Exercises these days come in a lot of package and a lot of newer styles. There is now an exercise for anything and everything. For all your ailments you got  a trick or two up your sleeve. World today is far more dedicated towards working out than what the situation was even a few years back.

This is the world  standing up not only to combat obesity but also to fix themselves towards minor issues regarding their body. One such exercise which is indeed useful for not  only women but also men is the kegel exercise.

What is?

The term kegel exercise familiarizes itself to the word genitals where kegel exercises mean exercise of the genital areas of a person for a better and  smoother functioning ability. Kegel exercises usually deals with your pelvic muscles and these exercises helps us to strengthen our pelvic muscles. This is  strictly a muscle based exercise that works to give flexibility and power to the muscles. This has nothing to do with weight loss.


Often when we laugh, cough or sneeze too hard, a few drops of urine may escape which is exactly what we are trying to handle here. The same goes for urinary  inconsistency where you feel the pressure to urinate even when the amount of urination is rather too small.  Kegel exercises are held important because of their benefit which is same for both male and female. In a woman, the kegel exercises would be apt while you  are pregnant since this very exercise plays a huge part during childbirth.

This is why often during the pregnancy classes, the mothers are taught kegel  exercises. This would allow in acquiring control over the genital muscles. Even for the non pregnant woman crowd it would help you strengthen your intestine  and pelvic muscles. For the men too, kegel has a special purpose and therefore even men these days are requested to partake. Now urinary inconsistency in men can be quite  harmful. This may be one of the leading causes for prostate cancer and therefore precautions are needed.

How To:

Kegel exercises are all about holding it in and letting it go. The muscles in your pelvic region need to be contracted and released and thus the procedure  commences.

Locate Your Spot:

Everyone has a specific muscle that they can work on during the kegel exercise. You can find yours while you are trying to urinate. Halfway during your  urination, hold the urine in, but only for a short while just enough to know whether you are capable of holding it in or not. Once you are successful you  have found your spot. You can even try slowing the force of your urine. If you can control the flow or passage you have found your muscles.

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Start The Exercise:

Now to start the exercise, find a plain ground and lie down on your back, spine and legs straight. Now start with your muscle contraction. You already know  which muscles you need to work on, so slowly but steadily contract the muscles. Hold it for five seconds before slowly releasing the contraction. Take three  seconds out and again start with your five second contraction. You can count to five while you hold your muscles tight.

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  • Often kegel exercises if done in the wrong way can worsen or loosen the muscles. Also known as pelvic floor training exercise, kegel exercises should definitely not be performed while urinating. Frequent practice during urination may result in muscle loosening.
  • Don’t ever tense your lower or upper region while doing the exercise. Your muscle contraction shall focus only the pelvic region and not the thighs  or abdomen area.
  • Breathe well throughout the exercise. Don’t ever restrict your breathing during the exercise. Breathe normally.

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