The birthstone for July is Ruby. This bright and gorgeous red stone is among the most precious and costliest of gemstones. The gemstone is known to safeguard the wearer from any ill health and misfortune. The jewellery created with ruby is brilliant and sophisticated.

Beautiful and Attractive Birthstone for July is Ruby & Its Jewelry Designs:

Here are the best birthstones for July and their jewellery models.

1. July Birthstone:

The birthstone for July being ruby; you get this bright red gemstone that is brilliant in colour. The stone is said to provide strength and protects from evil. The gemstone also signifies love and passion. It brings good luck to its wearers and is thus very popular.

2. Heart-Shaped July Birthstone Necklace:

Get this brilliant red ruby pendant set in a sterling silver heart shape. The pendant is also studded with tiny Swarovski crystals. The ruby gemstone is round in shape and is set beautifully in the pendant. This makes for a perfect gift to present to anyone born in July.

3. Ruby Stackable Birthstone Ring:

Check out this dazzling July birthstones ring that has tiny ruby stones set wonderfully around it. The ruby stones are cut perfectly in a round shape and make the ring look full. This is perfect for a special occasion or even as a birthday or anniversary gift.

4. Pearl and Ruby July Birthstone Jewelry:

Present your loved one with this stunning and eye-catching pearl and ruby necklace set. The July birthstone jewellery item is perfect as it has a simple pattern consisting of a pearl bead and a ruby round stone set above it. The pattern is very delicate and perfect for daily use too.

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5. July Birthstone Earrings:

This is another wonderful heart-shaped July birthstone jewellery item. These heart-shaped ruby stones are set in silver and are made into stud earrings. The gemstones are large in size and therefore make a face look fuller. The stud earrings are perfect to go on occasion wear and look very regal.

6. July Birthstones Tennis Bracelet:

Here is a wonderful ruby tennis bracelet set in gold. The colour choice of red and gold is classic and makes a wonderful rich bracelet. The ruby stones used here are oval in shape and are set beautifully around the bracelet. This makes the hands look elegant and charming.

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7. July Birthstone Watch:

Get this one of a kind watch that has a ruby stone set in the watch. This designer piece is very rare and makes a luxurious and extravagant watch. This will surely make heads turn. Get this priceless watch, and you will be showing it off to your friends and family.

8. Oval July Birthstone Ring:

This is a regal and royal looking large ruby ring that is set around diamonds and gold. The large ruby gemstone used here is cut to precision, and this brings out the stone’s brilliance really well. The colours of the stone immerge out and create a hue of red. The diamonds around it add to its glamour and shine.

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9. Chandelier July Birthstones Earring:

Get this all out classic chandelier earring in teardrop ruby stones for a perfect night out. The ruby stones used here are in two shapes, oval and teardrop. The chandelier style makes this a fitting jewellery item for parties and ceremonies. This needs to be paired with heavy outfits and is great for weddings and other special days.

Birthstone for July is ruby among the brilliant and most sought after gemstones. The red colour of the stone is known to be loved by all as it symbolizes nobility. The jewellery items made with ruby are many, and items like rings and earrings are most cherished. The stone is paired beautifully with gold and even silver metal.


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