Key tattoo always sounds cute when carried on the wrists, neck or legs. There are various types of key tattoo designs that you can try out. These are very stylish, and girls sport these because these can be done in association with sugar skull designs and flowers. These can also be done with writing, which is also quite stylish. You can quickly try these out. However, you should take the guidance of a pattern artist who can guide you to get the proper tattoo design and colours. You can also spend the extra money and get something custom-made with floral prints.

Best Key Tattoo Designs And Meanings:

Below are the top 15 key tattoo designs that you should try out. These can be custom-made, and you can add your stylish touch to them, making them even more fashionable and comfortable.

1. Small Key On Hand:

This is a small key tattoo that has been done in black ink. You can sport similar designs on any other position of the body. This can also be sport on the inner side of the hand. You can have these done with colours and write something with them. The decoration you can accordingly do with the guidance of the pattern artist, who can also make a small custom design for you. It is one of the perfect key tattoo designs for girls.

2. Print On Wrist Area:

This is a dark and very bold type of key design. You can also do these types of designs on the wrist. These are quite stylish, but many people do not like very bold designs. Therefore, if you want something different but according to these styles, you can spend the extra money and get a custom pattern done. You can also write something along with this.

3. Large Tribal Key Design:

This is an extensive scale key design done in tribal format. These are not very common; you can do these if you are comfortable sporting these. These are gorgeous and should be done by a professional artist; otherwise, the effects may not be properly done. The 3D effects can also be given to these. This is one of the best key tattoo designs for men.

4. Designer Floral Key Tattoo:

These are floral prints on the shoulder and a key design on the side. This is a designer style with writings as well. Therefore you can try out various types of designs like this easily. This is also quite girly, and you can ink this on any other position of the body as well.

5. Key Tattoo with Yellow:

This is a yellow-coloured and shaded key tattoo. This is done vertically. You can horizontally do this as well if you want to do this on the hand of the side of the body. These are quite artistic, and you can do these easily. The head of the key is given a musical note. Hence it is a popular design among musicians or music lovers.

6. Vintage Style Key Tattoo:

This is a vintage-style key pattern. These are also quite easy to sport. You should take the guidance of your pattern artist for the colours and the position where you should sport this. This kind of tattoo includes both the key and the watch. This can also be a unique time tattoo that is special for something.

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7. Old Key Design:

This is the image of a vintage-style designer key. You can try out these styles; as mentioned in the image above, these can be done in various ways. This kind of key tattoo looks beautiful on the wrists. Women highly carry it. The head of the key is given an attractive design with stunning curves. It is a lovely key tattoo for women.

8. Stylish Key with Vines:

This is a leaf and branch and design style key. This is done in an artistic format, and you can also try this. Nature-loving people widely carry out this kind of tattoo. The key is wrapped around with beautiful vine branches, making it more attractive.

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9. Artistic Pattern Design:

This is an artistic key tattoo that you can do on your body. You can do associated designs with this. The key here is also indicating a puzzle key head. This tattoo is widely carried out by people interested in puzzle games or who love to solve mysteries. The beautiful shades given to the tattoo make it more attractive. There are cool key tattoos for guys.

10. The Number 13 Key Tattoo Design:

This kind of key tattoo design has two meanings. The first meaning is related to something evil. The digit 13 generally is counted as an evil number in many religions. Hence, the people carrying this tattoo may show their evil side. Also, this number can be tattooed by the people born on that date. The head of the key is made attractive with beautiful curvy designs. This tattoo is widely carried by wrestlers, militants, paranormal experts etc.

11. Heart Lock And Key Tattoo:

This key tattoo design is trendy among lovers. This tattoo is named ‘the key to my heart tattoo. The tattoo is half-inked on the hand of the boy and the second half on the hand of a girl. This tattoo symbolizes deep love and affection. This tattoo can also be carried on two hands of the same person. The dark black and grey shades give it a marvellous effect. It is the best key tattoo for girls and boys.

12. Bird And Bunch of Keys Tattoo:

This key tattoo picture portrait includes a dove and a bunch of keys. This tattoo has a historical story behind it. It reminds the story of Noah and pictures the part when the dove brings a branch of the olive tree to indicate that the flood is over and there is a dry piece of land. Here, the three keys with different classic designs show the olive branch, which indicates three other answer options.

13. Mickey Mouse Key Tattoo:

The Disney Land Cartoons inspire this key tattoo idea. The face of Mickey Mouse inspires the head of the key, showing his face and ears, lines that are flowing and a Mickey bow in the middle give it a superior look. College teens carry out this tattoo; especially girls attracted to Disney Cartoons. The curvy tail and lines add to its beauty. This is one of the perfect key tattoo designs for women.

14. Simple Key Tattoo:

These simple key tattoos are getting trendier than the large tattoos capturing wide space on the body. Teens and collegians mostly wear the small key tattoo. These tattoos are widely worn behind the ears, on fingers, ankles, wrists etc., to give an elegant look. The key can also be accompanied by other small shapes, such as hearts, birds, clouds, small messages etc., to give a different look. The key is given a classic look to make it more eye-catchy.

15. Quoted Key Tattoo:

These key tattoo images are getting popularity among youth worldwide. The key is given a traditional look. The key is quoted with beautiful fonts, which give the quotes a livelier look. This kind of tattoo is generally carried by girls or boys who want to show the attitude they live on. It is highly carried by wrestlers, militants, army men, etc. It is one of the best key tattoos for women.

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These key tattoo designs are now becoming popular in America and worldwide. They are also combined with other images such as owls, hearts, locks, birds, butterflies etc., giving them a new meaning. Such tattoos can be carried by both men and women but are highly seen among girls. They are also meant to be mystery tattoos indicating any puzzle. The men mostly adopt the skull key tattoos on their arms and chest. Some also get the key with angel wings, which means heaven’s key. So if you are interested in cute and small traditional tattoos, try one of the key tattoo designs.

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