate content for diabetic people.

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How to Eat Jujubes:

Many people use from culinary to medicinal and cultural uses worldwide. Some of the fundamental ways you can eat Jujube:

  • People worldwide eat dried and fresh Jujube as a snack.
  • People in Korea and China consume Jujube flavoured tea syrup and teabags.
  • Jujube is also used to prepare pickles in some parts of India.
  • The people of Croatia prepare juices and marmalades with Jujube.
  • The anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Jujube makes it a prominent ingredient in Chinese medicine.

Jujube Fruit Benefits in Pregnancy:

Jujube fruit promotes fetal development by aiding in the production of blood cells with the help of folic acid. It also improves cognitive function and fetal brain development with the presence of Zinc. Although Jujube fruit is beneficial to consume during pregnancy, make sure you don’t overeat and consume only fresh ones. Some of the beneficial effects for pregnant women with the consumption of Jujube fruit are:

  • Gives your hair a smooth texture.
  • Boosts hair growth.
  • Combats eczema or dry skin.
  • Fights infections and viruses.
  • Protects cells of the brain from damage.

The low calories and high-fibre content make Jujube fruit a healthy snacking option. It also offers other benefits since the fruit contains vitamin C and potassium. There is very little scientific evidence to prove the side effects caused by the consumption of Jujube fruits. Consult a doctor if you experience any allergic reactions. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!


1. Is Jujube safe for pregnant women?

Ans: Jujube is a rich source of folate and antioxidants suitable for pregnant women. However, overeating this fruit can cause constipation; therefore, it is best to limit its consumption.

2. Is Jujube safe for diabetic people?

Ans: Although there are no conclusive results about the effect of Jujube on diabetes, it can be beneficial because the fruit is rich in nutrition and fibre. However, it is not encouraged to consume Jujube unsupervised because of its high sugar content.

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3. How can we eat Jujube fruit?

Ans: You can either slice the fruit into pieces or eat it whole; it is similar to eating an apple. Just make sure to remove the seed.


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