We all love to see what our favourite actress looks like in real life. The gorgeous south Indian actress and diva, Kajal Agarwal, much known for her appearances in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi movie industries, has been popular for over a decade. But did you ever see Kajal Agarwal without makeup?

No one disagrees when we tell that she is among the most successful actress down south. Here are the most noted real life and raw, unfiltered pictures of the actress. Let’s get started!

Beautiful Kajal Agarwal Without Makeup Photos:

Below we have been given amazing unseen stills of Kajal Agarwal Without Makeup that surely inspire you.

1. Vacation Mode:

Kajal is always busy in her shoot mode, between movies and commercials. But when she does get a bit of time, she doesn’t forgo enjoying and having a fun time. Here is one such incident. This picture of Kajal without makeup is captured in their leisure time when the diva is caught enjoying a cocktail for herself. She is happily posing for the camera and seems to be lost in thoughts. What do you think of this one?

2. Bold Photoshoot:

Not just in movies, the actress is quite bold and gutsy even in real life. Do you believe us when we say that she has arranged for such a bold photoshoot all by herself?! Yes, you heard it right. This Kajal Agarwal no makeup picture is a part of the shoot, done by the famous photographer Joseph Radhik himself. Caught in the morning waves of Mumbai beach, she looks breathtaking and lovely too!

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3. Relaxation Time:

Here is Kajal enjoying in a relaxed mode, with the beautiful scenery around her. Her gorgeous smile and natural face look lovely. We cannot believe that Kajal seems so bright, attractive and charming, even in real life, without any makeup on her face. She breathes fresh air with the look and looks graceful. What do you think about this picture?

4. Before the Shoot:

This Kajal Agarwal without makeup photos is taken before the movie’s shoot and is posted by herself on her social media accounts. A glow on her face can be seen despite wearing no makeup; all we see here is a simple moisturiser to hydrate her face. She looks pure and down to earth in this image. We quite love the way she appears in real life too!

5. Sportive Look:

Kajal is a fitness freak too. Like another actress, she loves staying outdoors and being fit and sportive in real life. She has taken part in the Marathon, and here is her completion photo. Kajal has finished the Marathon within time, and she is clicked, posing happily with her achievement. Despite such a long run, we can see her happy and cheerful here.

6. Family Time:

The actress is with her family, mother and aunt in the picture. They have been on an outing and caught candid in the selfie, with raw and no makeup faces. We immensely love the way Kajal looks super refreshing and has a glowy face. She is seen wearing no makeup, wholly natural and unfiltered in this picture. Yet her smile is what makes her stand apart!

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7. Lost In Thoughts:

Another picture of Kajal caught happy in raw face overseas is here. The image is taken in Poland, and the actress is lost in thoughts about something in this image. She is smiling, all happy, and is lost in thoughts. She looks mesmerising in the picture, despite not wearing any makeup. From this picture, one can say that Kajal knows how to enjoy life to the fullest, taking a break and having her own time in happy moments too!

8. Happiness in a Frame:

Another picture of Kajal was caught candid in no makeup style. In this photo, she is seen posing for a selfie with her friend and her kid. All the happy faces are pretty heartwarming to see! She has a certain glow and grace on her face despite looking raw in no makeup product, and we quite are inspired to be like her too! Although an old picture, we love the way it came out!

9. Festival Celebrations:

The actress leaves no time for being busy when a fun season is going on. Here is the picture clicked during Sankranthi (aka Pongal) celebrations. She is seen posing with the kite to go ahead and have fun with her family and friends. She loves flying kites, and we can completely understand it from this photo. What do you think?

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10. Cuteness In Thoughts:

The cuteness and lovely facial gestures of Kajal cannot be ignored. Despite a simple face look, fresh and no makeup picture with a simple pony, she manages to attract us from the crowd. The charming yet straightforward eyes are her talk of the town, and we love how she is gracefully caught candid. This picture is clicked in the winter season, with her warm clothes on, but she still looks refreshing.

11. Mommy Time:

Kajal is known for her quality time spent with family. Here is the picture clicked with her mother during dinner meets. She loves her candid clicks during such occasions, and we see the actress not wearing any makeup or any product on her face. She looks breathtaking and refreshing with loose hair and a candid pose.

12. At the Airport:

Here is Kajal Agarwal without makeup photo clicked during an airport entrance. The paparazzi connect her with a tired face, yet she looks very charming. She is seen wearing spectacles and loose hair, yet her skin is super bright and glowing. This realistic picture inspires us.

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Additional Tips:

With these pictures of Kajal without makeup, here are a few tips that can help us get better and hydrated skin.

  1. It doesn’t matter even if you apply makeup every single day. The key is to remove it by the end of the day. Never sleep with your makeup on.
  2. Make sure to use a toner every day if you regularly use skincare and makeup products. Natural toners make sure it cools down your face and bring in a refreshing look.
  3. Always keep the face hydrated and moisturised. Good facial oils and essential oils such as palm fruit oil, argan oil and olive oil can help you.
  4. Sunscreen is the key. Never step out of the sun on the bare face without applying sunscreen, be it whatever the season it is.

With these Kajal Agarwal without makeup pictures, we are quite inspired by the clean and bright face despite heavy schedules and timetables. We are in awe of how she maintains her skin tone despite any concerns. Let us know your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers:

  • Q1. Who is Kajal Agarwal’s makeup artist?
  • Ans: Kajal’s favourite makeup artist, who gives her a flawless and beautiful look in no time.
  • Q2. What are Kajal’s favourite beauty tips?
  • Ans: Kajal always believes in natural methods of beautiful looks. She likes more straightforward and nuder effects than bold ones. She loves applying coconut oil frequently to the face, especially at night, to hydrate the skin.
  • Q3. What is Kajal’s favourite makeup product, and what tips does she swear by?
  • Ans: Kajal makes sure that the skin is always hydrated. Her makeup tips include applying and blending foundation on moisturised skin and still removing makeup by the day.

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