Kelly Brianne Clarkson or simply Kelly Clarkson (her stage name) is one of the top singers in America. She is the winner of America’s idol, which raised the curtains to her successful career as a singer and songwriter. She is not only popular among music lovers, but also among fashion police. This natural beauty is often spotted with a bare-faced look. Even without makeup, Kelly seems to pull off every look with confidence. This article covers some of the best pictures of Kelly Clarkson without makeup.

Best Pictures of Kelly Clarkson Without Makeup:

1. A Candid Shot:

This is a pretty old picture of Kelly, where she displays her beautiful smile and her makeup-free face. Kelly likes to live a simple life and dress up pretty simple as well. She thinks that her natural beauty is enough to impress the viewers. This is one of the best pictures of Kelly Clarkson without makeup.

2. Perfect Forehead Bangs:

This is yet another awesome picture of the American Idol winner, where she sports her makeup-free face. She looks so divine without even trying. Her smile paired with her naturally-beautiful face is enough to impress people.

3. Sad, But Pretty Face:

Here we have yet another old picture of Kelly Clarkson, where she seems to be wearing zero makeup. Kelly is one of the most attractive singers of all time and by her makeup-free updates, she is able to stay connected to her fans.

4. Ready For A Splash:

Kelly did gain a good amount of weight recently. But her voice and beauty have not been affected. People still like her and she is still one of the most naturally-beautiful pop singers of all time. Kelly doesn’t even have to try to look beautiful. She can stay simple to the max limit and still be quite stylish.

5. Yummy Mommy:

This picture of makeup-free Kelly Clarkson was clicked, when she went with her family for a long trip. Here, she was spotted wearing casual clothes and she looked really beautiful as well. Her face got a little chubby during the pregnancy, but she is still able to impress a lot of people.

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6. ‘Wondering Woman:

Kelly doesn’t like to be publicized a lot and that is why she tries to keep a low-profile look most of the time. Here, she was seen wearing a grey sweater and a red scarf along with a brown bag. There was no makeup on her face and she looked pretty beautiful in that way only.

7. The Boyfriend look:

Here we have a beautiful picture of the amazing Kelly, where she wears no makeup at all but still manages to look quite impressive.

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8. Beach Ready:

This is a beautiful picture of Kelly which was taken while she was bathing with her friends at a theme amusement park.

9. Lady in Black:

Here, we can see Kelly departing after she finished her live performance at an event. She was sporting a cool black look and looked pretty good in that way.

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10. The Airport Look:

Kelly keeps a low profile, as discussed earlier and this picture proves it. Kelly looks very adorable in this picture of her’s, which was clicked at an airport.

11. The Perfect Mom:

Kelly looks like she had some trouble with her kids at home. In this picture, she is spotted wearing a casual t-shirt that is stained with sweat. Hey messy hair bun and that “What did you just do?” look on her face makes it an amusing shot. She still manages to look pretty, doesn’t she?

12. Smiling For Selfie:

We are totally in awe of this picture, where we find Kelly smiling in a selfie with her kid. She sports a cute honey bee printed cap and has no traces of makeup on her skin. That million-dollar smile is enough to keep you hooked on her pictures.

Kelly Clarkson has revealed in a number of interviews that she loves her natural self and wishes to go makeup-free off stage. She has a sweet face that can melt even the toughest of hearts. Kelly is a perfect blend of Glamour and homeliness. She can wear the shoes of a diva to set the stage on fire or simply wear the cloak of a homemaker. Either way, she successfully pulls off the look!

Kelly Clarkson is naturally beautiful and the pictures discussed above are some of the best ones out there. The images prove the fact that this woman can look quite amazing without even going for any kind of beauty product.


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