Names are an important thing that people will carry about for years and years. That being said, isn’t it only natural to name your child something unique and nice? If you are on the lookout for some creative, trendy, classic or traditional names, here is our list of baby names in the Kannada language. The list is a mix of names from many categories. Take a look.

Kannada Names for Boys and Girls

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Unique Kannada Baby Boy Names:

Let’s see!

1. Aadeshwar:

Aadeshwar is a classic South Indian name that has been in the rounds for a very long time. It means one who is in a position or one who is in a position of authority. The name refers to God.

2. Aagar:

Aagar is a new Kannada name for babies. It means a person who has good taste and interest in music.

3. Aavi:

Aavi means smoke.

4. Abezag:

Here is a Kannada baby name of Muslim origin. The name means one who is clear, pure and blessed.

5. Akanda:

Akanda means an easygoing gentleman.

6. Akarya:

The name Akarya means one who has leadership qualities.

7. Akalesvara:

This Hindu baby name in Kannada refers to Lord Shiva.

8. Akalendra:

This is a very popular Karnataka baby boy names that mean one who is a capable worker. It also refers to Lord Shiva.

9. Akalpathi:

The name means Lord Shiva.

10. Baala:

Baala is a name that is used in most of the South Indian states. The name means young and a person of strength and vigour.

11. Bahurai:

Bahurai means ‘with great riches’. Looking for a baby boy names starting with b? This could be one.

12. Dakshit:

Dakshit means Lord Shiva.

13. Daarshik:

Daarkshik is a Hindu baby name in Kannada. The name means perceiver.

14. Daav:

Daav means wildfire and it represents one who is full of fire and energy.

15. Daayadeshwar:

The name means Love of Eshwar or God.

16. Daeven:

The name means little black one. The name has a reference to Lord Krishna.

17. Daitya:

Daitya means a non-aryan.

18. Daivansh:

Daivansh means one who is from the family of the Gods.

19. Daivit:

Daivit means God’s gift.

20. Dalsher:

Dalsher means one who is bold and brave.

21. Damodar:

Damodar is a name common everywhere. The name Damodar is split into two; Dam means cord, and udar means stomach. Thus, it means Lord tied with a rope around his waist.

22. Danush:

Danush means one with a bow in hand.

23. Darun:

A variation of the name Varun, Darun means a hard-core male who follows the Hindu tradition.

24. Dabeet:

Dabeet or Dabeeth means warrior.

25. Darshan:

Darshan is a very common Hindu baby names in Kannada. It means vision or knowledge.

26. Fanishwar:

Fanishwar is a baby boy names in Kannada. It refers to the lord of serpents and to the God Vasuki.

27. Gandhika:

Gandhika means a very nice and sweet-smelling odour.

28. Gandhadhar:

The name refers to Lord Vishnu.

29. Gahan:

Gahan means depth and profound.

30. Haarit:

Haarit, a Kannada baby names with meaning, has been a hit. It means green. It also means ploughman.

31. Haarith:

The name means cultivator.

32. Haneesh:

Haneesh refers to Lord Shiva. The other meaning of the name is ambition.

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33. Hansith:

Hansith means joy.

34. Jaapak:

Jaapak means meditative. The other meaning is muttering prayers.

35. Jagadev:

Jagadev means lord of the world.

36. Kaamod:

Kaamod features in many of the parents’ children’s names list in Kannada. The name means one who grants wishes. It also means generous.

37. Kaashik:

Kaashik means the shining one.

38. Kabilash:

Kabilah means always good.

39. Kairav:

Kairav means white lotus.

40. Lahar:

Lahar means wave.

41. Lakhith:

The name refers to Lord Vishnu.

42. Maadesh:

Maadesh means Lord Shiva. For those parents looking for a religious name, this will be a good choice.

43. Maanav:

Maanav means man. It also means relating to humankind.

44. Maanvir:

The name means brave heart.

45. Nagapathi:

Nagapathi means king of serpents.

46. Naarang:

Naarang is more of a surname. It is used in almost all cultures.

47. Naayak:

Naayak means the guide.

48. Nabhij:

This is a name that refers to Lord Brahma. It also means born from the navel. This is a kannada baby boy names starting with n.

49. Nachiket:

Nachiket is Kannada boy names that refer to the son of Vajashravas.

50. Paalit:

Paalit means precious or protected.

51. Paarthiban:

Paarthiban is another name for king Arjuna, one of the Pandavas from the Mahabharata.

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52. Paarthiv:

Paarthiv means son of the Earth.

53. Paavan:

Paavan means pure and sacred.

54. Raadhak:

Raadhak means generous or liberal.

55. Ragdeep:

The name means music and lamp.

56. Rachit:

Rachit means invention.

57. Saadhav:

Saadhav is a Kannada baby names starting with s. The name means pure or loyal.

58. Saadvik:

It is a Kannada baby boy names starting with s. Saadvik means a tree.

59. Saagnik:

The name means one who wins over the fire. It also means a person who is passionate towards everything he does.

60. Taalish:

Taalish means Lord of the Earth.

61. Taamas:

The name means darkness.

62. Taanush:

The name means handsome.

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Beautiful Kannada Baby Girl Names:

Here are some Kannada girl names for you to think of.

1. Aabheri:

Aabheri is a baby girl names in Kannada. The name means a raaga in Indian classical music.

2. Aadarshini:

Aadrarshini means idealistic.

3. Aagarna:

The name means one who has natural and inherent tendencies for good taste in music.

4. Aashriya:

The name means someone who is creative and strong.

5. Aasin:

Aasin means one who is lucky in life and is pure.

6. Baani:

Baani is a female baby names in Kannada. The name refers to Goddess Saraswathi, the God of knowledge.

7. Badarika:

Badarika means the jujube fruit.

8. Bageshri:

The name is the name of a raaga.

9. Bahulya:

This baby girl names in Kannada means plentiful.

10. Baijayanti:

This is a name that is traditional. It means garland of the Lord Vishnu.

11. Bairavi:

This is a name of a raaga from Indian classical music often used for baby girls.

12. Bahula:

Bahula means cow.

13. Balaprada:

Balaprada is a traditional Kannada name. It means one who bestows strength.

14. Chaamundi:

The name refers to Lord Durga and is also a place in Karnataka.

15. Chaarvi:

Chaarvi means a beautiful girl.

16. Chaitali:

Chaitali is a name that is given to people born in the month of Chaitra. It also means one who is born with good memory.

17. Chakori:

This is a very unusual name that means a bird that is enamoured of the moon.

18. Daakshya:

Daakshya means cleverness.

19. Daayini:

The name means giver.

20. Daivi:

Daivi means pious soul.

21. Dakshakanya:

This is a name that means daughter. Isn’t it apt for your daughter?

22. Dalaja:

The name means produced from petals. A very creative Karnataka girl baby names.

23. Dakshayani:

The name means Goddess Durga.

24. Gaangi:

Gaangi means sacred and pure. This is another name for Goddess Durga.

25. Gangasri:

The name means sky.

26. Gandhali:

Gandhali is a Hindu baby names in Kannada. The name means fragrance of flowers.

27. Haanvika:

The name means looper or honey.

28. Harshini:

Harshini means someone who is cheerful and happy.

29. Haima:

Haimi means Goddess Parvati. It also means made of gold.

30. Jaagriti:

The name means wakeful and one who is alert.

31. Jaahnavi:

The name refers to the Ganga river.

32. Jagadamba:

Here is an old classy Kannada name that refers to the mother of the universe.

33. Kaali:

Kaali is a very religious name that refers to Goddess Durga.

34. Kaamika:

Kaamika means desired.

35. Laalithya:

This is a name that means softness and beauty.

36. Laavanya:

Laavanya means grace and beauty.

37. Lahita:

Lahita is a very rare name in Kannada. The name means smooth.

38. Maheshwari:

A very famous name, Maheshwari means the power of Lord Mahesha or Lord Shiva.

39. Maalini:

Maalini means fragrant and is also another name for Goddess Durga.

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40. Maanavika:

This is a Kannada baby names starting with m, that means young girl.

41. Naatika:

This Kannada name means a play.

42. Navya:

Navya means someone who is worth praising.

43. Nabhya:

Nabhya means central to everything.

44. Padmavathi:

Padmavathi is a name that refers to Goddess Lakshmi.

45. Padmini:

The name means a lotus or a collection of lotus.

46. Raadha:

Raadha means wealth. It also means success.

47. Raagavi:

The name is very common and it means one who sings with raaga.

48. Raasya:

The name means with essence and someone who is full of feelings.

49. Saadhika:

Here is a Kannada baby names starting with s. The name means Goddess Durga.

50. Saadvi:

Here are another Kannada baby names starting with s. Saadvi means a religious woman.

51. Saadhya:

The name means accomplishment.

52. Saakshree:

Saakshree means evidence.

53. Taani:

Taani means encouragement and faith.

Our children’s names list in Kannada has made sure to cover names of all categories, modern and classy. The easiest way to find a name would be to first know what meaning you would like and, depending on that, to find names that best suit the child. Happy name hunting!


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