Justin Bieber was and still is a singing sensation from the tender age he started singing. But the singer is not just known for his songs, is he? The singer is known for many other things, whether it is different controversies or the significant number of tattoos on his body. Justin Bieber started to get tattoos at 16 and accumulated over 60 tattoos all over his body by the age of twenty-one. If you are still wondering about the meanings behind Justin Bieber’s tattoo interests, you need to scroll down this article. Read on!

Top 10 Justin Bieber Tattoo Designs:

Gone are the days when Justin Bieber was a squeaky-clean teenage singer. Instead, the singer sings songs with profound meaning that reference one point or the other in his life, whether high or low. In addition, the singer has adorned his body with a mass of tattoos to shed away the YouTube sensation image.

1. Justin Bieber Leg Tattoos:

Justin Bieber’s leg tattoos represent the singer’s inclination and belief in religion. Bieber is vocal about his faith, whether by leading service as he did in August 2019 or attending Hillsong in Los Angeles with his wife, Hailey. Therefore, most of his scattered tattoos have religious connotations, and a look is enough to get an idea.

Justin Bieber reflects on his spiritual side by getting a pair of praying hands inked on his left leg. The singer has gotten the tattoo in a white and black combination, right below the tattoo of Jesus Christ. Praying hands means you are faithful to the almighty and shows the power of communing with God. He also has the face of Jesus Christ with a crown of thorns engraved above the praying hands, indicating his religious inclination.

2. Justin Bieber Owl Tattoo on the Arm:

Justin Bieber’s owl tattoo is inked on his left forearm and is in black and white. With its fantastic design elements, this tattoo attracts the masses’ eye, though it might look like wheels within wheels. The link between education and wisdom is beautifully symbolized with the help of this owl tattoo. Justin Bieber got an owl inked on his left arm that signifies wisdom in October 2012.

The Native Americans regarded the owl as a symbol of intelligence because they had faith that the owl was the benefactor of pious knowledge.

3. Justin Bieber Rose Tattoo:

Roses are considered a way of equalization and balance, and Justin Bieber has many all over his body in black and white ink. Neck Justin Bieber’s tattoo debuted via Instagram on September 8, 2020. The singer got this tattoo from artist Dr Woo, and the rose symbolizes protection from an envious lover, mature love, care, passion, feelings, and emotions. There are speculations among fans that Bieber got this tattoo as a tribute to Selena Gomez, his ex.

4. Justin Bieber Hand Tattoo:

Bieber considers all the tattoos on his arm as one, and here is what those tattoos mean to him.

Justin Bieber’s tiger tattoo on his left arm represents his wild side; God knows he had one in the spring of 2013.

His Eyeball Tattoo is a testimony of love and honour to his mother, Pattie Malette, because it resembles the eyeball of the singer’s mother. Justin said this tattoo makes him feel his mother is watching over him.

Justin Bieber’s Believe Tattoo On the Arm was added to his ever-growing tattoo collection to mark the release of his album with the same name in 2012. It also rings with the word “Beliebers,” coined for the fans of Justin Bieber.

The unique knight tattoo on Bieber’s left arm might represent the singer’s chivalry. Though the tattoo’s meaning has not been revealed yet, there are speculations that it might be an extension of unfailing force and power that can stand against all odds.

The large castle tattoo with waves in the knight’s background was first done on Justin Bieber’s father’s hand, and then the singer got the same one done.

Another tattoo on Justin Bieber’s left hand is a peculiar tattoo of a bleeding globe being crucified, wearing a crown of thorns.

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5. Justin Bieber Chest Tattoos:

Justin Bieber’s chest tattoos include a large cross, a lion, a bear, a crown, and a birth year in roman numerals. Let us know what all these tattoos mean to the singer.

Justin Bieber’s cross tattoo is placed in the middle of his chest, and it is once again an ode to the singer’s faith in Christianity and spiritual inclination towards christ. Justin Bieber got this tattoo during a flight from Panama to Canada.

He got 1975 engraved right below his collarbone in roman numerals because Justin’s mother, Pattie Mallette, was born.

Justin Bieber’s bear tattoo symbolizes trust, anger, strength, spirituality, courage, and protection, and the singer got this tattoo inked in 2017.

Justin Bieber’s lion tattoo traditionally symbolizes determination and fearlessness, though the singer has yet to speak out about its meaning and he got this tattoo in March 2017.

As per fans’ speculation, Justin Bieber’s crown tattoo inked on his chest to tribute to his music idol- the late Michael Jackson. He got this tattoo done in August 2012.

6. Justin Bieber Mascot of Stratford Cullitons Hockey Team Tattoo:

This Justin Bieber back tattoo is a homage to his grandfather by getting the design of the hockey team “the Stratford Cullitons’s mascot.” The singer mentioned in an Instagram post that this tattoo is for his Grampa because he used to take Justin to the Stratford Culliton every Friday night.

The Canadian singer is close to his grandfather and got the tattoo engraved on his shoulder blade in January 2013 as a permanent reminder of him.

7. Justin Bieber Seagull Tattoo:

Justin Bieber’s bird tattoo is his first one, and he got it at 16. The small seagull engraved on his left hip is considered a rite of passage in the Bieber family. Usually, men of the Bieber family get the seagull tattoo on their wrist, but Justin wanted to change the spot and hence the hip.

The seagull image represents the bird’s journey of learning to fly and about life in the process and is the main character from the fable “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach. Jeremy Bieber Justin’s father asked the tattoo artist not to publicize his Son’s first tattoo, according to the co-owner of the Son of a Gun tattoo and barbershop where the singer got the tattoo inked on March 4, 2010.

8. Justin Bieber Yeshua Tattoo On The Rib Cage:

Justin Bieber and his dad Jeremy have matching tattoos of Yeshua, meaning Jesus in Hebrew, right under the armpit engraved vertically down the ribcage. The father and Son dup got the tattoo engraved during Bieber’s “My World” tour in Isreal in April 2011. The singer recites prayers in Hebrew before performing on stage, and he is seen finding awakening.

9. Justin Bieber Angel Tattoo:

This Angel tattoo is Justin Bieber’s Selena Gomez tattoo which looks like a carbon copy of Bieber’s ex-girlfriend. According to an interview with GQ magazine, Justin expressed regrets about getting Selena’s tattoo and tried to cover it up with light shading. But it turns out that didn’t work because people still recognize it.

10. Justin Bieber Stomach Tattoos:

Justin Bieber’s eagle tattoo across his stomach is the United States of America’s national bird. It holds a special meaning to the singer because of his journey in America despite being a Canadian. According to the tattoo artist Bang Bang, the singer thought the design resembled a moustache referring to the eagle.

Another tattoo on Bieber’s stomach is the words Son of God in capital letters reaffirming his belief and devotion to his Christian faith.


If you are a fan of Justin Bieber, you must have an idea that the Canadian singer now has more tattoos than Harry Styles. Each tattoo of Justin Bieber has a meaning behind it, and the singer has been pretty vocal about his tattoos and their references. We hope this article has given you a glimpse into some of the best Justin Bieber tattoos.

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