Jute is synonymous to India as the word jute is coined from the word jhuta in Oriya from the state Orissa. It is known as the golden fibre and is true to the environment and hence is the most accepted natural fibre. Jute is a natural fibre next to cotton and is extensively used to make handicrafts, bags and clothes. These fibres are strong and can be made into long threads and hence are very durable and high in strength. Also, all jute products are very long-lasting and are very ethnic at the same time.

Jute Shopping and handbags are very popular all across the world these days. Popularised and made in India, they are manufactured all across in North-Eastern parts and Eastern parts of India. Also, these jute bags go well with all kinds of outfits and can be teamed with various accessories too. Jute bags are very popular among everyone from teenagers to elders.

Different Types of Jute Bags for Men and Women:

Here we will have a look into the top 15 jute bags for carrying lunch and things in India.

1. Simple Jute Carry Bags:


Simple jute bags are for any multipurpose use. These are quite big enough to carry lunch boxes, small daily use essentials for work or for everyday market shopping etc. The handles in these bags give extra support and hence make these bags easy to carry. These simple jute bags come in various sizes, patterns and designs. One can flaunt these jute bags and can create a unique statement of one’s own.

2. Jute Tote Bags for Lunch:


High on style and fashion, jute bags have found their way in the fashion circuit as these are eco-friendly and hence one is actually contributing towards a green nature. Totes in leather are popular for their own reasons but jute tote bags are really cool way to flaunt one’s style. Just like usual totes, these are big and can be paired with any outfit and any occasion. One bag will serve many purposes.

3. Jute Handbags for Ladies:

Handbags are a must-have accessory for a woman and she needs different handbags for various occasions. These trendy jute handbags are apt with ethnic wear and also perfect for office use. Not too much bling and with subtle features, these handbags are a hit among women of today.

4. Jute Shopper Bags:

Women love to shop till they drop and shoppers are hence a must-have for any women. These are big bags like totes only but with soft padded handles for better grip and hence are sturdy and can hold a lot of things. The fibre is so durable that these shopping bags come handy at any time and are really long-lasting.

5. Beautiful Designer Jute Bags for Women:

Elegant and classy to flaunt at, these designer jute bags are very beautiful and go well with any ethnic wear and traditional attire. The different designer elements in these jute bags look extremely beautiful with contrasting colours and patterns.

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6. Jute Sling Bags in Various Colours:

Sling bags are very much in fashion among women of all age groups. Easy to carry and comfortable to use, jute sling bags are perfect for any occasion to carry one’s wallet, purse, mobile phone etc. for they will be readily accessible. These come in various colours and can be also a great gifting option.

7. Jute Lunch Bags for Adults:

Lovely looking small jute bags with zipping are comfortable to carry lunch boxes to office. Create a fashion statement in office too with these stunning lunch boxes. Having a separate lunch bag is very important and one can enjoy the lunch from the lunch boxes out of these perfect lunch bags.

8. Jute Office Conference Bags:

Perfect in jute for office conference are these stylish natural jute coloured bags with black straps. Looks like a sling bag but not exactly one. These are elongated sling bags just customised for office use. Stylish and elegant to team up with formal wear or office wear, one is sure to rock the conference.

9. Jute Office Bag:

Bags are essential for an office going individual be it a man or woman. These perfectly made jute bags are for official use. Carrying laptops, files, etc. is made easy with these jute bags. Carrying an environmentally friendly product for office also speaks volumes about one’s service to nature.

10. Fashion Jute Floral Bags:


Lovely bright flowers catch everyone’s attention. Similarly, bright floral prints in big jute bags are perfect for any woman to carry off at any occasion. These floral totes are perfect for teenagers, young women or even elders.

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11. Jute Wine Bags:


Wine can be gifted in these tall jute bags made for storing wine bottles. These are beautiful to look at and also can be used to carry water bottles too. They are the most stylish way to carry wine bottles etc.

12. Drawstring Jute Bags:


Drawstrings are perfect for storing jewellery, knick-knacks etc. Also, designer drawstrings known as potli bags are perfect for weddings and marriages to carry with a traditional outfit.

13. Fashion Jute Bags:

High on fashion and style, these fashion jute bags are for young women. These can be carried very well with any outfits be it western or traditional. Perfect for lunches, dinners etc. with family or friends are these fashion jute bags.

14. Personalized Jute Bag:

Personalized a jute bag with the name or an alphabet initials make for a wonderful gift. These fresh lime and white jute bags also have a large button as a closure for the bag. A great option for gifting others or even oneself.

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15. Plain Beach Jute Bags:

These are only for beach and are great for picnics. All the essential stuff can be carried in one big jute beach bag for maximum happiness and for some great memories. These have wooden handles for extra strength to carry stuff.

Most environmentally friendly fibre and the most easily accessible for its varied uses are this magical fibre or wonder fibre or rightly called the Golden Fibre known as jute. Jute bags, clothing, gunny bags, designer bags, drawstring bags, etc. are some of the many uses. Jute bags are so much in trend and the various designs and innovations in these bags make one collect many of these. Also, they are not heavy on the pocket and hence are easily affordable. Also, jute bags can also be customised as per one’s requirement too. Contribute towards greener earth by flaunting and using these jute bags.