When it comes to Indian culture, Rangoli designs has its own place. Any traditional Indian festivals will not be complete without Kalash Rangoli designs and Kalash puja. If you love to make Rangoli designs, you can make them easily by following below simple methods. There are designs that are simple to make and complex as well. Choose your loved one according to your interest.

Best Devotional Kalash Rangoli Designs with Pictures:

Check some top 9 Kalash rangoli designs that you can try out, In these designs to get your best rangoli pattern with help to improve your own rangoli idea.

1. Diwali Special Kalash Rangoli Design:

Kalash Rangoli designs are a famous type and they are easy to create. This design is for one who loves to make a simple one. You don’t need artistic talent to draw this one the colours are also simple and limited. This is the symbol of prosperity and you can welcome your guest by making this Rangoli in front of your house.

2. Mesmerizing Kalash Kolam Design for Diwali:

If you want to make a fancy Kalash Rangoli design for Diwali this is the apt choice. You need to spend some time to make this. You can make this or get the ready-made one and decorate your home. This Kalash design has been decorated with pearls and stones.

3. Unique Kalash Rangoli Design:

This is a Kalash Rangoli image you can use for all auspicious festivals. This is a nice and simple design with a Kalash and lotus design beneath it. The Kalash has a design with flowing money that shows wealth. If you like to draw it is easy. No need to use complicated designs.

4. Kalash Kolam with Kundan Work:

Now Kalash Rangoli with Kundan work is getting popular. You can buy a ready-made one to decorate your home. The design is beautifully decorated with pearls and stones. Many other types of the same design are also available with various concepts. You can use it for all festivals.

5. Diwali Special Kalash Rangoli Design:

This design is a simple Kalash Rangoli design type. You can easily make it by drawing an outline and filling respective colors on it. You can decorate colorful Diya in between to enhance its look. When it comes to Diwali this is the simple and easiest Rangoli design that you can choose.

6. Kalash Rangoli Design with Diya:

Other than Kalash Rangoli design with coconut you can try with a Diya on it. It represents prosperity and Diwali is the festival of light. The design is simple and surrounded by flower design. Welcome your guests with this beautiful design in front of your door and get richness.

7. Colorful Diwali Kalash Kolam Designs:

if you are ready to spend some time in designing a beautiful Kalash Rangoli design this design may be suitable for you. It has four Kalash with Diyas on it. Other than Kalashas it has trees, flowers and many other symbolic representations related to the festival. You can try these colorful designs on this Diwali.

8. Acrylic Kalash Rangoli Design:

If you want to explore other Kalash Rangoli designs acrylic type is a good one. It has a Kalash with two Swastika symbols. This one is decorated with colorful stones and mirrors. They represent prosperity and wealth. Rangolis are the traditional decoration to welcome goddess Laxmi to your home. Make it as beautiful as possible.

9. Simple Kalash Rangoli with Dots:

You can easily make Kalash Rangoli with dots for any occasions. This design is simple and easy to make and will make your Rangoli colorful. Diwali represents a colorful festival with Rangolis, sweets, and crackers. You can decorate it by simply joining the dots properly. Try it this time and decorate your home.

To decorate your home with Rangolis you will get some popular designs here. All of them are easy to make and if you want you can check their video tutorials to make your job easy. Use colorful Rangolis and welcome goddess Laxmi to your home.


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