Sometimes in order to look different, people were unusual kind of locket and one of them is Key locket. Key lockets are trendy in designs and youngsters like to try such type of unique style. In this various designs of keys are hanged in a chain and were as a neckline. Different kinds of creativity are undergone to give different shapes to key locket.

Best and Stylish Key Lockets:

Let’s find here with shown key locket designs to get a new look to your style.

1. Vintage Style Key Locket:

This key locket is having a vintage design made up of brass. In middle curls shapes are given to keys. On round top holes are done with a heart in between. In ancient time, rich people use this kind of keys for their locker.

2. Skeleton Key Style Locket:

This locket key is having a skeleton theme. On keys, three lock halls are there and key top is decorated with curvy shapes. This key locket is looking antique and expensive. It looks like it must be having somewhat weight too.

3. Floating Locket Key Chain Pattern:

It is locket key chain in rose gold colour which you can use by hanging your keys. This floating ring is having white small diamonds attached over whole circle. Two rings are connected with a small chain. This key chain is looking gorgeous.

4. Personalized Key ring Locket:

This photo locket key ring is having a heart shape box with it. You can insert a photo in heart box. This key locket is of silver and is looking simple. This locket is snatching away attention with its simplicity and is appearing amazing.

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5. Lock & Key Structure Locket:

This is a sparkling key locket necklace with beautiful light blue colour diamond affixed. This diamond is attached on lock shape and separate small key is hanging with it. This silver locket is spreading its shine with this diamond.

6. Key Locket with Puppy Paw:

This locket key is so amusing. On heart shape key top there is a design of cute puppy paw. On steel key there is gold colour puppy paw design which is contradictory. This small puppy paw is adding beauty to the locket.

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7. Compass Key Chain Locket:

It is a compass key ring locket and is scientific design. This circular compass key chain is having space inside where you can insert yours or your beloved’s photo. The key chain ring portion is big enough to put all keys together.

8. Key to My Heart Locket:

It is simply superb key chain locket in silver. One big and one small key are hanging and both in heart top shape. One small alphabet ‘e’ is also hanging and there is also big soft pearl hanging. College going boy likes to try this style of locket for his regular use. This whole combination of the locket is attractive.

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9. Heart Key Style Locket:

These key lockets are in heart shape. In heart shapes stones are affixed. There is one white diamond and one topaz also attached. Like this way you can insert any other gemstone of your choice. It is the fancy locket cum gemstone too. This one locket specially designed for girls who like to use little light and charms.

This key locket is a present day demand and it delivers cool and rocking attitude of youngsters. These fancy accessories make you feel like a rock star. It adds glamour in your charming personality and captivating. Try some unique style with this style of key lockets to impress your dear one. Choose perfect match which will suit to your outfit, if you have a bike, then select little heavy key style locket to catch attention of your friends.

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