Fulfill your “Teenage Dream” by trying out these amazing Katy Perry hairstyles which are listed below. Read through and see which one suits you the best!

9 Trending Katy Perry Hairstyles:

While the katy perry hairstyles made quite, let us explore this 2020’s popular katy perry hair looks. You must try to keep up in the fashion game!

1. Side Swept Bangs:

This is a medium length hairstyle which features an asymmetric cut with the hair being relatively shorter in the front. Most of the area of her forehead is covered up by the side swept fringes that are styled using the front hair. This is a simple up do and it is the simplicity that speaks lengths here.

2. Bohemian Braid:

The hair styling is simple with a pretty and distinct mid part, the thing which makes it interesting is where generally most women put on hairbands after styling their hair like this, the hairband is missing! Instead, Katy Perry uses her hair as the headband by styling it into a braid and wearing it along the length of her head sideways. Styling the braid is nothing too fancy, it is just a simple braid which needs to be styled using long hair (of course).

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3. Elegant Hairdo:

This hairstyles screams of a neat, polished and a ‘good girl’ look doesn’t it? With a brilliant side part, the hair is brushed flat along the head almost silhouetting the cranial structure. The flat hair continues till the ears after which it is allowed some volume with which it flows down while gradually transitioning from straight to slightly wavy style.

4. Multiple Highlights:

Katy Perry knows the perfect way to flaunt curls when it comes to that. In this hairstyle, not only has she put on some awesome curls but also exaggerated their twist-y nature by adding in some highlights a few colors. These colors not only complement the curls but also add in an extra element of sauciness to the overall look.

5. The Bun Duo:

When one bun isn’t enough go for two, it is as simple as that. Having a lot of hair on you head has many advantages and serves many purposes, this definitely being one of them. The hairstyle features slick and polished mid parted hair. The two sections of the hair are then styled into two high buns which almost kind of resemble cute bunny ears. You definitely need to try this hairstyle out if you want that cuteness quotient in your look.

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6. Blue Waves:

Achieve new heights in funky hairstyles with this look. The hair is styled in such a fashion that it almost looks like Katy Perry is wearing a blue hat on her head. The elegant and gigantic curls flow right till her brow line. Maintaining this hairstyle can likely be a problem as from the looks of it, keeping the curls set up in place requires some extra care and energy. Other than that, if you can successfully pull off this hairstyle you are definitely and undoubtedly the showstopper.

7. High Bun:

This is one of the more professional looks of Katy Perry where she has tightly pulled back (or rather brushed back) her hair and tied it up in a high bun. The way all the hair strands are tamed is the one most important feature which gives this hairstyle the official ‘pro lady’ look!

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8. High Pony:

Though the high ponytail is a common hairstyle, this one is quite notable only because of the mesmerizing hair color. The ponytail is tied up using hair strands which are tied up into small braids and the long hair flows down over her shoulder displaying its vivid color palette.

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9. Medium Blue Bob:

This bob hairstyle is quite common as we have seen this mostly on celebs like Jennifer Aniston. The hair is side parted and blue in color. By analyzing her hairstyles, one thing we know for sure is that Katy Perry has a fascination for the color blue and so she dons that color in this asymmetric bob cut too.

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