The South Korean boy band BTS is pretty popular among youth worldwide. Jeon Jung-kook, mononymously called Jungkook, is the youngest songwriter and singer. Besides his high-pitched voice, the singer is famous for his fashion statements and tattoos. Along with taking out one record-breaking single at a time, other aspects of his life, such as tattoos, also came to the attention of fans. Out of all the members of BTS, Jungkook and Jimin are the only people who have tattoos.

Jungkook faces constant paparazzi and fan attention being part of the supergroup. So let us go through this article to get a glimpse into Jungkook tattoos and their meaning.

Well-known Tattoos of Jungkook:

We have presented you with some of the Jungkook tattoos that you can have a look at to know your favourite star more.

1. Jungkook Army Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

The words ARMY BTS Jungkook hand tattoo is the first of his many tattoos. During the band’s downtime, the singer got this tattoo in 2019 summer. Placed directly on the giant knuckles of his right hand, a simplified script and black ink are used for engraving these letters. This tattoo reminds us of the old-school stick-and-poke work.

Although there are many exciting things about the ARMY tattoo, the prominent one is A is written upside V without the crossbar. Many BTS fans speculate that the letters V, R, M and Y are the initial letters of the band members.

2. Jungkook J Tattoo:

Image Source: Pinterest

BTS fans have speculated about the meaning of Jungkook’s J tattoo. This letter J tattoo is engraved on the singer’s ring finger just above the letter M in the ARMY tattoo, which is done in black ink in a simple script. This is considered further evidence for the theory of the BTS army that the letter is the initial of BTS group members Jimin, Jin, and J-Hope. This is just speculation, though.

3. JK’s Equidistant Cross Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

Another JK or Jungkook hand tattoo is often referred to as plus signs or several equidistant crosses between knuckles. These three crosses are engraved in black ink and have the same rudimentary style as his other tattoos. As per the BTS ARMY’s speculation, this tattoo joins the member’s initials converting it into a cohesive group of ink concepts beautifully.

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4. Jungkook Emoji Hand Tattoo:

Image Source:

Jungkook’s right middle finger’s middle phalanx has a simple and popular woozy emoji that fans of the group might represent the feeling of intoxication, overwhelmed or tiredness. This BTSJungkook’s woozy tattoo might mean the fatigue caused by the tireless work schedule that the singer adheres to, as per the fans of the BTS group.

5. Jeon Jungkook Heart Tattoo:

Image Source:

A simple grey heart tattoo of Jungkook is placed on the singer’s right hand, right above the pointer finger. As you can see, the heart faces Jungkook, unlike the usual way. The tattoo’s approach is almost childlike, and greying shade is used to fill the tattoo, highlighting it against the pale skin of the singer.

6. Jungkook BTS Tattoos:

Image Source: Instagram

Above his pinky finger, a stylised BTS logo is on Jungkook’s right hand. Instead of black ink to create the design, this simple piece uses negative space with an inverted colour scheme from the actual logo, making it even more special. The powerful friendship between the members of the South Korean supergroup is commemorated beautifully with this tattoo.

7. Jungkook Crown Tattoo Meaning:

Image Source:

Yet another Jungkook finger tattoo located on the proximal phalanx’s right pointer finger is a King’s crown. Crowns symbolise power and royalty, and this tattoo is engraved using the same scratchy approach. However, the specific meaning of this tattoo has not been agreed upon by BTS ARMY.

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8. Jungkook 0613 Tattoos on the Hand:

Image Source:

This is another BTS Jungkook tattoo on the hand, placed on the right hand, above the thumb. Compared to other Jungkook’s other tattoos, this piece takes a more stylised approach which looks similar to letters used in graffiti. The debut single album of BTS, titled 2 Cool 4 Skool, was released on June 12, 2013, which was the group’s debut album. It is speculated that Jungkook got the 0613 tattoos engraved on his hand to commemorate the most important days of his life.

9. Jungkook Arm Tattoos:

Image Source: Instagram

Here is a picture of Jungkook with tattoos while filming an entertainment program. Jungkook’s eye tattoo is a bit clear in this picture, followed by Chinese characters in the form of a cross that means the phrase ‘the most beautiful moment in life.’ The singer also has a skeleton hand tattoo which reportedly says ‘RATHER BE DEAD THAN COOL.’ However, several other tattoos are deciphering them was a bit difficult.


Jungkook can hide many of his larger tattoos through carefully choreographed and precise wardrobes. Still, BTS fans have grabbed a look at the singer’s tattoos through several music videos and vlogs. We have given you a glimpse into the Jungkook tattoos visible the most, and don’t forget to let us know if this article helped you get to know the singer better.

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