Keerthi Suresh is one of the celebrated and famous actresses in the South Indian film industry. The National award-winning actress repeatedly hits the headlines with her films or photos and enjoys a huge fan following. Keerthy Suresh shares pictures of herself without makeup as she is pretty active on social media, mesmerizing her fans. The actress shares amazing videos and photos of her daily life with her 6 million Instagram followers.

In this article, we have presented you with some of the best photos of Keerthi Suresh without makeup flaunting her beautiful skin. Read on!

Keerthi Suresh Pictures Without Makeup:

Keerthi Suresh began her film career as a child artist and bagged a lead role in Geethanjali, a Malayalam film. Later on, she starred in many hit movies in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam languages. Anyone who follows her knows that she is a fitness enthusiast and posts several videos and selfies of her workout on Instagram.

1. Picture Perfect:

Image Source: Instagram

We all know Keerthi Suresh is a dog parent, and you can see the love she has for her pets in all her social media handles. This Keerthi Suresh no-makeup look is her relaxing on a Sunday, making it picture-perfect.

2. All Smiles:

Image Source: Instagram

The actress is sowing her million-dollar smile in this photograph wishing a happy birthday to Yoga trainer Tara Sudarsanan. Looking at the actress’s daily routine, we know what an inspiring teacher she must be.

3. Yoga Routine:

Image Source: Instagram

Now we can understand why KeerthiSuresh’s photos without makeup look amazing. The calm, concentration and glow that comes with Yoga is everything happening to her.

4. Pet-Lover:

Image Source: Facebook

Here is Keerthi Suresh wishing a happy pet’s day to all the pet lovers and parents and not forgetting her four-legged family. Her loose hair goes with a simple tee and jeans for casual occasions.

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5. Sweet Tooth:

Image Source: Instagram

As we all know from her social medial handles, Keerthi Suresh is very meticulous about her workout regime. This picture is about the actress enjoying a cheat day. We all do that, don’t we?

6. Temple Visit:

Image Source: Instagram

This no-makeup picture of Keerthi Suresh is during her pre-Pongal visit to Alemelumangapuram temple in Thirchanur. The actress looks beautiful in her simple dress and loose hair.

7. Movie Promotions:

Image Source: Instagram

This Keerthi Suresh without makeup photo is one of those pictures where the actress virtually promotes her movie “Miss India.” A glass with tea and a quirky T-shirt with a teabag are subtle indications that she is a tea fan.

8. Chai Lover:

Image Source: Instagram

This is a hilarious but relatable post from Keerthi Suresh’s Instagram handle. It is her way to say that she’d rather have a hot and tasty tea instead of a guy! Don’t we all?

9. Dog Parent:

Image Source: Instagram

Keerthi Suresh’s Instagram post handles wishing dogs and Dog parents an International Dog day. Her love for her pets is clearly visible in her eyes and face.

10. Excitement:

Image Source: Instagram

Keerthi Suresh looks excited, doesn’t she? With the no-makeup look, with wavy flowing hair, the actress looks cute as a button.

11. Gym-Look:

Image Source: Instagram

Keerthi Suresh gave her fans a glimpse into her workout routine on her Instagram handle. The actress is wearing simple workout clothes but a million-dollar smile.

12. Self-Love:

Image Source: Instagram

Keerthi Suresh posted this beautiful and all-natural picture of herself during the new year of 2018. The smiling actress took a resolution to stay—a pretty good resolution.

13. First Dubbing Experience:

Image Source: Instagram

Keerthi Suresh started dubbing for herself in Telugu with Pawan Kalyan starrer Agnyaathavaasi. The actress looks visibly proud of herself, and the glow shows on her face.

14. Memorable:

Image Source: Instagram

Keerthi Suresh received the prestigious national award for best actress for the movie Mahanati during the filing of #Thalaivar 168. The crew, including superstar Rajinikanth, pampered the actress with a cake and a bouquet making her day.

15. Mother’s Love:

Image Source: Instagram

This Keerthy Suresh without makeup is a throwback picture where the actress enjoyed time with her mother applying mehendi. The Mahanadi actress is wearing a simple t-shirt and pants with hair in a loose bun.

16. Dinner Time:

Image Source: Instagram

Even celebrities need time to spend on themselves to rejuvenate. So in between busy shoot schedules, the actress posted this no-makeup picture while she was out for dinner.

17. Dubbing Time:

Image Source: Instagram

This picture of Keerthi Suresh was taken during the dubbing process of Nitin starrer Rang De.’ The actress took to Instagram to wish her co-actor, Nitin, a happy birthday. Her curly hair, simple Kurti, and grey jeans make her look like a girl next door.

18. Yoga Time:

Image Source: Instagram

Keerthi Suresh practices Yoga regularly, and you can see videos and pictures of her giving fans a glimpse into her routine on social media platforms. No wonder the actress is beautiful inside and out.

19. Christmas Time:

Image Source: Instagram

This picture is during Christmas celebrations at Keerthi Suresh’s home. The actress posted this picture on her Instagram handle wishing her fans a happy Christmas. Her face glows the festivities sans makeup.

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20. Family Love:

Image Source: Instagram

We all have pictures of ourselves with our parents; the same goes for Keerthi Suresh. This beautiful picture of Keerthi Suresh with her mother, actress Menaka is all of our childhood.

21. Sister Love:

Image Source: Instagram

This is a childhood picture of Keerthy Suresh with her sister Revathi during a birthday party in their childhood. The Mahanati actress looks cute as a button in this picture.

Interesting Facts About Keerthy Suresh:

Here are some facts about Keerthi Suresh many might find interesting:

  • Keerthi Suresh’s parents are Tamil actress Menaka and Malayalam producer Suresh Kumar.
  • The actress is half-Malayali and half-Tamil.
  • Keerthi’s film career took off after her second movie ‘Achaneyanenikkishtam (2001)’ and her third film ‘Kuberan (2002).’
  • Keerthi Suresh is pretty popular in Mollywood, Kollywood, and Tollywood.
  • Keerthi Suresh is a vegetarian, and despite her busy schedule, the actress does everything she can to stay fit.
  • Keerthi dubbed her dialogues for the first time in the movie ‘Mahanati,’ though before that dubbing artist Akashya did it before.
  • The actress is good at swimming and has been an avid swimmer since her school days.
  • Keerthi Suresh has a B. A (Hons) in Fashion Design.

Keerthi Suresh comes from a film family and has always aspired to become an actress from a young age. The actress is earnest about fitness. She eats healthy and exercises regularly, which shows in the beauty of her skin. We hope this article has given you a glimpse into the best pictures of Keerthy Suresh without makeup.


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