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10 Stunning Khadi Sarees That Match Your Style and Trend

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India is known for it’s rich traditional and vibrant fashion taste and has marked it’s own statement in the fashion industry for the past several years. When it comes to the history of clothing in India, Khadi plays a very important role. Khadi is a trend these days and wearing a Khadi sarees makes any woman look stunningly pretty.

“Khadi” is an Indian term that has been evolved from an Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi word ‘khaddar’ meaning handspun fabric. Khadi can be made from cotton, silk and woollen yarn as well. Khadi is not just a fashion fabric for Indians. It’s a fabric of India striking out from the history of freedom and struggle. Yes, you heard it right! Khadi is a fabric of freedom. The sole person behind this fashion statement is none other than our Father of the Nation – Mahatma Gandhi. We can also call him as the brand ambassador of Khadi apparels. It was primarily source of employment to the unemployed rural population of India. Khadi is a fabric that is hand spun and hand woven, but they aren’t similar to handloom. Yarns for handloom fabrics are made at mills whereas Khadi fabrics are purely handmade.

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Khadi – The new fashion statement of modern India. Today, Khadi is not just a cotton fabric. It blends with other fabrics to make raw silk, matka khadi, ponduru khadi, tussar khadi, khadi pattu, banarasi khadi and many more. This ancient fabric has gained wide recognition in the global fashion industry.

Features of Khadi Sarees:

  • Khadi is a flexible fabric, warm In winter and cool in summer.
  • When starched, Khadi gives a stiffer feel, thereby enhancing the look.
  • The more you wash, the better it looks.
  • It’s an expensive fabric that gives a rich and royal look.
  • Khadi is a durable fabric that lasts long.
  • Many types of dresses are made from Khadi like the sarees, kurtis, salwar suits, western tops, skirts, trousers, shirts, handkerchief etc.
  • Khadi fabrics can get shrinked by 3% after the first wash.

Preferred Age Group and Body Type for Khadi Sarees:

The best thing about Khadi saree is that it is suitable for all age groups. A right saree can hide your body flaws and enhance your true beauty. Fashion is all about dressing according to your body shape. At many times, women fail to choose the right type of saree for their body shape. This in turn results in odd dressing. Listed below are some of the tips on how to choose the right Khadi saree for your body shape.

Pear Shaped body: A pear shaped body means your bottom portion of the body will be comparatively heavier than upper portion. Khadi georgette saree is best recommended for women with pear shaped body. Go for bright and bold colored sarees. Having small prints and embroidery works is an added benefit.

Apple Shaped Body: Apple shaped body is having plumpness around the bust and stomach. Fabrics like Khadi silk saree with embroidery work goes well. Pair it with a long sleeve blouse, to take the attention away from the stomach and waist. Avoid wearing net or see-through sarees.

Plump Shaped Body: Being fluffy definitely gives a cute look. But when wearing a saree, it might not look the same. For women with plump body shape, wear lightweight sarees like Khadi georgette sarees. It gives a slimmer look, especially when wearing dark colors. Long sleeve or full sleeve blouses will hide the excess weight.

Overweight Body Shape: It is recommended to wear silk and chiffon Khadi sarees. Avoid wearing cotton sarees that show up your body weight. Wear it with a full sleeve or long sleeve blouse.

Short and Slim Body: Go for Khadi georgette or chiffon sarees and avoid sarees with heavy borders and big prints. Make it simple and class.

Tall and Slim Body: For tall and slim women, wearing a Khadi pure silk looks good. Having thick borders or bold prints makes wonders on your look as well.

Latest Khadi Saree Types and  Styling Tips:

Let we have to look at the top 10 khadi fabric sarees with images.

1. Khadi Silk Sarees:

Any silk saree lovers here? Well then Khadi silk saree is a must try. Khadi silk sarees are one of the best selling khadi sarees in India. A Khadi silk saree comes with 50% of Khadi fabric and 50% of silk fabric. Their unique texture and design give a classy and rich look which no other clothing can give. The Jute Tussar Khadi Silk sarees come in different varieties and wide ranges. Prices are also budget-friendly. The Khadi silk sarees come from the Eastern and North Eastern states whereas.

Saree Design: Blue and orange pure silk Khadi saree

Fabric: Pure silk

Preferred Occasion: Wedding, Festive wear

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all women

2. Khadi Cotton Sarees:

Khadi cotton Sarees are made of the most original form if Khadi fabric and in the natural form gives a very subtle and earthy appeal. The material is made of 100% cotton which is woven on handspun yarn. The saree is very light and porous making it suitable for any weather condition. It is best worn on formal occasions or at the workplace. Khadi Cotton is the most Eco-friendly fabric than any other fabric as it is hand woven and does not leave any residue during manufacturing. Pairing it with a high collared blouse will give the elegance that a formal occasion calls for.

Saree Design: Yellow and Orange Khadi Cotton Saree

Fabric: Khadi Cotton

Preferred Occasion: Formal and Day events

Suitable Body Shape: Slender/ Tall/ Apple Shaped

3. Handloom Khadi Sarees:

Handloom fabric means they are cloth woven on handloom using mill-pun yarns. These sarees are also best donned during formal occasions or on casual meets. They are also very light and porous making them very comfortable to drape. They also come in a variety of colours and textures. Since they are mill-spun; the texture is slightly softer than the pure khadi cotton saree giving it a more polished appearance.

Saree Design: Multi color Handloom Khadi Sarees

Fabric: Handloom Khadi

Preferred Occasion: Formal, Casual

Suitable Body Shape: Pear-shaped/ Apple Shaped/ Hour-glass

4. Khadi Printed Silk Sarees:

Khadi is a coarse porous fabric making it easy to blend with other materials to maintain variety in the fabric. It is 50% silk and 50% cotton and has a luxurious appearance. Printed Khadi silk saree gives the saree a designer touch perfect for a festive occasion. The fabric falls beautifully on any body type as it accentuates the curves. The saree comes in a variety of colours and prints making it perfect for evening wear. A Printed Khadi Silk saree is best to pick for an elegant, festive occasion.

Saree Design: Printed Red Khadi Silk Saree With Tassels

Fabric: Khadi Silk

Preferred Occasion: Festivals, Semi-Formal,

Suitable Body Shape: Pear-shaped/ Apple Shaped/ Hour-glass/ Short/ Tall

5. Ponduru Khadi Saree:

Ponduru Khadi sarees are one among the exceptional Khadi sarees available in the Indian market. These sarees might not be available for the coming generations as weavers are shifting to other professions. Ponduru is a spinning and weaving town, with looms in the houses of the Pattusali, Devangi and Sali communities. Women from Pattusali community does the processing and spinning into fine yard.

Saree Design: White and green mix khadi saree with temple border

Fabric: Ponduru Khadi

Preferred Occasion: Casual wear

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all women

6. Khadi Pattu Sarees:

When it comes to marriages, pattu sarees come in need. The Khadi pattu sarees are available at reasonable rates and not that costly as compared to the original pattu saree. The golden bordered Khadi pattu sarees are all time favorites of many saree lovers.

Saree Design: Orange and black pattu saree

Fabric: Khadi pattu

Preferred Occasion: Festive wear, bridal wear

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all women

7. Khadi Designer Saree:

Khadi cotton is originally a simple yet elegant material. But with ever-changing fashion trend and technology; Designer Khadi sarees have become very popular in the fashion industry. It is acceptable vastly in the global market and has become a go-to fabric because of the comfort and style quotient. Designer khadi is the new trend in town as it is not very expensive and gives the looks of a diva when donned. The saree can easily express best of anyone as it is comfortable and beautiful to wear.

Saree Design: Cream Designer Khadi Sarees with Designer Blouse

Fabric: Khadi Silk, Khadi Cotton

Preferred Occasion: Party wear, occasion wear

Suitable Body Shape: Tall/ Pear-shaped/ Apple Shaped/ Hour-glass

8. Khadi Georgette Sarees:

Another trendy Khadi saree that has gained wide popularity among the Khadi saree lovers is the georgette Khadi saree. Its lightweight and net texture gives a slimmer look and gives a perfect body shape when worn. And its make Khadi georgette and silk fabric.

Saree Design: Cream and Green Color Georgette and Khadi Silk Saree

Fabric: Khadi georgette and silk

Preferred Occasion: Party wear, occasion wear

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for curvy and slim women

9. Banarasi Khadi Sarees:

As mentioned above, different Khadi sarees come from different parts of the country. Banarasi Khadi sarees are well known for its rich use of zari work and beautiful dyes. It’s a must have khadi saree on the list. You can see many online stores that offer Khadi Bhandar sarees at reasonable rates. A white Khadi saree is one of the most commonly seen Khadi sarees in India. But these days, you can see a variety of colours with added designs and themes to give elegance to the saree.

Saree Design: Self woven Red Banarasi saree

Fabric: Banarasi Khadi silk

Preferred Occasion: Bridal wear, Wedding

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all women

10. Pure Khadi Sarees:

Pure Khadi sarees are lightweight cotton Indian Khadi sarees that give a charming look when worn. As it is blended with denim, polyester, wool and silk; pure Khadi sarees offer a wavy look.

Saree Design: Hand woven pure Khadi saree

Fabric: Lightweight cotton

Preferred Occasion: Office wear, casual wear

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all women, especially slim women

Different Ways of Styling a Khadi Saree:

If you have managed to get your mom’s or grandma’s Khadi saree from the wardrobe, these five styling techniques will transform you to the new generation lady.

Wrap Around the Neck: while the traditional look still remains classy and cultured, the new ways of draping the saree has gained wide acceptance among the youngsters. One among them is wrapping the pallu around your neck. All you need to do is drape your saree the normal way and wrap the pallu across your neck. This looks reminds you of a saree with a scarf.

Hung Along the Hand as One Layer: Wearing your Khadi saree in just one layer, without taking pleats and pinning gives a fashionable look. This draping style has never lost its grace till date.

Over the Right Shoulder: Another trendy way to drape your Khadi saree is to let your pallu flow towards your front through your right shoulder. This is ideal when you wear a heavy-worked blouse. Match it with a plain simple colored saree.

Butterfly Style: This draping style is one of the most favorite styles for women of all ages. Just pleat the pallu into a thin strip and spread it like a butterfly around the torso.

Alternate Bengali Style: Looking for a trendy style to wear a Banarasi Khadi saree? Just pleat your pallu horizontally along the border such that the pleats fall down in a slanting order. This is one of the best ways to create your own fashion statement among your friends.

Suitable Blouse Designs for Khadi Sarees:

A well designed and well fitted blouse is of vital importance to pair with Khadi sarees. Here are some ideas –

Khadi Cotton and Handloom: High Neck Cotton blouse with ¾ sleeves; Chinese collar blouse with elbow length blouse; shirt style full sleeves blouse; Peter-Pan style blouse;

Khadi Georgette Saree: Boat neck Blouse with lace, Sleeveless blouse with broad neck, Broad neck blouse with mini sleeves; Empire style sleeveless blouse; off shoulder designer blouse; Lace designer blouse

Khadi Silk and Pattu Sarees: High neck golden colour blouse, matching colour blouse with cap sleeves in princess cut, Silk blouse designed in gold zari work or kundans and stone, Round neck blouse with elbow length sleeves; Silk blouse with puffed or semi-puffed sleeves

Banarasi Khadi Saree: Tussar Silk blouse with gold and silver sequin work, Designer blouse with silver embroidery

Designer Khadi Sarees: Turtle neck ¾ sleeves blouse; round neck with net sleeves; scoop neck blouse with Potli buttons; off shoulder blouse;

Khadi Printed Silk Sarees: Plain solid coloured blouse with high neck front button blouse; gold coloured sleeveless blouse, Chinese neck blouse with short sleeves or sleeveless;

Khadi sarees bring out the originality of pure Indian sarees. They can be worn on any occasion and bring out the best in any woman. It quickly adapts to your figure and gives the elegance. It takes poise and grace to carry out a saree, and Khadi sarees are easy to maintain and also very comfortable to drape. They are mostly lightweight and breathable. Khadi sarees keep you cool during summer and warm during winters.