How often have you seen television personality Katrina kaif on the television screen and gone gaga over her? Yes, this British Indian film personality is discussed in today’s article. In her early teenage years, she started with a mere small town modelling contract after migrating from place to place.

Finally, when her modelling career bloomed, she established herself in the entertainment page 3 world; wherein 2004, her appearance in a Telugu film earned her path to Bollywood success. Ever since then, she has been unstoppable in her path to success. With the growing years, she gained more commercial success. This angel-faced actress slowly mastered the skills of a Bollywood success by flawlessly passing the Item number dance tests, and now she is an international celebrity well renowned for her blissful look and modesty.

On-screen, every personality shines and thrives over the layers of a dolled up face. Everyone looks flawless with uptown modern clothes, hairdos, bright accessories, and made-up faces. This is just another sparkle of the reel world. But what happens when these very celebrities are confronted with the natural world sans their makeup artists waiting behind the cameras for touch-ups. Unfortunately, even stars need a break from the constant camera reels, and hence here is the article for Katrina kaif without makeup looks.

Katrina Kaif Without Makeup Looks:

Katrina Kaif, the Bollywood actress, looks beautiful with excellent acting ability. In any case, do you ever thought about what she looks like with no cosmetics or makeup?

1. The Movie Screening:

When Katrina appeared on the sets of ‘Ek Tha Tiger for her movie screening, we saw her sans makeup and were immediately taken aback and surprised by how pretty and flawless she looked. Gracefully carrying off a parted bang ponytail, she maintained her looks with a white frill shirt and rocked her way.

2. Professional Look:

Even though she is fun-loving and goofy at times, Katrina’s got her professionalism on when it comes to working, and this is why she looks stunningly professional in her serious face with a pulled back tight bun and a soft white shirt. You can see how she still rocks her clear skin and pretty puckers with the close-up.

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3. Family Dinner:

While filming her movie Dhoom 3, Katrina took some time out to spend a peaceful day with close ones and here is a picture of the dinner from that day where she sat beside her maybe beau and even though from a distance she looks dolled up, on close inspection, she was seen makeup-less and yet graceful and beautiful like she always does.

4. Tired Eyes:

We all know the life of a celebrity is hectic and scheduled. They have a strict routine where they have to follow the ropes and charts they have been directed and at the same time manage to look flawless. Here is one section where Katrina needs no effort at all. Even though she looks tired with slanting eyes in this picture, this actress dancer knows how to look the best sans a sprinkle of makeup.

5. The Bubbly Traveler:

On her way out of the airport, Katrina has photographed with all smiles and bubbles as she makes her way out. Once again, she is clad in her usual self without any makeup obvious from her picture. But even with a simple white tee and pony, Katrina looks gorgeous and glam.

6. The Fan Shoots:

Clad in a blue and white tunic Katrina here in this picture poses for a picture with her favourite fans. There is not a shade of makeup on her face, but by its looks, you will still be dazzled by her elegance and beauty even though she sports a normal back hairdo and a normal enough tunic.

7. The Traditional Attire:

Once again looking flawless, here is Katrina Kaif is one of her traditional scarfs and cultural attire, looking up in search of something. It is inevitable from her looks that she has no makeup on, and it is surreal for us to believe a woman behind the camera’s glam would still look this flawless.

8. The Car Shot:

This is one of the many times we were privileged to glance into Katrina’s real-world face rather than her reel screen face. Katrina sports a normal front bang ponytail without makeup on her face while sitting in a car, probably off somewhere. Her doll face here tells us that a pretty woman will always be stunning without her makeup bag handy.

9. The Temple Visit:

When Katrina visited the golden temple in Amritsar, the paparazzi photographed her in her cultural attire, looking traditional. She used her scarf to cover up her front head in respect. The white simple kaif tan suits her spotless look as she continues to dazzle us.

10. The Plain Jane:

At one of the many events she attends, Katrina was clad in her casual blue jeans and white tee with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Even without extravagant hairdos and powder clad makeup, she looks stunningly simple and chic.

11. Fan Selfie:

This is another of her fan photoshoots where she poses sweetly beside her fan, flaunting her perfect porcelain skin without even a hint of makeup. Sporting a normal sleeked back ponytail hairdo, Katrina sure knows to gel in with the normal crowd and yet look outstanding.

12. The Off Camera Look:

On the sets of her recent movie Dhoom 3, the cast in Chicago took a break from the rigorous work, and it was then that Katrina was noticed blending into others with her simple nerdy look. She flaunts a big glass and pulls her hair back neatly. Behind the screen, even sans makeup, she looks admirable as ever.

13. The Funny Selfie:

Showing off her goofy side in this picture, here is another Katrina kaif de-glam selfie where she strikes a funny pose. Even without a hint of make-up on her face, one can quickly see how adoring and breathtaking she looks. She rocks her flawless skin and natural pink puckers as she goes click-click with her phone.

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14. At Mumbai Airport:

This photograph of Katrina kaif was taken at the Mumbai airport, where she looks radiant and beautiful without putting on any makeup. She looks awesome with the navy tunic, black color leggings, and matching brown color boots. Ever she looks attractive, letting her hair in an open style and carrying a black colour handbag. She looks damn gorgeous and stylish with her simple natural beauty.

15. At Ajmer While Shooting Rajniti:

This picture was captured when she visited Ajmer to offer the religious chadar at the mausoleum of the Sufib saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti. This was taken as she went there to pray for the success of a new project, the film Rajneeti. She looked simple with a white color traditional salwar kameez and a red color chunni. It is the perfect picture of Katrina kaif without makeup.

16. Farhan Akhtar’s Birthday Party:

Katrina Kaif looks like a Barbie doll even after not wearing makeup. This photo was captured while she went for the birthday party Farhan Akhtar birthday bash. She looked elegant and simple, wearing a yellow flowy dress without makeup. She is a girl absolutely beautiful.

17. In Movie Ek Tha Tiger:

Makeup is a must to look beautiful on screen, but Katrina kaif just nailed it by wearing no makeup in the movie Ek Tha Tiger scene. In this picture, Katrina Kaif is wearing a short white dress with a brown jacket and a scarf worn around. Hair is open, giving a very realistic look. No high heels were added. White canvas shoes were worn by her making her look wonderful.

18. Katrina Kaif Rare Picture With No Makeup:

This photo of Katrina Kaif was taken at her place of living. This was taken when she was with her siblings casually without any makeup. All of her family members resembled same with the flawless skin beautifully. She was ever looking pretty with her skin colour.

19. With Sisters:

Spending time with family is beautiful. This picture of Katrina Kaif states the same; she is enjoying herself with her sisters. This is a special picture of her as she took it with her sisters having a candid moment with them. This picture seemed to be very happy with her sisters.

20. Katrina Kaif With Tourism Minister Of Rajasthan:

This picture was very special to her as this was taken with the tourism minister of Rajasthan, Bina Kak. This was taken when she went to get the minister’s blessing at the time of the “New York” film release in 2009 as the minister acted with Katrina Kaif in the movie Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya.

Bollywood gorgeous actress Katrina Kaif was very famous and damn sure she doesn’t need any introduction about her. She became familiar after her first break in the Bollywood movie Boom. Even though she didn’t do any hard work toward her career, she was stunned by her looks by her fans and panned by the critics. She was a hard worker and never gave up on the easier things as she was successful in the film industry, trying out the harder and more challenging roles. She is a crowd puller as she can be adorned with her gorgeous look. In reality, she hates having makeup for her skin and face as she loves to be attractive and straightforward.


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