Karkata Rasi, or Cancer, is the fourth Zodiac sign that is represented by a Crab symbol. According to the Indian Vedic astrology, babies born under the Nakshatras – Punarvasu (4th Pada), Pushyami Nakshatra (1,2,3,4 Padas) and Aslesha Nakshatra (1,2,3,4 Padas) fall under Karka Rashi. In this article, we have collected 60 Best Karka Rashi Baby Names for girls and boys, which are a perfect blend of traditions and modernity.

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Let us now look into the starting letters of Karkataka Rashi *:

Da, De, Du, Dey, Do, Ha, Hu, Hi, He, Ho

*May vary with Panchamgam

60 Best Karkataka Rashi Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings:

Let us now look into the latest list of Karka Rashi names for baby boys and girls:

25 Best Karka Rashi (Cancer) Names for Boys:

If your little Prince is born under the above-mentioned nakshtras and Padas, then you may choose one of these meaningful names for him:

1. Damaruk:

The name “Damaruk” comes from the divine instrument of Lord Shiva, called the “Damaruka”. In fact, it is one of the very Indian boy names that start with the phonic “Da”. So, if you are very particular about choosing a name with this sound, then try this word!

2. Harish:

“Harish” is an interesting word that refers to both Lord Shiva (Eesha) and Lord Vishnu (Hari). It comes from the Sanskrit language, and the alternate spellings are “Hareesh”, “Hariesh”, etc. So, go for this if you want to invite the blessings of the two main Hindu Gods!

3. Hardik:

“Hardik” is a meaningful name for Karka Rashi baby boys which means “From the heart”. It is a Hindi word in which the root word “Hard” means “Heart”. It is believed that boys with this name are very passionate about what they do and put their heart and soul into achieving their goals.

4. Harshil:

Do you want your little boy always to stay cheerful and happy? Then try naming him “Harshil”. This cute name is partly derived from Sanskrit and translates to “cheerfulness” or “one who gives happiness”.

5. Harivansh:

“Harivansh” is a traditional Indian name that has a regal feel to it. It is derived from the Sanskrit language in which “Hari” means Lord Vishnu and “Vansh” means family. So, the complete meaning of this word is “One who belongs to the family of Lord Vishnu”.

6. Harihar:

Another word that combines the names of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva is “Harihar”. This is a very popular Karka baby boy name among people who are very religious. Remove the letter “I” in the middle to reveal an interesting word “, Har Har” (Mahadev)!

7. Hanish:

If you are looking for a unique baby for baby boys that start with “Ha”, try “Hanish”. Although this word sounds like “Harish”, the meaning is quite different. Hanish is said to be derived from Sanskrit, which means “One who braves aggressive storms”. In other words, “Hanish” refers to Lord Shiva.

8. Harshad:

Although many people associate Harshad with the infamous Mehta, the actual meaning of this word can make you fall in love with it. Harshad is a Hindi word that means “One who gives joy”. It is widely used in Gujarati, Bengali and other Northern parts of India.

9. Harmesh:

The meaning of word “Harmesh” means God. It has no other variants and is derived from “Har”, meaning everything and “Esh”, meaning God. In other words, Harmesh refers to supreme power.

10. Hemachandra:

If you are looking for old-style names that never go out of fashion, then try “Hemachandra”. This Sanskrit-derived word means “Golden moon”. It can also mean “One who is decorated by the golden crescent”, referring to Lord Shiva.

11. Hemanth:

“Hemanth” is a lovely name for Karka Rashi born baby boys, which means “Winter Season”. The other meaning of the same word is “Golden”. Some people also consider it to be one of the many names of Lord Buddha.

12. Heyansh:

“Heyansh” is one beautiful name for Karka Rashi boys, which has not only a modern sound but also an impactful meaning. This contemporary name comes with meaning “part of heart”.

13. Hiaan:

Another stylish name for Kark Rashi born baby boys is “Hiaan”. There are no direct meanings to this word, and the rough translations are “Lord Vishnu”, “One who is full of life”, etc. You can also use “Hiyaan” as an alternate spelling.

14. Himalay:

“Himalay” is an ever-popular name for Indian baby boys, which has multiple meanings. The word represents mightiness and loftiness, like the Himalayan mountain ranges. It also has religious associations, as the Himalayas are considered to be the holy abode of Gods, particularly Lord Shiva.

15. Himanshu:

“Himanshu” is a popular name for Cancer Zodiac born boys. It is derived from the Hindi language and implies “ice”, “coolness”, “Moonlight”, etc. The name symbolizes a cool attitude with no room for anger or aggressiveness.

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16. Hriday:

The word “Hriday’ means heart. It comes from the Sanskrit word “Hrudayam”. The name is associated with life, love and warmth. The spelling alternate can be “Hyuday”.

17. Hitesh:

“Hitesh” is a Hindi derived word which means “Lord of Goodness”. It also implies “one who thinks of everyone”. So, if you want your boy to display traits of selfness and respect for others, then go for this word!

18. Hitansh:

The name “Hitansh” is quite similar to “Hitesh” in terms of rhyming, spelling and even meaning. Hitansh is usually translated as “a very good person” in addition to being a well-wisher.

19. Hreyansh:

The word “Hreyansh” means one who has a great heart. It is derived from the root word “Hru”, which refers to “heart”. This is one of the best modern Cancer Zodiac names for boys.

20. Hridaan:

“Hridaan” is a lovely name for boys that means “gift of God”. The other names are “one who has a great heart”, “good-natured person”, “one who is very good at heart”, etc. The name has become very popular after the famous Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan named his younger son “Hridaan”.

21. Hakesh:

The word “Hakesh” is relatively new and not commonly found. So, if you want a unique name for your baby boy, try this word. Hakesh means “Lord of Sound” or Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva.

22. Hansal:

“Hansal” is associated with grace, delicateness and elegance. It is derived from the Sanskrit language and comes with the meaning “Swan-like”. Swan is a revered bird in many cultures, particularly in Indian mythology, for its association with the divine forces.

23. Hansith:

“Hansith” is a nice name for boys which means “Joy of Wonder”. It refers to the emotion or feeling experienced when you see something wonderful for the first time in your life, for instance, holding the tiny hands of your little baby boy.

24. Hanuma:

“Hanuma” is a classic name for baby boys which means “Lord Hanuman”. Many parents pick this word for their children so as to acquire the qualities of bravery, devotion and strength from the popular mythological figure.

25. Haran:

The word “Haran” means Lord Shiva in the Indian context. It comes from the words “Hara”, which means Shiva, and “an” means to end. So, the literal meaning is “One who destroys evil, sins”, etc.

25 Best Karka Rashi (Cancer) Names for Girls:

If you wish for your little girl to attract all the positive qualities of Kark Rashi, then go ahead and pick one of these lovely names for her. Do read the meanings and symbolism to know which word is ideal for naming your princess:

26. Harika:

The word “Harika” is a popular Karka Rashi baby girl name. Its meaning is “Consort of Hara or Lord Shiva” or, in other words “, Goddess Parvati”. The word is also associated with beauty, divinity etc.

27. Haasini:

“Haasini” is a commonly found name in Telugu and Tamil states for its cheerful sound and meaning. The names mean “Smiling girl”. This word is associated with happiness and positivity. The spelling alternate is called “Hasini”.

28. Hadvitha:

The name “Hadvitha” means “Limitless”. This word symbolises boundlessness, eternity and unending. People also consider another meaning for this word as “Gift of God”. Indeed, daughters are true gifts of God!

29. Hamsika:

“Hamsika” is a popular pick for naming Cancer born baby girls. According to Indian mythology, “Hamsika” means “One who rides a Hamsa or Swan”. In other words, it is one of the names of Goddess Saraswathi, the Hindu deity of Knowledge.

30. Harini:

The name “Harini” means “Deer like”,. As per Hinduism, a Deer has a lot of prominence in many contexts. It is primarily associated with Goddess Saraswathi, who takes up the form of a Red deer called “Rohit”.

31. Hanisha:

“Hanisha” is one of the sweetest sounding names for Karka Rashi born baby girls. It means “one who is as sweet as honey”. The term “sweet” implies a warm and amicable nature of a person who is loved and accepted by all.

32. Hitanshi:

“Hitanshi” is one of the trending names for baby girls, which means “simplicity” or “purity”. The name has a stylish and contemporary feel to it which many parents love. The short form of this name can be “Hitha”.

33. Harshini:

If you want a name that sends tons of positive vibes, then try “Harshini”. It is a Sanskrit derived word which means “Joyous” or “Happiness”. The name comes from the word “Harsh”, meaning happy.

34. Hayati:

“Hayati” is a unique name for girls which means “life”. This word can symbolise wholeness, impactful presence, important person etc. You can see another “h” to make it “Hayathi” as the spelling alternate.

35. Himaja:

Another popularly chosen names for girls is “Himaja”. The name means “Goddess Parvati”, who, according to Hindu mythology, is considered to be the daughter of Himavan. The short form of this name is “Hyma” or “Hima”.

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36. Hemisha:

“Hemisha” is a rare name for Karka Rashi girls, which refers to “good”, “happiness”, and “prosperity”. The word is associated with positivity, which makes it perfect for baby girls.

37. Hindhavi:

“Hindhavi” is a beautiful name for baby girls, which means “One who belongs to the Hindu nation”. If you are someone who believes in our traditions and history, then go for this word for your daughter. Spelling variants are ‘Hyndhavi”, “Haindhavi”, etc.

38. Heera:

“Heera” is a Hindi word which means “Emerald”. The reason why parents go for this name is its simple yet stylish sound and rich symbolism. Heera symbolises preciousness, rarity and exclusivity.

39. Hitha:

“Hitha” is a short and sweet name for girls, which means “one who is loved by everyone”. It is believed that girls with this name usually develop a sweet and amicable nature that is appreciated by everyone around them.

40. Hiteeksha:

The name “Hiteeksha” means golden flower. This name is associated with rareness, optimism, love etc. The spelling variant can be “Hitiksha”.

41. Hyma:

If you are looking for a 2 syllable name, then try “Hyma”. This is used as an alternate word for “Hema”, which means “one who belongs to the snow” or Goddess Parvati.

42. Himani:

“Himani” is a beautiful name for girls, which means “Of the snow”. This name is associated with purity, innocence, soft nature etc. It is also one of the many names of Goddess Parvati.

43. Hansi:

“Hansi” is a dreamy name for girls which means “Swan”. The name is associated with symbolism like innocence, purity, elegance, gracefulness, purity etc. In southern regions, people prefer to use “Hamsi” or “Hamsa”.

44. Hemangi:

The word “Hemangi” means “Golden bodied” or “woman who is made of gold”. The name symbolises purity, chastity, royalty and wealth. You are likely to come across the name in southern Indian states like Karnataka, Andhra etc.

45. Hritika:

“Hritika” is a new style name for baby girls, which means “joyfulness”, “truth”, and “generosity”. The sibling name can be “Hrithik”, which implies “from the heart”. So, if you are blessed with twins born in Karka Rashi, try this pair.

46. Haanvika:

Haanvika is a contemporary name for baby girls, which means “honey”. The name is associated with sweet naturalness, amicability and acceptance of others. Interestingly, the short form of this name, “Haanvi”, rhymes well with “Honey”, doesn’t it?

47. Hiranma:

The name “Hiranma” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Hiran”, meaning Gold. The name translates to “one who is made of gold”. You can also use “Hiranmayi” to make it sound complete.

48. Hithika:

“Hithika” is considered to be one of the feminine words to describe Lord Shiva. The other meaning for this word is “morning”, which refers to new beginnings, new hope etc.

49. Hrisha:

If you are looking for a feminine word for Lord Vishnu to name your baby girl, try “Hrisha”. This modern name also means “saintly”, which comes from the word “Rish”.

50. Hridima:

The word “Hridima” means “Well hearted”. It is derived from the root word “Hriday”, meaning “heart”. So, if you want your baby girl to be a kind and compassionate person, pick this one!

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5 Best Unisex Baby Names for Karka Rashi:

If you are looking for a nice name for your baby that has a gender-neutral meaning, then take a look at this collection of words:

51. Harsha:

“Harsha” is a popular unisex name for Karka Rashi babies. It means happiness, delight, positivity and hope. You can add prefixes and suffixes like “Sri”, “Vardhan”, etc.

52. Hima:

Another gender-neutral name for babies born in the Cancer zodiac sign is “Hima”. The name implies snow or one who belongs to the snow. You can try extended versions like Himanath, Himavathi etc.

53. Hrudai:

“Hrudai” is another name that has a gender-neutral meaning. It means “heart”, a symbol of life and love.

54. Hari:

“Hari” is the name of “Lord Vishnu”. Many Hindu people prefer this name for girls and boys by adding extensions like “Hari Teja”, “Hari Krishna”, etc.

55. Hema:

Another common unisex name is “Hema”, which can be tweaked easily as per gender. Examples of such names are “Hema Chandra”, “Hema Latha”, etc.

We hope you loved this list of Karka Rashi baby names for boys and girls. These words sound not only great but also have nice meanings that never fail to create the first impression. If you have any more such names that you think should get into this collection, please let us know!


It is important to note that these names might have different meanings in different countries, cultures and languages. So, make sure to fully understand the symbolism of a name in your local culture before choosing it for your baby. You should not rely upon the material provided in this article as the information is not backed with extensive research or expert opinion.


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