Sarees have been a tradition in India, mostly India, which has continued ever since. From our grandmothers to the now us, we agree that the sari is not an everyday preference. Still, for those traditional occasions, a relative’s wedding or yours, sarees have a special significance and place in our hearts. Sarees vary in prints and patterns according to different cultures and ethnicities.

Amazing and Traditional Kanchi Pattu Saree Models With Pictures:

Here is today a list of some of the best Kanchi sarees, along with photos that should be a must-have in your wardrobe. Therefore this festive season adorn yourself in the best traditional wear and flaunt yourself to the fullest.

1. Peacock Design Kanchi Saree:

It is quite common for our traditional wears to portray our culture in them. Often, sarees or lehengas portray the common culture within themselves. The peacock being a national bird of our country surely got a special mention. Peacock-themed sarees are often a hit amongst us, not only because of its bright, well-gelled colors but also because of its majestic feeling. This is one of the best kanchi pattu sarees with heavy work.

2. Purple And Gold Kanchi Saree:

The purple and gold Kanchi Pattu saree is indeed beautiful in its humble and simple way. The saree incorporates a golden hue and a solid matte purple; the combination we receive is simply admirable. Along the sides of the pallu towards the end are horizontal stripes, and a little flower is shown at the end of the sari. The front neck of the saree also features an embroidery embellishment made of golden on violet, which is quite the beauty in itself. Now, coming to the kind of blouse you choose for the saree to make it look good, our suggestions are one with the bi color print in the two basic colors of the saree.

3. Yellow Plain Kanchi Pattu Saree:

Now if you are still worried about how to carry your look for the reception look no further, the heavily yellow saree comes with a body of a soft velvety canary yellow and followed by a barely there thin strip of blue. Coming to the borderline of the saree, this saree sports a heavy embroidered zaari and georgette outer line. The saree also has a greenish tinge of border before the bigger one begins. Look at how the celebrity pulls off the corset look of the blouse she wears with the latest kanchi pattu saree flawlessly. The blouse color is no where close to the unicolor saree she is sporting, but it still looks beautiful and elegantly so.

4. Flower Designed Kanchi Pattu Saree:

This is a great look for a traditional event where you can flaunt this beautiful saree and see heads turn as you walk by. This Kanchipuram silk saree has a lethal combination of blue and pink floral woven designs. The borderline has a pink and gold zari design.

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5. Red And Gold Kanchi Pattu Saree:

Elegance drips from this saree as the model wrapped in this heavily woven motif Pattu poses for the photo. This is one of those beautiful kanchi pattu sarees that comes in a luscious red and a filthy rich shimmering gold hue. The entire saree specially the end of it is filled with beautiful golden traditional embroideries.

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6. White Kanchi Pattu Saree:

This can be a summer noon’s delight where the white saree runs along with a mustard-yellow design. The borderline or part of the saree is yellow with a beautiful extensive work on the pallu. The full saree worked with some simple buttis in the gap of 20 inches.

7. Gold With Pink Kanchi Pattu Saree:

The saree is beautiful in pink and gold, where even the pink eludes a faint golden colour. The saree has cute creeper designs etched in a deeper pink.

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8. Multi-Color Model Kanchipattu Saree:

As you can see, teaming up the saree with a multi-colour pattu seems like your best deal in bringing out the beauty of this kanchi pattu saree. On the off white background, there are similar color faint floral designs that one might usually miss at the first go. You can also choose to wear a silk blouse without destroying your appearance. This is one of the latest kanchi pattu sarees with beautiful colours and designs that are perfectly suitable for all your traditional functions.

9. Embroidery Saree In Kanchi Pattu:

The saree you see here is maroon, and who would’ve thought that the colors here will blend in so well? The green border isn’t quite plain, and it has all over that adds to the charm of this classy saree. Any silk or pattu multicolor blouse will do the saree a justice to speak of. This is one of the latest kanchi pattu sarees with a beautiful design.

10. Floral Pattern And Grand Pallu Kanchi Silk Saree:

The kanchi pattu saree you see here also features a golden framework of embroidery on the green, thus bringing out its beauty all the way more. The saree can look good with a green blouse, but golden wouldn’t be a bad idea either, but only if you run out of options for the red one to experiment with.

So, that was all there was to know about the beauty of Kanchi Pattu sarees, whose images we have listed out for you. This article includes the top 15 for you to decide and choose from in the end. Happy shopping!

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