Kantha work sarees derive their name from the word “Kantha”, which means stitch. Kantha is an embroidery technique that involves running the stitch throughout the saree. It is typically found in the south Asian countries. Odisha and West Bengal are two states popular for their beautiful Kantha work sarees. Kantha Work Sarees Kolkata are. must buy items. Traditionally kantha wok was used to make quilts by placing layers of cloth and binding them together using the stitch technique. Apart from plain stitch, Kantha work also has beautiful motifs of flowers, animals, birds and even geometrical shapes. Due to the stitch, the saree tends to slightly wrinkled. Check out this article to see some of the best Kantha work saree designs.

Designer Kantha Sarees With Pictures:

Browse through our top 11 picks of kantha sarees with pictures here.

1. Nakshi Kantha Stitch Saree:

This stunning maroon and white dress looks very regal. The intricate geometric patterns are made using the Nakshi Kantha work. This spell bounding saree is sure to make you look a show stopper where ever you go. This beautiful handwoven Nakshi silk saree needs no extra accessories, as it is heavily ornated with embroidery.

2. Reverse Kantha Stitch Saree:

This lovely Reverse Kantha stitch saree makes you grab some eyeballs. This black tussar saree with mango designs is painstakingly embroidered using the reverse stitch technique. This heavy saree is definitely worth the investment and is a must in every woman’s wardrobe.

3. Ivory Tussar Silk Saree, Hand Painted With Kantha Work:

An exclusive, designer, tussar, silk saree, this feels like air on your body when you drape it.  This lustrous, hand painted, ivory colored saree is covered in a colorful floral design, the hand stitched kantha embroidery enhances the beauty of this saree further. Elegant and stylish for today’s modern woman. This is one of the best hand printed kantha sarees.

4. Black Silk In Kantha Stitch Saree:

Perfect for a special evening function, this beautiful black silk saree is heavily embroidered in an intricate floral kantha stitch. The embroidery is in earthy shades of green, maroon and white and speaks of class and grandeur. This classy black saree is sure to make you a show stopper.

5. Terracotta Silk Saree In Kantha Work:

Lustrous and glamorous, the terracotta color of this beautiful silk saree is warm and luxurious. Beautiful gold, white and green kantha stitch in a floral design on the border and pallu makes the saree a winner. Team it with a contrast blouse and you will be ready to rock the world.

6. Ivory Colored Silk Saree With Picture Kantha Stitch:

This exquisite designer Kantha saree is sure to steal your heart. This off-white silk saree comes with artistic embroidery that depicts the beauty of rural life. The scenery of bullock cart, palm trees and a young rural couple is bought to life with skillful thread work. This saree is best paired with a plain blouse.

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7. Magenta Saree With Multi Color Kantha Work Saree:

Razzle and dazzle in this Silk magenta color saree. The pallu is embroidered in an amazing, multicolored kantha stitch.  The design creates perfect symmetry. All the colors used in the pallu and the border really pop making the saree glisten beautifully. let your personality shine through in this vibrant number

8. Birds And Flowers Magenta Kantha Saree:

Embrace the call of nature and drape yourself in flora and fauna.  This beautiful silk saree is a work of art in a vivacious magenta.  Contrasted with it is the heavy pallu in a cream color with an ornate, nakshi kantha embroidery of birds and flowers in pretty pink and green.

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9. Black And White Kantha Stitch Silk Saree:

Stand out from the crowd in this striking black and white silk saree. The black fabric is intricately embroidered in a traditional white Bengali kantha stitch reminiscent of the decorative art used during puja’s and mehendi art.  The pattern draws the attention straight to the wearer. Look stylish and stunning in this unique, gorgeous piece.

10. Blue Silk Saree With White Kantha Work:

Shine like a star in this dazzling royal blue silk saree. Half of the saree including the thick border is in an elaborate white kantha stitch whilst the palais decorated in a combination of a running, floral design and striped pattern.  The white against the blue is striking and gorgeous.

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11. Black White And Yellow Kantha Stitch:

The golden yellow of this silk kantha saree contrasts well with the black and white of the pallu. Wear it during the day or evening.  The intricate black kantha work in a delicate, flora design on the white silk is a sharp contrast to the plain yellow and is attention grabbing. The color combination of the season, be a stylist in this fashionable piece.

Kantha Work is one of the ancient forms of embroidery. It has been embraced by women of many generations. Kantha work saree designs are known for their laborious and tedious process of stitching the entire fabric. However, technology surely has reduced the man-made efforts. Machine made kantha work involves multiple staging production model. Although they are mass produced, they can never replace the beauty of a skilfully made handmade saree. Kantha work sarees are extremely popular with tourists, who make sure to take one back home as a souvenir.